Ebony Bombshell Fetish Goddess Robin

Ebony Bombshell Fetish Goddess Robin

Bratty Mean, Spoiled Demanding Brat.rnI'm Cruel . . . I use boys all for my pleasure. Boys are toys,,, which I love to break down.rnHumiliation, Financial Domination, Tease & Denial, Ass Worship, CBT, Chastity Lock control, and much more. For custom clips email: missrobinriches (at)


Obsessed Weak Over My Boobs

HD 1080p- My growing pregnant perfect Goddess boobs make you so horny!You are a very weak boob addict...I want you OBSESSED with My perfect boobs! I want you thinking about them all the time, lusting over them, jerking off like an addicted freak! My perfect tits are so gorgeous and captivating and they look so good in this sexy low-cut button grey maternity top. I squeeze them and bounce them in your face, ensuring a very expensive obsession with My perfect boobs! I also tease you and make you even weaker by showing you my lovely big growing pregnant belly that you so adore. I keep encouraging you to jerk & stroke so I can take what I want.

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Just Stare At It [Pregnant Belly]

HD1080p- I caught you looking at now you will become weak and pay for it. You are by my 6 month big pregnant belly! Looking at my sexy swollen belly makes you VERY weak. You get an instant hard on as I tease you, and rub my hot big pregnant belly.

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Panty Tease For Panty Freaks

I love tease & denial.. all you gross panty freaks out there. Taken your money is fun, and pretty simple. I use you for all my pleasure, and of course my gain. Showing off in my sexy, panties, and bra.

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Cuckoldress Date Night

It's your job to take care of all the financial arrangements when it comes to me. I enjoy living my greedy luxurious lifestyle. You taken care of everything I tell you to. Hotels, Cars, Food, Hair, Nails, Travel arrangements and more. I'm dressed up right now.. and heading to a date that you will be taken care of. LUCKY YOU! In the meantime I want you to SEND ME A TRIBUTE.

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Cuckold Adores My Sweater

Your such a good cucky boy to Goddess. But I want more, more, and more of your hard earned ca$h. Watch this sexy clip. I have a sexy a little surprise. all for you for being a good cucky to me.

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Goddess Sexy Tight Club Dress

I'm such a cruel, greedy, spoiled bratty tease in my sexy expensive black & blue tight club dress. My slim, tight, curvy body is absolutely perfect, and I feel like seducing your wallet with my perfection. But, Goddess wants more gifts. You have not been sending me enough! I want “MORE” make Goddess happy. I’m going to make you My amazon wishlist slut. I want you to be prepared to give! Send me your hard earned cash. Send me amazon gift cards, and shop my amazon wishlist. As a hot bratty goddess, I shouldn't have to buy those things! No, that is your job loser. My perky bouncy boobs and hot curvy ass in your face, teasing that pathetic cock, making you weaker and more addicted, encouraging you to spend more and more for Goddess. My Amazon Wishlist - see above clips for (banner) link to my Amazon wishlist. Financial domination, bikini worship, cocktease, cleavage worship, ass worship, bratty princess, cocktease, goddess, tease, ebony

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Big Foot Ignore

Not paying you any mind " Attention ""
Ignoring you as I surf the web with my big size 10 feet.

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X-Small White Penis Humiliation

I enjoy laughing at you, and your pathetic little 2-4 inch white (red veiny penis) It’s pretty pathetic how you think that you can please a real women like me. Your little balls are so small . . . I like a real man with big HUNG cock & balls to fill me up with lot’s of man juice. Unlike your pathetic simple little cock you are over there wishing you could please me. It’s very sad that you were born with a little penis. I suggest that you go to your doctor and talk it over about your options of getting a bigger penis.

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Belly Candy

Smooth like Slik, and yummy like candy. In this clip you will get to see pure perfection of my perfect petitie exotic ebony body. My skin is super smooth like butter, and yummy just like Godiva milk chocolate x.
No tattoos, just pure sexyiness!!!

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Small Cock Humiliation

I will be beating you down with physical & mental verbal abusing you.
Your 2-4 inch cock can’t please me. I like big hung alpha muscle man cocks only.
I enjoy laughing at you, and talking shit about your small fucking penis. You will never be able to satisfy me.

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Used My Millionaire Slave (fertility clinic) Part 2

Yes, It’s official I’m pregnant. I’m 6 months pregnant & I am having a baby girl. I told you that I was super fertile and that the fertility doctor told me that this time everything should go well and I will be knocked up. So I have spoken to my attorney all the support & financial papers are drawn up. You have completed and signed everything. You have been giving me $20k a month right into my TD Bank account. Even though the baby is not here yet. I have been stacked the money you have been given to me. $20K x 6months = What loser??? $ 120K from you so far into my pregnant greedy hands. I have been saving and investing the funds you gave me. I’m so happy & excited this is the best pregnancy ever. But there is something else that I want from you. I want a house for me and the baby. I need a 4bed 5 bath.. the house needs to be min $500,000 and I want an AMX card with my name on it. You need to get to work.

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Used My Millionaire Slave (fertility clinic) Part 1

I’ve been thinking about having a baby for a while now. You are my multi-millionaire slave. I have not found a good man or boyfriend that I would even considered using to fertilize my eggs. Plus I enjoy living a lavish expensive RICH Lifestyle. So I decided to make you come to the fertility clinic with me. I will be taken your manhood all for my pleasure. You are a very handsome, mega rich, fit, super healthy Executive/CEO. I will be using you of course as my sperm donor. But you will not be able to have intercourse with me. NEVER NEVER EVER... You will also be making me an instant millionaire and of course you will be paying me monthly support $20K to $30K a month for my baby and anything else I demand from you. ** You better hope that I’m not having twins, that means that you will be paying double.

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Pussy Worship 101 (The Pussy Makes The Rules)

(I have the pussy, and I make the rules) Boys, we all know that the PUSSY has all the power, and of course she makes the rules. In this clip, my pussy is zoomed up real close. You can see the lining of my pussy lips in my white & red lace boy shorts. I humiliate you, and tell you that this is the closest you will ever. . .EVER GET to seeing her. You are begging & praying to see my pussy.

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The Panty Pervert

You are my mindless sissy panty pervert. You have been addicted to my body, my panties, and my tight pink kitty for quite some time now. All day you think about me, begging to have my very used underwear. You want my panties so bad that you run from your computer screen to get your wife, girlfriend, or your sister's panties since you can't get close to mine. You have this craving for me that is uncontrollable. At night you like to dress up in my panties, and my tight fitting bras.

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Sexy Black Bra

Stunning bombshell ebony findom denial & teasing you in my very sexy black bra. My flawless cup size is 34B all natural, no implants. Tight, slim 24 inch waist .... you will also enjoy my pointy ebony breast & chocolate nipples. * Watch how my long fingers, and elegant hands with my royal blue nails worship & caress my cupcakes. Which is every white men’s dream.

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