Alice in SissyLand - FemDom Mistress BDSM Fetish

Alice in SissyLand - FemDom Mistress BDSM Fetish

My favorite men are the ones in panties!

Join me for a sexy romp in the world of gender play, transformation, femdom, sissy maids, crossdressers, transvestites and gender bending!

I host a REAL LIFE meetup group for crossdressers and those who love them once a month in San Francisco.

Email me or visit for more details.


Forced Bi Blowjob 69 Sissy Suspension Bondage Part 2 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand Humiliation

Sissy 69 Suspension Part 2 Forced Bi Blowjob AliceInBondageLand

The winch rattles as it lowers my two sissies down onto each other... and into each other's mouths.

Would you be willing to suck a sissy's cock if it also meant that he had to such yours in return? Forced bisexual crossdressing predicament bondage at its best!

They are so nervous, but so aroused. I tease and torment them before bringing the two pieces of my sissy suspension sandwhich together for some deep throat mutual cocksucking.

I liven things up by masturbating next to them and the sounds of my orgasms egg them on. It does not take long before they spurt their sissy loads of cum. I make sure they swallow every drop! No sissy semen goes to waste in this shoot!

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Sissy 69 Suspension Bondage Blowjob Part 1 Strapped Down Tied Up Crossdresser Humiliation FemDom

Sissy 69 Suspension Part 1 Strapped Down Tied Up AliceInBondageLand

The first step in forcing my sissies to suck each other's cocks is BONDAGE.

Bitchboi is in a precarious position dangling in mid-air above my other sissy... in an enforced bisexual sissy 69 position.

I use rope, cuffs and straps to make sure that they cannot get out of the way as I lower them down on each other for some "intimate" face-to-cock action. They want to please me, but I think they also secretly want to pleasure each other!

Neither of my two crossdressers has ever had a real penis in their mouth, but I think that having a beautiful woman on hand to "motivate" them using lots of bondage will get us some cock sucking sissy action!

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Sissy 69 Bondage Blowjob Training FULL MOVIE FemDom Mistress Crossdresser Humiliation Cocksucking

Sissy 69 Suspension Bondage FULL MOVIE AliceInBondageLand

Be careful what you say on the internet - a Mistress might be listening!

This whole shoot began as a conversation on the Internet. A fantasy about being bound into a 69 position turned into a discussion about location, logistics and seeking volunteers. Forced bi bondage blowjob? Music to this Mistress' ears! Two sissies stepped bravely forward to make my fantasy a reality.

If you were trapped in bondage and held hostage by a beautiful woman... would you let another man's cock into your mouth? What about a sissy cock? Is it less gay if it is in a threeway? What if everyone is wearing sexy panties? What if you change your mind? Is it already too late?

Open up! ...because you don't have a choice!

I am not going to stop tormenting these bondage crossdressers until they each drink a load of sissy semen!

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Sissy Shopping Trip Mr S Sex Shop San Francisco FULL MOVIE Rubber Latex Humiliation FemDom Mistress

Sissy Amy Shopping Trip Mr S

All of my favorite bdsm gear comes from Mr S. It is not inexepensive, nor for the faint of heart, but since the old days of being known as "Fetters" their quality just cannot be matched.

I love going shopping there and they encourage bdsm, cruising, exhibitionism and trying on the gear before you purchase it (cock rings are so hard to size without actually putting the device on!). They are a PERFECT place to go shopping with my special sissy slut.

We explore their vast selection of METAL bondage gear and chastity belts... for those that need something truly inescapable. Ultimately, our goal is to find the perfect latex hood and I am certain we will find it here today...

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Locked Into Fetish Boots Sissy Bondage Part 3 Public FemDom Rubber Humiliation Mistress

Sissy Amy Wicked Grounds Part 3 -

Locked Fetish Boots

It isn't enough to simply tie Sissy Amy up in public. I want to add extra hobbling humiliation and layers to the bondage.

While she is securely bound in my white rope web, I remove her normal high heels and replace them with sky high LOCKING fetish boots. They match her black latex stockings and locked chastity belt marvelously. Now she is inextricably bound even further into enforced femininity.

These sexy heels are very difficult to walk in but I expect her to keep up with me on our shopping trip! Will she be able to walk at all when we are through with her? A true test of a sissy submissive slut...

Meanwhile, other people are taking photos and twittering about our scene, maximizing SissyAmy's public exposure online as well as in person.

Do you have what it takes to be on display like this?

