Adult Baby ABDL Mommies Infantilism

Adult Baby ABDL Mommies Infantilism

Diaper Punishment, mean ABDL mommies that make you wear diapers for being a bad boy! Also some nice loving sweet AB mommies as well that love cuddling their big ABY's


Forced ABDL sissification and diapering cum Bella Ink

Forced sissification fun with Bella! DJ comes over and gets some spiked water from Bella.... and then wakes up with his wrists and ankles restrained to... an adult sized crib!!! He can't breathe... because Bella is sitting her diapered butt on his face and she needs to pee!! She pees and then puts her pre-peed diaper onto DJ, who she already put a pink sissy dress on! She's gonna make him into her dirty diapered sissy bitch & she promptly writes that onto his diaper in black marker. Bella puts him in a pink wig and makeep. Then she writes a sign for him to hold for when he'll be getting his holes pimped out... He can't use his clit anymore and it must be covered in thick diapers all the time now so she forced him to cum with the hitachi while talking about all the men he's going to eventually please as his new diapered sissy bitch self! Lots of sexy dominant talking and humiliation

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Shrinking and BReastfeeding ABDL Mommy Whitnet

Your high energy, loving AB Mommy WHitney has a super huge surprise for you... she's got a special milk that, when you drink it, it will shrink you to a REAL life baby size! what a dream come true. She holds the boba for you & you drink it... instantly it starts working.... she's getting SO EXCITED to see you getting smaller and smaller and smaller!!! She can't wait to pinch your cute wittle cheeks and is super elated to do real baby stuff with you.... so let's get you in a nice small baby sized diapy, then reading a story & then the best time of all... breastfeeding with mommy as she cradles you.... oh look at you getting so sleepy in mommys arms while suckling her breasts. You can take a nap but later she's taking you to the park to play with lots of other babies & mommies!!! SUper happy & cute ABDL shrinking fantasy

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ABDL Dissapointed Luci puts you back in diapers

ABDL Dissapointed wife Luci puts you back in diapers. You convince Luci to let you wear big boy undies to a fancy dinner tonight & as she's talking to you in the bathroom you WET YOUR UNDERWEAR right there in front of her & the toilet is only 3 ft away! Seriously!?!? You piss your undies right there!? You DEFINITELY have to go back into diapers again... like now.... she takes you into the nursery and takes off your pissy undies and puts you into a nice cushy disposable diaper. She's not condecending and is firm but very sweet & nice about telling you that you need diapers at work again... 24/7 actually. She becomes super nice when you're all diapered up again & in your proper place... as she wittle, helpless baby. Bottle feeding, storytime & naptime!

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ABDL Agatha back to diapers diaper check compilation

Agatha sees that Jamie has fallen asleep on the couch & completely wet his pants... again! this is the absolute last straw & she spanks his wet butt & grabs him by the ear to lead him upstairs to the nursery room where he gets punished when he has wet accidents. She shoves his pissy pants in his face & makes him lie down so she can put a thick diaper on him, nice & tight, despite all his protests that he doesn't need a diaper!!! Ughhhh.... then it's a short compilation of HANDS ON DIAPER focused diaper checks while they do normal stuff around the house... like in the kitchen, watching TV she sneaks her hands to feel his diapers, etc. Lots of diaper checking & groping his dips!

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ABDL Mommy Agatha takes ABY to pool breastfeeding

ABDL mommy Agatha takes Jamie to the pool in his diapers. She hopes there won't be any issues there as she helps him splash around in the pool in his thick adult diapers and plastic pants. The female lifeguard comes up and asks if his plastic pants are leak proof and agatha checks him & they are approved. Diaper checks in the pool. Then they lay poolside & it's feeding time for Jamie... but he doesn't want mushy baby food & he's gonna pout til he gets mommys breastmilk. She lets him suckle from both her nipples while she reaches down to check his diapers again. The lifeguard walks by again & asks if everything is OK which prompts Agatha to be embaressed about her bare boob being out while her big ABY is suckling on it. If you're a fan of diaper checks, hands on diapers and breatfeeding, here you go!

