Elegant femdom

Elegant femdom




Domina Reka training day

Domina Reka is a strict real domina who don't have mercy on her slaves. She trains three of her stupid slaves in this video. The three male don't dare even breath in front of this Lady. She teach them how to greet properly a Lady, she spits, faceslaps, whips, canes make the slave clean her boots and lick her big smelly ass. One superior domina control and humiliate three inferior male.

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 44:46    Format: WMV    File Size: 329 MB    Clip ID: 4547

Price: $9.99 USD

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Cruel femdom faceslapping clip

Category: Face Slapping    Duration: 09:13    Format: WMV    File Size: 203 MB    Clip ID: 21501

Price: $7.99 USD

c328 whipping

Very cruel femdom whipping clip with two mistresses

Category: Whipping    Duration: 09:01    Format: WMV    File Size: 198 MB    Clip ID: 21500

Price: $7.99 USD

c327_ahtray and spittoon

Lady Ann introduces her slave to her friend Mistress Dia. She is beautiful superior, spoiled rich women with amazing long blond hair who knows her superiority over the males and decide to buy a creature like this but first she wants to try what a slave like this is good for. In this episode Lady Ann and mistress Dia use the male's mouth as a spittoon and an ashtray. They order him to get under the table and spit him in the face while Lady Ann burns his nipples with the cigarette.

Category: Human Ashtray    Duration: 06:45    Format: WMV    File Size: 148 MB    Clip ID: 20887

Price: $5.99 USD


As the third round the ladies totally finish this poor male worker. They decide to give him some hard whipping strokes, too. At the whipping post, he must stand still and ask for punishment. Cruel femdom whipping clip.

Category: Whipping    Duration: 09:29    Format: WMV    File Size: 208 MB    Clip ID: 20850

Price: $7.99 USD


Very cruel merciless belting clip. The ladies teach the idiot how to crawl and kiss the mistresses shoes properly and how to behave in front of a superior being. They strike him hard with full blast strokes with the belt while humiliate and scold him.

Category: Whipping    Duration: 12:09    Format: WMV    File Size: 263 MB    Clip ID: 20852

Price: $8.99 USD


Cruel femdom faceslapping clip

Category: Face Slapping    Duration: 10:14    Format: WMV    File Size: 225 MB    Clip ID: 20783

Price: $8.99 USD


Very cruel inhuman caning clip by two elegant business women, mistress Bonnie and Suzy. The male yells very loud and begs for mercy but the ladies don't care about the details. The punishment has to be cruel and merciless at the ladies office. No place for lazy idiots.

Category: Caning    Duration: 08:17    Format: WMV    File Size: 179 MB    Clip ID: 20241

Price: $6.99 USD

c322_femdom pet play

Mistress Giada and Lady Margo decide that they gonna humiliate the exhausted tormented and whipped slave just for fun. They think that he is not good enough as a puppy and as an inferior stupid male he need a training. Since the slave has a strong foot fetish they use two well-worn used shoes for him to fetch. He must bark and beg like a good puppy. Very humiliating slave training by two mistresses.

Category: Female Supremacy    Duration: 09:03    Format: WMV    File Size: 197 MB    Clip ID: 19891

Price: $7.99 USD

c321 handjob

The mistresses kiss and tease each other above the tied lowly male and rub hic cock, finally after some torment they let him come.

Category: Handjobs    Duration: 08:51    Format: WMV    File Size: 193 MB    Clip ID: 19606

Price: $6.99 USD


Mistress Victoria and Mistress Brigitta have a smoke break during the punishments and use the idiot as human ashtray. He must keep still and be useful but Victoria does not make it easy for him. She graves her high heels constantly to his skin caused cruel pain for the idiot and fun for the ladies. For increase his pain they also burn him with the butt.

Category: Human Ashtray    Duration: 06:29    Format: WMV    File Size: 141 MB    Clip ID: 19575

Price: $5.99 USD


Since Lady Victoria and Brigitta very sadistic they turned on during the caning punishment, so when the tormented looser went back to work they started to pamper and kiss each other.The other horny idiot, slobbering slave from the cage is allowed to kiss and smell the ladies feet if he can stretch his tongue enough. It's so funny and pathetic how eagerly he tries to reach the ladies superior feet while they completely ignore him.

Category: Lesbian Domination    Duration: 09:14    Format: WMV    File Size: 201 MB    Clip ID: 19576

Price: $7.99 USD

c320 faceslapping

Mistress Victoria and her lesbian lover Brigitta order the slave to kneel down and they faceslap him cruel. During the humiliation they kiss and tease each other passionately. No matter how horny the slobbering slave is, they tease each other in front of him....but all he gets are the merciless faceslaps laughing and humiliation. The other idiot is locked under the bench and begs for freedom.
Sexy cruel femdom faceslapping clip but not as very hard as usual.

Category: Face Slapping    Duration: 10:03    Format: WMV    File Size: 219 MB    Clip ID: 19578

Price: $8.99 USD


The same caning movie as c312 from a different camera angle.
The story is :
- Lady Ann and the spoiled sadistic young mistress Victoria punish and humiliate the old slave very hard. One of the ladies sits and make the slave licks her shoes and stockinged feet while the other superior mistress beats him with full force strokes as hard as she can. The slave yells and moans very load but no mercy at all. The more pain he got the more fun the ladies have.

This is only the foot kissing scene. If you love to see the suffering face of the slave and the act how humbly he kiss and worhip his superiors feet during the torment and the mistresses joyful face as they have fun and laugh at the suffering male than this clip is for you.

Category: Femdom    Duration: 11:10    Format: WMV    File Size: 242 MB    Clip ID: 19334

Price: $9.99 USD


Very cruel whipping and belting clip with two spoiled merciless mistresses. They order the slave to grovel and kiss their feet while beat him with the whip and the leather belt with very hard full blast strokes. The male scream aloud from the incredible pain.

Category: Whipping    Duration: 09:53    Format: WMV    File Size: 214 MB    Clip ID: 19372

Price: $8.99 USD


Mistress Victoria and her lesbian lover Mistress Brigitta play with two idiot maleslaves. One of them is locked in a cage and must worship the mistress feet while she relaxes after caning. At the same time the other mistress canes the other idiot. No mercy at all, they stroke the looser very cruel way with inhuman full blast strokes. No foot fetish close ups only CRUEL caning.

Category: Caning    Duration: 11:58    Format: WMV    File Size: 260 MB    Clip ID: 19373

Price: $9.99 USD