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Public Rope Bondage Sissy Maid Rubber Uniform Part 2 Humiliation FemDom Latex Mistress

Sissy Amy wicked Grounds Part 2 -

Public Rope Bondage & Latex

Wicked Grounds is a special coffee shop and so it has some highly specialized BONDAGE furniture instead of normal tables and chairs. I use one of the special bondage chairs to secure my sissy submissive, still in bright pink latex.

To make the rope bondage extra inescapable, I lube up her hands and put her into elbow length latex opera gloves. Now she cannot pick the knots. There is no friction to untie yourself when your fingers are lubed up!

I enjoy using ALL of my bondage rope to secure my sissy submissive, layering and pulling it tight to keep her seated. The white rope looks very bold against the pink and black latex uniform.

She is helplessly exposed while people take pictures of their own. Even people outside on the street can see her at the front of the cafe!

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Sissy Maid Tea Service Part 1 Wicked Grounds Public Rubber Latex FemDom Mistress San Francisco

Sissy Amy Wicked Grounds Part 1 -

Tea Service

We are desperate to warm up after the chilly scene cuffing SissyAmy to the Golden Gate bridge in a scene full of wind chill and heavy traffic. She submitted to EXTREME public humiliation. Now she has earned a treat!

I interview my shy submissive on the way to the coffee shop about her kinky experience so far. She is nervous but enthusiastic.

Latex, fetish clothing and bdsm play is all welcome in this very special coffee shop so we drive right over, still dressed up. The other kinky patrons are all very curious about what is going on so I take a few minutes to show off SissyAmy, her pink latex maid's uniform and especially the secret chastity belt beneath her panties!

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CBT Rubber Bondage Sissy Part 2 FemDom Mistress Suspension Hogtie Latex Tease Sissy

“Gumbi hanging around in ballet boots… Part 2”

Now that my slave is helplessly suspended from the ceiling of this custom jail cell, I am ready to take the bondage (and the latex) to the next level. I begin by adding a heavy rubber hood with a built in rebreather. Some people also call it a “breath bag.” This will dramatically reduce the amount of oxygen he gets, rendering him even more dizzy and helpless as he dangles above the floor for me… trussed up in head to toe latex, incredible sky-high ballet boots and tight leather straps! He is completely immobilized for my pleasure and amusement (plus my abuse-ment).

I don’t even bother to remove his under hood - which still has an inflatable gag and blindfold in place. Now the layers are getting tighter and tighter. Do the walls feel like they are closing in, yet?

Gumbi is a very special slave, with an insatiable love for latex and heavy rubber bondage… as well as for severe cock and ball torture (cbt for those of you who are acronym fetishists).

Before our play began, I made sure to add spikes to the chastity device hidden under his sleek and sexy black rubber catsuit!

I particularly enjoy his helpless, blind, deaf and dumb state in this video. I love caressing him through the layers of rubber, especially how our lubed-up latex encased bodies slide erotically against one another. I also enjoy emphasizing his helplessness as he dangles weightlessly. However, the fun really begins when I tear off his latex codpiece to reveal his hardening cock in its spiked sheath!

“Look at how fucking turned on you are!” I exclaim, revealing his substantial member. He moans helplessly as I examine my growing target, squeezing it, testing it against the chastity device (in this case a “gates of hell” with added spiked rings). The more aroused he gets, the more he suffers for me. The harder his cock gets, the more he suffers for his lust!

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Latex Sissy Hogtie Suspension Bondage CBT Part 1 Rubber Inflatable FemDom Mistress

“Gumbi hanging around in ballet boots…”

Gumbi is a very special slave, with an insatiable love for latex and heavy rubber bondage… as well as for severe cock and ball torture (cbt for those of you who are acronym fetishists).

Before our play even begins, I make sure to add spikes to the chastity device hidden under his sleek and sexy black rubber catsuit. The codpiece built into this suit allows me to torture his cock and testicles as much as I want to without having to undress him from his latex encasement.

I particularly love the sexy purple and blue halter-top catsuit that I am wearing in this video. It bares just the right amount of skin and the hidden zipper allows me perfect access to my pussy when I want to pleasure myself (too bad my slave doesn’t get to enjoy it fully yet).

The spikes that line his cock ring mean that ever touch, every bit of arousal, ever ounce of lust is immediately and painfully PUNISHED. Gumbi is extraordinarily sensitive and responsive and I LOVE tormenting him; torturing him until he whimpers, begs and even screams for me. Those of you who enjoy gag-talk will love our special language of grunts and growls because he isn’t getting out of his inflated rubber gag any time soon!

I force him to wear sky-high sexy high heel BALLET BOOTS for me, rendering him helpless to even stand up straight without assistance. There are so many layers of bondage in this scene! These shoes are so severe that they alone could assure inescapability if you locked them on with a matching pair of mitts… but these incredibly shoes are only the beginning of what I have in store for my lucky slave.

