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Young and smelly feet dominate poor man

Dormitories warden Charlie is responsible for keeping the place clean and working and he discovered this girl's room is a total mess. She visits her and starts nagging her to clean her room, wash herself and mostly her feet and to behave. She really does not take it well and starts a fight with him. She may be a girl but she's a strong one and kicks this guy's ass and forces him to smell her well worn socks and her feet after few days without shower. Charlie is close to passing out of the smell but she always keeps him awake to punish him with her foot smell. When her socks are in his mouth he would do anything to make her stop. Unfortunately she has the upper hand here and he has to do whatever she wants him to do in order to be let go. And she can be pretty mean!

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Teacher worhips student's feet

Elika is taking private English lessons with her school teacher at his own home. She's not very good student and this time she also gets pretty bored and starts seducing the teacher. At first she just plays with her feet a bit, she's wearing these knee-long socks, school girl's hair and she's doing this flirty smiles until the teacher is caught staring at her feet and not listening to her. "Eeehm, could you please repeat the question?". Now she knows she has him wrapped around her finger. It's time to bring in the big guns and make him fall for her feet and worship them.

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If you will tease, I will tickle!

Bety is bored and she starts to poke and tease Jack with her sexy feet to disturb him. But she couldn't pick a worse thing to do since her feet are very ticklish and Jack knows that. But she also knows how sexy her feet are and that Jack has a thing for feet. So who of these two will surrender? Bety to Jack's tickling or will Jack surrender to her gorgeous feet and end up beneath Bety's smooth soles?

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Room service footboy domination

Eliska has ordered a wine like 10 minutes ago and there is still no one getting it. Finally room service boy arrived, what a loser-looking boy. I bet he would do anything for a tip. Let's try what is he willing to do for money when I will scream at him for taking a long time. I think he will crawl at my feet begging me for the money and kissing my feet. Hey I should make him sniff my feet, they are pretty sweaty! I will crush this room service boy to a footboy licking my feet. What a pathetic loser.

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Smell my worn sweaty socks!

I caught Charlie sniffing my shoes and I confronted him about that. He admitted he likes the smell of my shoes and socks so I decides to put him up to a test. I was wearing my socks in those shoes for 3 straight days and he wants to sniff something? Well here it goes footboy! Can you take this smell of my big sweaty feet and very well worn socks? I don't think you can, but very well. Sniff them!

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Foot worship three-way

Charlie proposed to his girlfriend Eliska they could have three-way with his girlfriend's best friend. Eliska felt betrayed but didn't want to let Charlie now that. At least not until she will have her revenge on him. She agrees and invites her friend over and they both start to be naughty and tie Charlie to the bed, put a blind fold on his eyes and start their revenge. If that bastard wants a three-way, he will get it, but all he's gonna see and taste of girls are they sweaty feet. Enjoy you cheating bastard!

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Princess's money slave

Monika is young pretty student with sexy feet and long toes. She first heard of money slavering and foot fetish from a friend of her's in school and she wanted to give it a shot. She put advertisement on the web and the next day Jack answered. His passion for feet was clear to her but why not let the looser pay some money! Monika made him a deal - if she lets him kiss her goddess feet he will pay her 8 euro for one kiss. "Too much?! I'm a goddess and a princess. You should beg me for the time I give you and pay for it. And you will!" After he paid her all of his money she steps on his head, enjoying her power over Jack and orders him too worship her feet exactly as she wants. "And you better do it, slave!".

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Angry girlfriend foot humiliation

Amber is really mad now. Her boyfriend said some nasty things about her and she wants to punish him for it. She will not break up with him until one condition - he will do everything she'll say. And Amber can be really mean, her boyfriend knows that now.

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Crazy sister foot fight

Jack is quietly reading at home while his crazy sister sneaks up behind him and cover his eyes. She's always like that - teasing him, giving him a hard time and trying to get him obey her. To obey her orders - she likes to be on top giving orders to others and especially her brother. Jack has enough of her teasing and bullying and he proposes a wrestling match. If he wins, he says, she will obey him and if she would win by any chance, he'll do what she says. It's on! They start to fight and Satin has the upper hand from the beginning. Jack is trying to defend but Satin always presses her feet on his face and he can't even take a breath. She makes him gag on her feet and laughs in his face. Jack is than forced to lick her soles in defeat. At the end she hand-smothers him unconscious and enjoys her win in victory pose sitting on the looser Jack.

