Adult Baby ABDL Mommies Infantilism

Adult Baby ABDL Mommies Infantilism

Diaper Punishment, mean ABDL mommies that make you wear diapers for being a bad boy! Also some nice loving sweet AB mommies as well that love cuddling their big ABY's


ABDL Made to Wear Diapers Diaper Punishment Cheyenne Jewel

Infantilism and Adult nappies, ABDL ageplay regression with Cheyenne Jewel & DJ. Cheyenne is tired of her husband always wetting the bed and has decided on a alternative treatment, by putting him in nappies and treating him just like a BB, against his will! She drags him into Changing Times Dlaper Co (located in Las Vegas, NV) where Mommy Missy greats them & shows her different adult dlaper products, plastic pants and accessories around the store. DJ throws a fit so Cheyenne has to grab him by the ears and threaten a spanking. They pay for the nappies and leave but as soon as they get home, CHeyenne puts DJ over her knees for an OTK spanking til his tushy is red! She makes him get on the bed and takes off his big boy pants (which are thankfully dry!), putting him in a thick cushy dry disposable DIAPER!!! He's protesting all the way but she INSISTS this is the only way to go and a good solution. She gives him a binkie so he stops complaining and also put a HUGE pink padded diap3r cover, plastic pants over his tushy

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ABDL Babysitter Nikki changes messy diaper

Your sweet ABDL adultbaby babysitter Nikki is reading a fun Pony story to you and then she notices a very stinky smell! PEEE-YOU!! Is that smell coming from your Nappy? Well it happens but she'd like a little bit of warning next time there's a big explosion like that! She matter of factly changes your brown mess in there....having to use lots of B*** wipes to get that bum nice & clean before spreading Nappy rash cream in there & then powdering you! Nice dry clean tushy now!! Now it's boba time before she gets you dressed to go to the park! Such a sweet babysitter, yet so embaressing when you had your little mess... Infantilism, ageplay, nappy fetish, Nappy fetish, age play, adultbaby

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ABDL Sweet Mummy Caroline Cummy Diapers

YOu're in your wooden crib sleeping and your sweet mommy Caroline Pierce comes in to diaper check you. The excitement as she comes in & opens your crib is the best because you know she's going to feel your full soggy diaper in a second! She can smell your pissy soaked dipee too!! PU! You need a change.... you secretly like sitting in your soaked pee diaper but it feels nice when mum wipes your wee wee & powders you to put a cushy new pamper on your tushy! She gives you lots of love & smiles and toys of course!! It's so fun to have a sweet loving mommy doting on you. She sees you're rubbing your diaper down there so she encourages you and even helps you rub over your diaper so you can make cummies in them!! Filmed at the nursery in Las Vegas!

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ABDL Mommy made to wear diapers pissy pants boy

Your sexy girlfriend Tera Mizu cannot believe you completely humiliated yourself and her in front of all the neighbors outside by wetting your pants. She's so furious she's going to POTTY train you again but in the meantime, you're going to HAVE TO wear a diaper under your pants from now on. Yes, for real, even to work where... your coworkers might hear it crinkling in the office.... LOL. First she checks if you're sick by putting a thermometer up your butt with no lube! Just shoving it up there! She's super mean and mad, giving you all sorts of rules, you cannot take your diaper off AND with a diaper on, it acts like a CHASTITY device and you're not going to get any sex or any of Terra since don't get that type of stuff. You're only allowed to rub your diapers & cum in them.

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Adult baby made #2 mess in diaper change

Your new sexy & cute ABDL babysitter Janira is reading you a story when she notices a yucky smell... *sniff sniff* did baby make a mess in his dipee? She comes closer & takes a big whiff to realize that you made a #2 in your pampers! PU!! you are so stinky! She takes off your messed in diaper, all while reacting to your stinkyness & uses like 4 wipes to clean off your bumbum! She puts a nice clean thick disposable on your tushy, giving you cute baby talk the whole time of course. it's natural for babies to mess in their diaper since they can't hold it and she teases you lovingly about what a big mess you made, what a wittle stinker you are. She knows you can't hold it and that's why you gotta wear those thick padded diapers. Then she knows you're embaressed but turned on by the entire experience so she helps rub the front of your diaper until you make cummies in them! Then it'll be park time later where you'll see others in their diapers and see the other mommies too! Very naturally paced and sexy #2 messy diaper change for messy ABY AB ab/dl stinkers that enjoy that!

