Cruel Babez - ExXxtreme Whipping

Cruel Babez - ExXxtreme Whipping

Hot Violent Ladies - Young, Mercyless and Brutal


Whipped Caned and Face Slapped

On this shooting we planned to make a very extreme whipping and caning clip with this slave. But before we did that he asked us to make a warmup shooting so we did this one. We fixed his arms and our two HOT Ladies Miss Chrissa and Miss Jenna started to beat him. But if you think that this is going to be a soft warmup session then you are wrong. Remember - This slave is the one who can take the most violent beating of all the slaves we ever had in our clips. In this clip he gets beaten by two Ladies. Miss Chrissa does the Caning and Whipping and Miss Jenna Slaps his face. Miss Chrissa starts whipping his ass and Miss Jenna continues slapping his face with fast combinations. She even punches his belly from time to time. The ladies take turns at beating the slave until they get bored.

(Clip Time 12:19 min.)[1920x1080 - 5169 kBit/s]

Category: Caning    Duration: 12:19    Format: WMV    File Size: 450 MB    Clip ID: 10206

Price: $9.99 USD

Brutal Caning

This is perhaps the hardest caning clip we ever did. The arms and the legs of the slave are fixed so he is not able to escape from this punishment. Three HOT Ladies (Miss Chrissa / Miss Jenna / Lady Pam) take turns and cane him alone. This is going to get very extreme and violent. The slave has incredible pain and screams terribly. There is no point where the girls show mercy. This is not a boring whipping clip where the slave doesnt show any reaction of pain. This is REALISTIC, this is EXTREME and this is VERY VIOLENT. More than 20 minutes of pure corporal punishment.

(Clip Time 20:51 min.)[1920x1080 - 5169 kBit/s]

Category: Caning    Duration: 20:52    Format: WMV    File Size: 764 MB    Clip ID: 10207

Price: $16.99 USD

Extreme Violent Whipping

Miss Gina and LadyPam in a very violent whipping clip. The slaves arms and legs are fixed on a bench and both girls whip him mercyless. At the end they deliver unbelievable pain to the slave. A must see for whipping fans and a must see for Lady Pam and Miss Gina Fans.

(Clip Time 11:09 min.)[720x576 - 2079 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 11:10    Format: WMV    File Size: 164 MB    Clip ID: 9456

Price: $9.99 USD

Miss Katie whips ugly slave

Miss Katie (18 yo.) and LadyPam are sitting on the couch as LadyPam asks her to whip one of her slaves. Miss katie agrees and starts whipping this ugly slave while LadyPam enjoys watching it laying on her couch. Miss Katie is just 18 but she has no mercy with the slave even when he starts to scream.

(Clip Time 7:45 min.)[1920x1080 - 6105 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 07:45    Format: WMV    File Size: 308 MB    Clip ID: 9443

Price: $6.99 USD

Ugly Slave - Whipped Again

In this clip, the Ugly Slave who already has been whipped by Miss Katie gets another whipping. Both girls, Lady Pam and Miss Katie are sitting and make fun about the slave who is on his knees. Lady Pam uses him as her human ashtray and both girls start with soft whipping and slapping. The whipping gets harder from minute to minute. The two hot Godesses degrade the slave, order him to lick their shoes and whip him. The slave gets what he deserves. PAIN and DEGRADATION!

(Clip Time 12:45 min.)[1920x1080 - 7183 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 12:46    Format: WMV    File Size: 646 MB    Clip ID: 9449

Price: $7.99 USD



CRUEL and MERCYLESS WHIPPING! LadyPam and Miss Xenia are going to beat the SH*T out of the slave. The clip starts with soft whipping and slapping but soon continues with harder an faster slaps. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The slave screams but Lady Pam and Miss Xenia dont care. They SLAP and WHIP and the back of the slave gets redder and redder. A MUST SEE if you like hard mercyless whipping!

(Clip Time 15:33 min.)[720x576 - 2079 kBit/s]

[old Cruel Babez clip]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 15:34    Format: WMV    File Size: 229 MB    Clip ID: 9453

Price: $9.99 USD

Pay 4 Time Out !

Miss Jenna earned some extra money with this slave. We told the slave that we are going to make a whipping clip for 10 minutes and he has the possibility to take a timeout if he pays Miss Jenna for it. 1 EUR per second, 5 EUR for 5 seconds etc. This slave absolutely dislikes whipping and is not able to take much pain so we told Miss Jenna not to be too brutal. But even that was to hard for this wimp. It happened as it was bound to happen,...Miss Jenna caused pain => The wimp paid the money....