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Karate foot smother and domination

Nataša is Jack's younger sister. She practices several martial arts but she's quite small and Jack is always making fun of her. He calls her "little fighter" to mock her. Despite her skills in martial arts Jack as her older brother always gives her a hard time and Nataša is getting sick of it. This one time, Jack wants to watch the TV but Nataša is practicing her fighting skills right in front of the TV. Jack starts to poke her and he tries to make her to get lost now when he wants to watch TV. They start a little fight, Jack overconfident over his little sister but he don't know yet what his sister can do. Nataša gets mad at Jack for disturbing her and she decides to finish her today's practice by fighting Jack. He is not expecting that and Nataša manages to get behind him and she starts to choke him with her legs and arms. Jack is taken by surprise and in this position he can't even fight back, Nataša controls him now. She just waits until he will beg for mercy until he will surrender in humility. Jack tries to fight but Nataša knows what she's doing. Jack surrenders but his little sister wants to take this opportunity she has and she makes Jack kiss her feet and smell them. What a looser, beaten by his little sister, humiliated and forced to worship her feet...

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Workout or smell our feet!

Jack is training and working out with Amber and Eve but he just can't catch up with them. They both finished their workout and are encouraging Jack to finish his last few push ups but he just can't, he's too tired. The girls start to teas him that if he does not do the last push up they will force him to smell their sneakers and socks but Jack is exhausted. So the girls fulfill their threads and force Jack to smell their sweaty socks and shoes. He is helpless, to exhausted to fight back and girls can do whatever they want with him. Amber makes him lick her feet and worship them while Eve forces Jack to massage her feet while he still have to sniff their socks and promise that he will work better next time.

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Beaten by gym instructor's feet

Charlie has hired a private trainer to get him into shape, but he's not taking it seriously enough. He's wearing wrong clothes, he's cheating his workout and he comes as he want to the lessons. Rose, his instructor, is pretty unhappy with him. Moreover Charlie owes her money from last session and today he has no money too. Rose gets really mad at him and starts a fight with him. Charlie being a small weak guy and Rose being a tall amazon-like girl she kick his ass pretty quick and makes him smell her sweaty feet after being in the gym all day long. Charlie is helpless and Rose has absolute power over him. As punishment Charlie is forced to smell her feet and gym sneakers and worship her like a goddess. He is complete loser under Rose's feet.

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Three bullies humiliation

These three girls know how big a looser Charlie is and they start to bully him by taking all his stuff and make him go on all four to beg for it. They smash his phone glass and kick his stuff around from one girl to the others and kicking him on the ground so he can't catch his stuff. Charlie is absolutely hopeless and when girls want him to kiss their feet for it, he does it. Charlie is turned into their personal foot stool, rug and foot slave who has to worship their feet and obey to every of their wishes otherwise he can say goodbye to his car keys and home keys. These three bitches are mean today and they want to have as much fun out of this looser as they can.

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Sexy boss in control

Jack has been called to he boss's office and he has no idea why. His boss, Satin, is this smoking hot woman in tight dress and on high heels, but don't understand it wrong - everyone is scared of her here in the firm. Jack sit's nervously thinking what this all could be about. Finally Satin approaches him and tells him that the firm is lowering stuff numbers and that he's the worst employee there. Jack is shocked and cannot even find his words for a defence so he starts to basically beg Satin not to fire him that he needs this job and he will do anything, even personal stuff for his boss, just about anything! Satin decides to test his words right away. "Do you like my shoes?" she asks. "Yes? Lick the bottom of my shoe than. Now!". Jack is confused and doesn't really want to do it but Satin is persistent and if Jack wants to keep his job, this will be just a start!

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Kiss my feet or leave the office!

Charlie really needs a stamp on his house or he can lose it and he visits the office after working hours hoping the lady with the stamp will be kind enough to stamp his papers anyway. But Elika is really not happy to be bothered after her work day and tells Charlie that he can get his stamp but only when he will get on his knees and worship her big sweaty feet. He's desperate, he could loose his house so he agrees to anything at this point. Now Elika can make him whatever she will want. "So lets start with taking my shoes off and smelling my big sweaty feet. You want the stamp don't you loser?"

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