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Sexy MILF finds your diaper secret and changes you ABDL

FOR AB's AND DL's, these POV mommies will diaper you and change your wet nappies. THIS VIDEO IS MADE FOR BOTH AB's AND DL's alike. It doesn't have age regression so if you fantasize about a hot MILF at work discovering your diapers and then changing you in your office, this is your perfect scenario!
you walk into your office and your sexy MILF assistant Agatha is there with your diaper bag on the table! She was looking for some papers and discovered this & now she knows your secret... since the diapers she found are LARGE sized, not baby sized.... and shhhh what's that crinkling sound and why do you look so bulky down there!? She reaches forward and feels over your work slacks... OMG she felt your diaper!!! and it's WET with pee too. This is mortifying for you but she sure likes this unplanned turn of events. She knows that she's got the upper hand now; she knows your diaper secrets and tells you to lay down on the couch. Before you even realize what's happening, she's unbuttoning your pants and exposing your adult DIAPER!!! OMG. You're so red in the face but she really likes teasing you with your secret... she's going to change you and opens your diaper to smell your big pissy mess! She laughs but is very sexy with the tease... She wipes you around your cock and balls (and bum!) and slides a new thick diaper under you, then uses lots of powder all over your parts! She puts a nice thick disposable diaper on Mr big bossman & talks about how good it feels! Uh oh, you're going to be late for your meeting but you don't have time to change so you'll have to wear your disposable dipee under your work pants at the meeting

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ABDL mommy Missy casts diarrhea spell on AB

You were a bad boy today so mommy missy (who is a secret practicing witch) says a little rhyme, waves her hand and casts a magic spell on you before you can even protest!! HAHA! Now everytime she says the word "DlARRHEA" you will get tummy cramps and your will slowly turn into liquid! She relishes the thought of that and every time she says the "magic" word, she says it slowly and deliberately, enunciating every sound clearly! She quickly gets you diapered with not 1 but TWO thick adult diapers because she knows it's going to be a BIG EXPLOSION of brown liquid goo in your diapers soon!! After she gets you all diapered and teases you with the magic word and talks about how much is coming out & how your #2 is turning liquid. She holds her tummy and starts the countdown from 10 to 1 and at the end, it's going to be a huge stinky liquid explosion into your thick diapers from your ass cheeks and it's going to fill them out!!

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ABDL diaper date with asian Mina

You have a quick fun diaper date with asian Lil Mina as she joins you in bed and self diapers herself in front of you and then she puts you in diapers. Baby wipes, powdering and then thick cushy Bambinos on both your butts! She leans back, gets comfy and and starts rubbing her diapers, encouraging you to follow along and rub your diaper with her! Come on... faster... faster... doesn't it feel so good and cushy on your bum and peepee? Keep rubbing... keep going til you make cummies in your pampers!! After you make cummies in your dipees, then it's time to rest your eyes for a nap and she lies beside you singing you a lullaby night night!

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ABDL mad wife Whitney puts you back into diapers

Wife Whitney has had it with your careless pants wetting accidents, especially when they happen in public in front of women she knows... you've embaressed her ONCE & FOR ALL... she's fixing this problem right now... You're getting put back into DIAPERS. That's right, BIG THICK, CUSHY WHITE POOFY ADULT BAMBINOS that even spell out B-A-B-Y on the front. But not before she checks your temperature rectally. She wipes, powders and diapers you and finds a nice white sissy short dress to put on you... but they odn't even cover your diapers!!!! You're trying to protest so she puts on cloth fluffy mitts on your hands so you can't talk it off!! She's baby talking to you the whole time after diapering you... because only B-A-B-I-E-S have to wear DlAPERS!! LOL Now it's feeding time and you get your bottle. Lots of condecending talk with baby talk mixed in!! Very stern, mean wife to AB MOM

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ABDL Wetting in minivan and diapered by CHeyenne

You're in the car with Cheyenne Jewel & you're really desperate to pee. You're begging her to stop the car & find a bathroom but there's no where she can really stop, plus she has a ton of errands & appointments to get to. She's really annoyed that she reminded you to use the bathroom before you left but you forgot AGAIN... you always have to pee but don't realize it until the last minute & then you're holding yourself in the car, She keeps encouraging you to hold it & holding it. SHe looks over & you're already wetting your pants in the car!! Crap!! Now she has to pull over on the side of the road to change you & diaper you so this doesn't happen. SHe gets in the back of the minivan & starts taking off your pissy wet pants & has to use a zillion wipes to wipes around your pissy wet penis & bum, all the while casually admonishing you for always wetting yourself and now she has to diaper you again. She powders and diapers you, putting on plastic pants over your pampers & telling you that you'll have to wear just the nappies & plastic pink pants over it ALL DAY WHILE SHE RUNS ERRANDS because your pants got pee on them. How embaressing to be diapered by mom in the back of the minivan & have to wear them the whole day. This video is more for DIAPER LOVERS DL but anyone can enjoy this embaressement & bladder holding with Cheyenne

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ABDL MILF Jessica and Olivia diaper you and cum countdown