(Clip Time 12:57 min.)[1280x720 - 5169 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 12:58    Format: WMV    File Size: 472 MB    Clip ID: 9339

Price: $9.99 USD

Severe Punishment for jerking off sectretly

Lady Pam sits on her couch and is busy oneself with her notebook. Meanwhile her slave comes out from his cabin and starts to inhale Lady Pams High Heels and jerks off sectretly. Suddenly Lady Pam opens the door and cops him. Too Bad for the slave. Now he is going to get a punishment he wont forget. Lady Pam whips and faceslaps him and the slave screams in pain. He is not one of the guys who can stand the pain of whipping but Lady Pam doesnt care. He gets punished for jerking off !!!

(Clip Time 9:24 min.)[1920x1080 - 7183 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 09:25    Format: WMV    File Size: 475 MB    Clip ID: 9329

Price: $9.99 USD

Scream in PAIN + Extreme Punishment by 3 Ladies



Cruel Babez is back again with an extreme whipping clip. Three very HOT Ladies ( Lady Pam, Miss Jenna and Miss Chrissa) whip the Sh*t out of the slave. This is the same shooting day and the same slave who participated in our last violent Faceslapping Clip ( Extreme Violent Nonstop Faceslapping) This time he gets violently whipped and caned. The slave screams extremely loud. You have to check the Trailer to get an idea of that. The Ladies start with some soft slaps at the beginning but very soon get more and more hard and extreme. At the end he even gets some hard faceslapping and the three Ladies stub out their cigarettes on the slaves small dick.

(Clip Time 20:51 min.)[1920x1080 - 3154 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 20:51    Format: WMV    File Size: 467 MB    Clip ID: 9306

Price: $17.99 USD

SlaveDog Punishment

Lady Pam wants to punish one of her new slaves. She enters her living room and starts to whip and faceslap him. The slave just has to follow her orders and to suffer the punishment. This is not one of our very extreme punishment clips but Lady Pam looks very sexy and is very dominant as she degrades her doggy slave. A must see for Lady Pam Fans.

(Clip Time 8:47 min.)[1920x1080 - 5169 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 08:48    Format: WMV    File Size: 322 MB    Clip ID: 9304

Price: $7.99 USD

Hard Punishment by Three Ladies


Three HOT girls and one poor/lucky slave. This means Hard Punishment. The three girls (Lady Pam / Miss Jenna / Miss Chrissa) enter the room where the slave is waiting. They first start with soft whipping but soon start to whip more intense. This day the slave (remember from + Violent Whips + EXTREME PAIN +) is not in the mood to take much pain.You can realize that at the beginning. But the Ladies dont care. They increase the violence from minute to minte and the slave has to suffer.

(Clip Time 20:00 min.)[1280x720 - 5169 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 20:00    Format: WMV    File Size: 448 MB    Clip ID: 9305

Price: $16.99 USD

Until YOU Scream! (Cruel Whipping !!!) [Classic Clip]

Cruel and Mercyless Whipping Clip whith Lady Pam and Miss Jenna. The Clip starts with soft whipping and goes on with Hard and Cruel whipping very soon. The two girls whip this slave at the same time. At the beginning the slave doesnt make any noise but later he has so much pain that he screams after each whip. Lady Pam and Miss Jenna are so mercyless and they dont care about the pain which the slave has. He nearly starts crying. During he clip we had to stop two times because the slave was in so much PAIN that he couldnt take no more. The clip itself has NONSTOP WHIPPING

(Clip Time 21.21 min.) [768x576 - 3154 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 21:21    Format: WMV    File Size: 477 MB    Clip ID: 9320

Price: $12.99 USD

Whip the slave and let him cry!

18 yo. Model Miss Katie and LadyPam are going to whip this slave and deliver extreme pain. The slave screams and cries in pain and begs for mercy. Will the two hot Girls show mercy? You will see!

(Clip Time 9:32 min.)[768x576 - 3658 kBit/s]

Category: Whipping    Duration: 09:32    Format: WMV    File Size: 245 MB    Clip ID: 9318

Price: $9.99 USD

Short Caning Session (aborted shooting)

This is a very short caning clip with Lady Pam and Miss Lana. This two HOT goddesses are ready to give this slave a very hard caning session. Unfortunately the slave had an injury on his hip and we had to stop the shooting after 2 minutes.

Category: Whipping    Duration: 02:14    Format: WMV    File Size: 107 MB    Clip ID: 9296

Price: $2.99 USD

+ Violent Whips + EXTREME PAIN +

Here we go again, with another clip of Miss Lana (18 yo.) together with Lady Pam. These two Domz are so shocking cruel and mercyless. Nearly 20 minutes of violent action from beginning to the end. They both whip the slave and deliver extreme pain and dont care about the agonies which the slave has not even for one second. At the end the slave has his complete backside full with wounds and marks from the whipping he get. Damn that must have been very painfull. Eveyone who ever had a real experience whith whipping will know that this guy suffered EXTREME and REAL PAIN!

Category: Whipping    Duration: 20:50    Format: WMV    File Size: 763 MB    Clip ID: 9297

Price: $16.99 USD