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ABDL Mean girls expose your diaper and make you cum

SERIOUS MEAN BULLY GIRLS HERE. It's gonna get super mean... and fun.
Missy's visiting Bella's house & is trying to have a conversation but every time her weird cousin walks by there's a loud crinkling sound & it smells faintly of pee. Bella calls her cousin in & oddly enough, it smells like urine around him... they're sniffing and trying to figure out what that crinkling noise is & are there plastic bags in his pockets?? He's denying everything when all of a sudden Missy sneaks behind and PANTS HIM, totally exposing his diaper!! He's too mortified to move & the girls flank him... "Dare you to touch it" "eeewwwww you touched it" They're touching and grabbing his diapered crotch & feel that it's wet with piss while howling with laughter. They give him a DIAPER WEDGIE and then pour oatmeal down the back of his diaper, teasing him that he messed his diaper, rubbing the oatmeal around, and take pics to blackmail him. They spank & fondle his diapered crotch and butt area. Bella takes off his glasses so he can't see. They lightly kick him in his diapered crotch too. He tries to escape & trips, falling down on the floor. The girls hold him down & Bella teases his diapered crotch with her bare feet while they call him mean names & make fun of him. Then they both use their hands and rub the front of his diaper to make him cum into his soaked, pissy pampers and laugh a LOT. Finally, after they make him cum in it, Bella makes him crawl outside the house & locks him out while they laugh. Lots of mean name calling, teasing, hands rubbing and grabbing his diapered crotch and bare feet on diapers.

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Diaper Lover Series Cheyenne uses suppository dildo and cum in diapers

Cheyenne Jewel slides into bed with you and reaches down to check your diaper.... it's only a teeny wet but no mess. It's been awhile since you went #2... like a couple days. Well it's time to break out the suppositories!! She pulls out a huge one & also a gigantic dildo to really shove it up there good so it can have maximum effectiveness! She lubes up the dildo with her spit and inserts the suppoository and then inserts the dildo, pushing it in really good for a while to get it all the way up inside. Then she closes your wet diaper back up again & oh snap, the farmers market is going to close soon so we need to leave right now!!! As you're parked to go to the market, you feel your mess starting to come out! Cheyenne notices it and encourages you to mess your diapers as she feels it and watches, getting so turned on & telling you how much you like it

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Diaper Lover Series Diaper Checks & cum with Natalie ABDL

t's a diapered day with your sexy GF Natalie! FIrst, she wipes and diapers you but NOT before inserting a vibrating anal plug with a wireless remote control before closing it up! She diaper checks you in the car & turns on the remote to give you a little tease. You're poolside and she slyly reaches over to feel your diaper. Then, you're at the pool and she leans in really close to feel your pissy soaked diaper and talk sexy to you. Later on, you're at dinner & she leans in close to diaper check you & feels how soaked and hard you are. She starts rubbing your diaper furiously as she looks you in the eyes and encourages you to cum in your diapers. Super sexy diaper check talk and follow along with your vibrating anal toy if you like. Good & NATURAL dialogue with girl next door Natalie

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INEEDAMOMMY ABDL Shrinking with Mommy Natalie

Time for a nice long and relaxing AB shrinking fantasy with adorable new Mommy Natalie!! Soft lullaby music is playing in the background in this well paced, long real time video where she surprises you with a "magic milk" that's supposed to shrink you down to real baby size! at first there's no change but she feeds you some more & it's working!!! you're getting smaller!! OMG, how exciting... you're way too small for your adult diapers so she thankfully was prepared with a small baby diaper, socks and a baby bib! how cute!! She diapers and dresses you and then it's feeding time! she carries you into the crib where she cuddles with you as she reads a bedtime story and then sings to you... what a sweet, loving and doting mommy she is!! Very naturally paced and well done all around

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Diaper Lover Series Cheyenne Jewel Diapered Farmhand

FINALLY, JUST FOR DIAPER LOVERS WITHOUT THE AB ASPECTS! In a dream world where Cheyenne Jewel diapers you every day for your new job as a farmhand!
Your resume is fantastic & she'd love for you to start as a farmhand right away. BUT there's just one stipulation; you must be diapered so that you don't have to use the bathroom & can concentrate on your job without distractions. uhhhh what?? Yes, diapered. Look outside... all the other guys are diapered. So if you want to start right away, take off your jeans & lie down so she can put a diaper on you! She tells you that she can diaper check you any time she passes by you & only SHE will determine when you get a diaper change & that's only after your diaper is very FULL. Now why do you still have a hardon?? That's extremely distracting & she needs your focus on getting work done on the farm. Seriously... she knows guys focus better when they're not thinking with their other head so after she diapers you, she sees you're still hard so she has the solution for that! She plugs in the wand vibrator and holds it over your diaper until she makes you cum in your diaper, involuntarily. Every morning, she's going to put a diaper on you & check for a stiffy. You know the drill. Cheyenne does it very firmly and matter of fact.