When I see how much he is turned on by being forced to wear sexy shoes for me, I decide to tease him with my own sexy black high heeled pumps. These classic patent leather beauties are my favorite shoes both in and out of the dungeon. I crush his puny cock with the stiletto heel while he moa

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Crossdressing Pageant DomCon 2013 FemDom Mistress Convention BDSM Lifestyle

DomCon Crossdressing Pageant AliceInBondageLand

The Crossdressing Pageant is an annual feature of DomCon and one of the things I especially look forward to. I am a lover of gender bending in general but sissies in particular are always sure to arouse and delight my inner mischief.

This year we have a great group of contestants that give a glimpse into the variety of styles and goals held by CD/TVs. Some go glam, some go drag and some are just excited to be there in front of an audience in their panties and dresses... something very rare and thrilling for most crossdressers.

This includes a great after-interview with the winner of the competition. I love her advice to aspiring crossdressers at home regarding bravery, confidence and “just going for it.” This was her first competition and her first crown, proving ANYTHING is possible when you put your mind to it.

Join the crew of as we explore and document this unique event as well as the people, artists and inventors that make it possible.

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Spanking Striptease Sissy Humiliation Part 1 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

Rebel Girl Chastity Pt 1 Spanking Striptease

I open this chastity bdsm scene with a tantilizing striptease giving you glimpses of what I was hiding beneath my new dress back at bondage a go go - the local San Francisco goth club with an extra special dungeon in back!

Corset, custom garterbelt and purple satin panties are revealed for your viewing pleasure while I force my chastity sissy Rebel Girl to watch helplessly from the sidelines. Fortunately her custom steelwerks device keeps her well under control.

I spank my sissy and examine her locked device before cuffing to the chair for added security.

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Rebel Girl Face Fucking Chastity Tease Denial Mistress Orgasms FULL MOVIE Foodjob FemDom Alice

Rebel Girl Chastity FULL MOVIE CBT Facesitting Dildo

Chastity is a powerful motivator and mind-warper!

I only permit Rebel Girl to be unlocked from her captive-ball chastity device when the rest of her is tied up tight!

When she is unlocked from chastity, I make sure to include lots of cbt and tease/denial to remind her that it is about MY PLEASURE and not hers. Chastity sissies need to learn to please their owners first.

To keep it all about me, I lock my sissy into a dildo gag and force her to fuck me with her face... but not letting her taste a drop of my orgasmic pussy juices. The ultimate tease and denial!

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DomCon Documentary Sissy Crossdressing Pageant Classes & More FemDom Mistress Convention Documentary

DomCon Documentary AliceInBondageLand

Welcome to DomConLA 2013, the world’s largest gathering of lifestyle and professional female dominants.

Dominatrixes from all over the world come together to share skills, experiences and mischief. The eye candy is INCREDIBLE and the contests, classes and vendor hall is also worth enjoying.

Join the crew of as we explore and document this unique event as well as the people, artists and inventors that make it possible.

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Handjob StrapOn Cumshot Sissy Bondage Part 3 FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

SuperSlut Audition Part 3 StrapOn Handjob AliceInBondageLand

Superslut is living up to his name! He took one look at my "advanced" sized strap-on dildo and asked me if that was the biggest that I had. We are pulling out the truly large dicks for this stretchy anal slut.

I stretch him with my fingers before making sure my dick will fit in his face. He has a skilled mouth but I can tell that his throat will need more cocksucker training before it can deepen and take as much as his ass does.

Once he is opening up beneath my dildo, I flip him onto his back for some vigorous anal pounding. Let's see if I can fuck an orgasm out of him while stroking his hard cock.

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CBT Sissy Slut Part 2 Humiliation Panties FemDom Mistress AliceInBondageLand

SuperSlut Audition Part 2 CBT AliceInBondageLand

My Superslut is getting super horny! His cock sprang to attention as soon as his lips touched my breasts and now I need to keep him tied up for obedience enforcement!

The only thing that would make his hard cock look sexier is a pair of PANTIES. His cock seems to get bigger and bigger when I dress it up in pretty pink lace panties. Even when I start slapping his cock and balls, it stays hard and proud.

I bind his feet so he cannot protect his balls by closing his legs. Then the real cbt begins! With slaps from my riding crop, pinching, slapping, scratching and squeezing, I explore just how much his balls can take. I think he likes it... Superslut is living up to his name!

Category: Sissy    Duration: 10:06    Format: MP4    File Size: 209 MB    Clip ID: 26346

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