FemDomFilms Ball Abuse

FemDomFilms Ball Abuse

All things done to a slave's cock and balls by Mistresses who enjoy seeing their male slaves suffer


Mistress Chatterley and Tallulah Tease - Pervy Peeper Punishment Part 5

I'm Mistress Chatterley and I've been out shopping with my friend Tallulah Tease for feminization clothes. We've discovered my neighbor perving at us while we have girl girl sex and I drag him out for punishment. We feminize him and I order him onto is back on my bed, legs spread while I tread on his balls. He's got a choice take it or my stiletto heel goes up his ass. He's getting noisy so I gag him with a stocking, then use it to tie up his cock and balls and flick and slap his cock. "Down on the floor bitch and worship my boots slut!" He's eager to obey as it gives him a break from having his cock and balls tormented. Mistress Tallulah sits on his back to pin him down while he gives my boots a good polish with his eager tongue. Next its off to my dungeon for more treatment, down corridor on his hands and knees while Mistress Tallulah jabs her boots into his balls

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Countess de Jager Punishes Slave Nicholas

I'm lovely blonde lifestyle mistress the Countess de Jager and I'm giving Slave Nicholas a well deserved punishment. I've caned his ass, which he absolutely hates, but I've got more in store. I strap him to my bondage chair with legs spread wide, and clamp his ball sack with one of my sharp toothed hair grips. Slave Nicholas winces in pain. Good - I use a second clamp on his cock. Now that really hurts! I add another one then put some on his nipples. His tongue got him into trouble so I clamp that as well, then clamp his nose to teach him to keep it out of other people's business. OK slave you are to wear those all day! Now crawl out of my sight

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Lady Bellatrix - Small Cock Abuse

I'm the beautiful Lady Bellatrix and men are my inferiors - they are a sub species. I've got two of my inferiors with me today, I attach nipple clamps to Slavid and spit in his face. Laughing at his tiny little cock I give him a kick in the balls. I turn to slave Bendover and yank off the pegs I've attached to his balls and secure them to Slavid's lips. Now he looks even more of an idiot. Ha ha. You are a bumbling idiot, fuck wit, wanker and you're pathetic I remind him, jabbing him in the balls with the toe of my stiletto shoes.Your cock is so tiny my cock ring won't stay on it - look its fallen off! I attach a ball clamp to the Bendolver's nasal septrum and spit in his face

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Lady Bellatrix - Ball Abuse

I'm the beautiful Lady Bellatrix and men are my inferiors - they are a sub species. I've got two of my inferiors with me today, I'm questioning Bendover he doesn't answer to my satisfaction so I slap his face and remind him he's a wanker and grab him by his disgusting balls and secure savage metal pegs to his foul nut sack. Next I move onto his cock. This pathetic item is mostly useless so I attach pegs around the bell end and amuse myself turning his cock and balls into a porcupine, while reminding him what a useless wanker he is.

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Lady Bellatrix - Ball Kicking Abuse

I'm the beautiful Lady Bellatrix and men are my inferiors - they are a sub species. I've got two of my inferiors licking and kiss my shoes.I rip into SlaveEd's back with my long finger nails, laughing as he groans in pain. slap his face, spit in his mouth, telling him how vile and disgusting he is. Interesting, when I twist his nipples to the right the volume of his groans goes up ha ha. I slap his face some more, kick him in the balls and order him off to fetch pegs while I kick Slut2 in the balls, spit in his mouth and make him worship my shoes

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Lady Bellatrix - Small Cock Kicking

I'm the beautiful Lady Bellatrix and I know that men are my inferiors - they are a sub species. You can see how I treat them in this film as I drag them up to my bedroom on collar and leash and subject them to ball kicking, dirty shoe licking and spitting. I lash out with my shoe catching one of the slave's in the cock. "Your cock is so small your cock ring fell off! Put it back on!"

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Mistress Esme Bondage Suspension Part 3 Electrical CBT

I'm Mistress Esme I'm big, curvy, black and beautiful I've got a new and rather nervous white slave attending my well equipped dungeon. I've secured my slave to a tilting bondage board. Leaning over him I wire up his cock to my electric box and start playing with the dials, I know I've got it at the right level when he starts to wriggle and gasp.