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Diaper Lover Series Kenna Discovers your Diaper & pees in it

You're talking to a cute girl at the lounge & you're really clicking together. You decided to wear your diapers under your clothes today but didn't expect on meeting & having a great conversation with this hottie! You're already taking a chance wearing outside... Kenna all of a sudden leans in & tries making out with you... she unzips your pants to put her hand under... and gets a big handful of... CRINKLE!!! What!?! "are you wearing a diaper?" she is shocked but not grossed out at all. instead she has a lot of questions & is genuinely interested in why you wear and like diapers. She asks you personal questions about your diaper habits while feeling it & thinks it's hot. She needs to pee so follow her! She takes you into the bathroom where she tells you to lie down on your back. She unfastens your diaper tapes, opens your diaper, straddles you & pees on your cock & into your diaper!! Then she tapes you up again & you have to wear her pee in your diaper for the rest of the night! NOTHING IS SHOWN, only acted and implied.

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ABDL MDLB Luci Diaper Change

Just a nice diaper check and diaper change with new 19yo abdl mommy Luci! She's super cool & sweet and really nice as she feels your diaper & it's pretty wet! so she changes you, wipes & powders you and packs the diaper bag for your day at the park! let's get your favorite things and an extra Crinklez diaper, but not before a bottle and a story (about who wear diapers!). Another video with Luci coming soon (wetting & diapered by dissapointed GF).

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ABDL Kenna V diapers you for wetting couch cum in diaper

Kenna Valentina is back. You groggily wake up to an annoyed looking Kenna standing over you & holding a diaper bad. She's super annoyed that you fell asleep and wet your pants... again!! There's even a wet spot on the couch... ugh. she TOLD you the next time that happens, she's going to put you back in diapers; we've already gone through this! Kenna is very calm, condecending at first but once she cleans, powders, puts a BUTT PLUG in your bum because she doesn't want to clean messy dips, and then diapers you up, she tells you how you'll be wearing diapers a LOT more in the future & you see a hint of a smile. Maybe she prefers you all padded up?! She pulls out a binkie & puts it in your mouth. Then she takes out your goodnight onsie since it's almost bedtime, even though it's still early in "adult time." When she diaper checks you she feels your stiffy so while you're lying down with your head in her lap, she starts rubbing your diaper in a natural manner, encouraging you to make cummies in your diaper because you'll be doing everything in these diapers soon!!
Kenna's talking is very realistic and natural, not forced and becomes pretty sexy and calming at the end!

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AB Mommy Bella Strap On & Messing diapers suppository

Sexy AB Mommy Bella diaper checks you in the morning but it's only wet with pee.... she knows you havent pood at all in the last 2 days & gave it a 3rd night for you to go #2 but NOPE, no mess. She's got a suppoository for you but her fingers are only so long & she needs to get it deep deep inside you for maximum effectiveness, soooo she's going to push it in deep with her strap on! She baby oils everything up & put in the suppoository and then inserts the pink strap on. using the crib to brace her herself, she pushes that suppository all the way in!!! As we wait for it to work, she reads you a book but only gets through a couple pages before she sees the look of concern on your face... you realize it's working & all of a sudden you have to go but it's gonna be a messy one & you're embaressed to mess in front of this hot mom.... you're trying to hold it in & she's amused by it but tells you, you're not going to be able to hold it for long!! She encourages you to let go and mess your dip! You start unwillingly filling your diapers with your stinky mess & she's delighted that you're finally going #2, lots of praise. Since you've got wet & mess in there.... there's #3 to do in your diaper (might as well do everything in this diaper!) so she pulls out the pink Hitachi wand to help you make stickies & encourages you to just cum in your diapers!! Super hot scenario with Bella ink

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ABDL Cousin Arielle Discovers your Diapers and Nursery

You're on your hotel bed jerking it and two ladies just happen to walk by the window, stopping & spotting you touching yourself like an exhibitionist perv! There's a knock on the door & when you open it, they burst into the room to confront you about your disgusting behavior but when they look down, they see the little noodle you were jerking with your thumb & forefinger! they burst out laughing and being mean girls, start making fun of you & mocking you for the loser you are! they call it a clit, they see the panties you had hastily thrown to the side & determine you probably wear them. But even with all this mocking, you can't stop jerking off and cumming your piddly little amount of cum, like a zit popping!! They take pics of your patheticness & leave

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