Your mom Jessica & sister Olivia are waiting for you in your room where they have adult diapers and ABY stuff on the bed. Your mom is annoyed that she has to keep washing your piss stained sheets and your pee pants from wetting the bed all the time... the solution, OBVIOUSLY, is to put you back into disposable diapers and make you wear them all the time... fully treating you like a sissy pissy baby! That's what mom is going to call you from now on & she is going to teach your sister how to change your diaper. Sis Olivia is a typical 19yo girl who rolls her eyes and laughs at you & your situation. Jessica is a very stern & matter of fact mom. The first thing is to take down your pee stained pants & put a thermometer up your butt!! they make fun of your bedwetting problem AND your SMALL PENIS before ABmommy Jessica puts a thick diaper you on you. So much baby powder!! Afterwards, they look at some frilly sissy rhumba panties and Olivia selects the white satin with pink lace frills. If you want to cum, you're going to have to rub your wittle winky over your diaper, LOL. they laugh at how you're going to be a virgin diaper boy forever and they encourage you to rub your diaper while they watch & tease you until you make cummies in your pampers. AB MOM Jessica gives her a cum countdown... welcome to your new life!! Now don't let them ever catch you jerking your little cock outside your pampers!!

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Sister jay discovers diaper secrets rub you til cum

Your nice college sister decides to come into your room because she watched a scary movie & didn't want to sleep alone... BUT you're wearing a DIAPER underneath the covers and you've PEED in it already!! It doesn't take her long to sniff around & wonder why it smells like pee-pee in here?! What's that crinkling sound? She whips off the covers & sees your thick diapers! She's VERY understanding and thinks it's super cute her brother likes to wear a nappy... do you have someone to change you? No? Well she'd be happy to do that! She finds your diaper bag beside the bed & starts rifling through it, finding all your ABDL items & you're so embaressed but she's understanding about it!! Wow, what an awesome sis. She's up for changing your wet nappy and has a super fun time doing it! She even remarks on your wittle willy underneath the diaper! PU... there's so much pee in there! It's her first time changing a diaper so she is fun & lighthearted about it, giggling and having a blast the entire time! She puts frilly plastic pants on you & notices how turned on you are by having your sister change you so she starts rubbing her hand over your diaper... mmmm it feels so good when she rubs your pampers... so soft yet firm!!! It's not long before you cum in your diapers with your sister rubbing it but this needs to be your little secret... shhhh... now it's time for bed

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Teacher and student diaper you in class diaper punishment

Miss Bella is conducting the test when she looks over at you & sees you WETTING YOUR PANTS under the desk!! This is no surprise as you've been caught peeing your pants in her class a couple times already! Bella is MAD and she makes you come up to the class and tells everyone the solution is to put you in diapers so that you stop distrupting her class with wetting your pants! A student asks a question about the diaper process since she's going to be an aunty soon so Miss Bella invites her to help diaper you while explaining what to do! The asian student, Missy, bounces up there eagerly and Miss Bella makes you lie on the desk after Missy puts down the changing pad. Bella has to explain everything step by step to the student, including wiping with the babywipes, powder and how to fasten the diaper. Then it's back to conducting class except you won't be peeing your pants again! This is NOT an ageplay clip, just diapers and humiliation.

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Sinn Sage diapers you gives you toilet rules

This one is not a ageplay or regression ABDL clip, but perfect for all diaper lovers that want a dominant mom to put him back into disposable crinkly Bambinos because he just can't stop wetting his pants & controlling his bladder. Maybe you're doing this on purpose to get put back into diapers but regardless, Sinn is MAD and knows how to correct this behaviour... first, by humiliating you, putting you back into diapers again & having you wear them at bedtime & on long trips. Then she gives you the new toilet rules where, before bedtime every night you're going to have to sit on the toilet for 20 whole minutes so you can pee into the toilet and THEN she's going to diaper you. Stern & dissapointed SInn Sage gives you all your new bathroom rules & will be diaper checking you ALL the time!

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Mom jessica teaches wife Kaelin how to diaper you ABDL

While you were out, your wife Kaelin (about 22) finds your adult diapers and ABY stuff in the closet and of course she has to show her mom Jessica (40's) who's visiting. They're both inspecting your stuff & realize that everything is big sized & fit you! They certainly don't fit a real BB. You come home as they're inspecting it all & they ask you point blank if you like to wear diapers. You're really embaressed but admit that's what you want. At first they're in shock & disbelief in a condecending way especially when Jessica reaches over & feels that you're already wearing a diaper under your work clothes!! THey laugh and feel it again, noticing that it's all wet!! Mom-mode kicks in & Jessica decides you need a nappy change; Kaelin is eager to learn from mom on how to change a diaper. Kaelin is cool with her new role to make you happy. Jessica takes on mom & teacher role, getting your pants off, wiped, powdered and diapered in a nice thick Bambino! They treat you like a baby once you're all nappied up, give you toys and babytalk. Not a very long video but realistic timing & banter.

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