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The Hunteress Sadistic FemDom - Ball Caning

I'm the Hunteress. I track men down for relentlessly sadistic punishment. I suspect one of my slaves has been smoking without permission. So I’ve imprisoned him in a body bag. I sit astride this and unzip the front. I pick up my cane and lash him on the balls with it. Its like riding a bucking bronco. I bounce up and down on his clamped nipples, then cane his balls some more. He wriggles and begs me for mercy “you’re asking me for mercy? Right I’ll give it to you”. He knows he’s in for something worse and tries to change his mind! “There’s a forfeit for that!” l release him from the body bag and order him to his feet, locking his head into a had harness and securing him by his wrists to overhead bondage,

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The Hunteress Sadistic FemDom - Ball Whipping

I'm the Hunteress. I track men down for relentlessly sadistic punishment. I've zipped my slave into a heavy duty bondage bag. I now open the lower zip, exposing his cock and balls. I lash his sensitive male parts with my cane. He's regretting his choice of cane now as it lands painfully on his cock and balls. He bucks and rolls, trying to avoid my painful lashes. I pin him down by sitting astride him and continue with the punishment, saying "you should have chosen a lighter cane slave"

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Mistress Alexandra's Cock Board Torture

The slave’s had the nerve to dribble on my latex. He’s going to suffer for this and its the CBT board for him. I force his cock and balls into the board, strap them down, and lock the board into place. I pick up my violet wand and deliver a series of shocks, right where it hurts the most

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Mistress Kiana's Cock Shock

I'm gorgeous black pro domme Mistress Kiana and I'm slim and very, very muscular and fit.

I've got a cute white boy secured by hands and wrists to my cross. He's spread eagled and his cock is completely available to me.

I'm tormenting his cock with electrics while teasing him with my beautiful bare breasts

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Mistress Ava - Pathetic Small Balls Clamped and Abused

I'm Mistress Ava Black, beautiful and strict I expect a lot from slaves.

I've attached a slave to overhead arm bondage so I can examine him. I unzip his latex catsuit and pull out his cock.

I notice at once that this slave has ridiculously small balls. I don't like the look of his droopy cock either!

The only thing for it is to make the wretched things suffer as they are not fit for their normal purpose.

I put clamps on his ball sack. Well that at least makes them stand out a bit better! Then I slap them and pick up my multi toothed wheelie toy and run it up and down the top and underside of his cock and over his balls, while he gasps and wriggles.

Torturing men's cocks and balls is such fun!

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Mistress Ava - Usless Cock and Balls Slapped and Flicked

I'm the beautiful black dominatrix Mistress Ava.

I've got a slave secured in overhead suspension while I amuse myself as best I can with his small balls and limp apology for a cock.

I've put clothespins on his balls and now I commence slapping his cock with resounding thwacks, only breaking off to flick his balls with my fingers

Well not much else you cna do with a limp cock like that is there?

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Mistress Tiffany Naylor's Cock Pegging

I'm Mistress Tiffany, I'm absolutely gorgeous as you can see

I've got an inferior male attending me today. I secure him to my cross while I I inspect his cock.

Hmm, not good for much and its a very odd shape. Well only one thing for it, it will have to be torture.

What shall I do first? Oh I know let's see how many clothespins I can fit on his cock and balls in one go

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Mistress Tiffany Naylor's Cock Pegging Part 2

I'm the lovely but very savage Mistress Tiffany Naylor.

I've got a slave secured to my cross and I'm putting clothes spins on his pathetic apology for a cock and balls.

I add more and more until at last I can't get any more on. During this process some break. Of course I blame the slave for this, he'll be punished for this later.

I pause and look at my work. I job well done tbink. As I gave at all the clothespins on his cock and balls I great idea occurs to me.

Why don't I see if I can get them off using my flogger?

Soon clothes pins are flying off as my slave wriggles about. Not that he can do very much secured to the cross

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