Extremely beautiful girls with extremely soft, smelly and sweaty feet in the most extreme foot fetish action ever!


Four Soles Treat (FULL HD WMV version)

Our gorgeous foot Goddesses Anna and Elsa get their pink, soft soles worshipped! Those delicate, smooth soles just love Clarissa's enthusiastic tongue! The girls just can't help laughing their brains out while their feet being licked. I think I'm overly jealous and strongly regret not casting myself in the slave role. Those soles are way too hot!

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Abused Little Footslave (FULL HD WMV version)

Rosie has to face yet another humiliation by the abusive duo Candy & Emily! They degrade this poor little girl once again, they just can't laugh enough at her suffering! They've spent their day sockless in their VANS shoes, their feet are hot as hell and reek a strong vinegary stink. They take the shoes off and force their slave to smell that hot, damp air coming from the insides. Her hands tied back, Rosie has no choice but to smell the stinky shoes shoved in her face! Candy and Emily rub their sweaty soles into her face and make her smell their hot, stinky feet, too! Every time she tries to evade their feet, they grab her head and push it back to their soles! She's at the edge of crying, but the bratty girls just don't care, they just laugh at her agony! Poor little Rosie has to open her mouth and put her tongue to work, she has to lick all the salty sweat off the girls's soles and swallow their sweat! They make her suck on their perfect toes, too, no matter how disgusted she is!

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 10:43    Format: WMV    File Size: 646 MB    Clip ID: 45208

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The Toesuck Experiment (FULL HD WMV version)

It's time for a special challenge! The question is: can someone's nailpolish literally be sucked off her toenails? Clarissa has 15 minutes to find this out and remove Candy's pink nailpolish just by sucking her toes!

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 15:18    Format: WMV    File Size: 923 MB    Clip ID: 45206

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Candy Unleashed (FULL HD WMV version)

Candy is helplessly hogtied on the table and is about to be tickled by her little sis Elsa! As the cruel fingers begin their work on her soles, Candy's face almost instantly turns red with big veins throbbing on her forehead! She laughs, screams, shouts and thrashes herself like crazy. She tries everything possible to ease her suffering, but she cannot protect her exposed, sensitive soles! Elsa uses a brush, too, which seems to be the ultimate tool of torture! As evident from her previous tickle scenes, there is nothing sensual or funny in foot tickling for Candy, it's pure agony instead! However, Elsa hasn't been a pro with the ropes, so Candy actually manages to free her hands, which makes the sisters' fight even more exciting! A very unique and ultra-hot clip for the tickle fans!

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 15:23    Format: WMV    File Size: 927 MB    Clip ID: 45202

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Foot Filled Mouth (FULL HD WMV version)

Dorothy has to suffer a serious throat training! She lies unbound on the floor, as an experienced slave, she has to restrict herself to stay down and keep her hands behind her back at all times. Her trainer, Clarissa had her Superstars on for a long while without socks to ensure great dose of salty sweat for the slave. She takes them off and puts her stinky feet onto Dorothy's face and makes her smell her soles. Even they reek badly, Dorothy soon learns, that the vinegary stink of Clarissa's feet is the least she has to worry about! First, she has to lick all the sweat off her soles, then the throatbusting begins! Clarissa orders her to open her mouth and relentlessly rams her feet into the slavegirl's throat! She makes her suck her foot as if it were a huge cock, then literally fucks her mouth with it to find out how deep her throat really is! She also forces her heel into her mouth, expanding it as wide as possible. For the whole session Dorothy suffers on the edge of throwing up, which she knows she's not allowed to do. The only thing she can do is to swallow it back in misery before opening up her mouth to Clarissa's feet again!

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 15:20    Format: WMV    File Size: 925 MB    Clip ID: 45197

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Hard Licking Labour (FULL HD WMV version)

It seems Rosie just can get off her suffering streak! This time her duty is to submit her servile tongue to Esther's huge soles, deeply inhale their strong stink and clean off all the salty sweat! Esther orders her to smell her black socks first. Upon the initial sniffs she realizes how badly they reek and freaks out in total disgust. But Esther doesn't give a fuck about her suffering, she takes the socks off and makes Rosie lick her feet, and they stink not a bit less! Even she can't help loathing and constantly sruggles not to throw up for the entire scene, Rosie keeps licking Esther's feet with submissive obedience, she presses her whole tongue hard against her soles, cleanses them from heels to toes and removes all the salty sweat!

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 14:25    Format: WMV    File Size: 870 MB    Clip ID: 45193

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Under Soles Discipline (FULL HD WMV version)

Candy continues Rosie's training, this time just by herself. That girl just did not realize how much of a gift to smell her vinegary stink and always tried to get away from her soles. That can't be tolerated. This time, she has learn her place and also learn some self-control. Rosie has to stay still lying on the floor and endure the abuse. She must not sit or stand up, or try to get away otherwise and she must not defend herself against Candy's feet in any way. Candy verbally humiliates her, while rubbing her sweaty soles into her face, her clothes and her naked belly. She gives her small but more annoying kicks, abuses her skin with her toes and stomps her belly, while she must suffer everything she does without a word and kiss her soles to show her respect. She even tramples her a few times, stands on her weak belly with her full weight and wipes her stinky soles in her face again!

Category: Lesbian Domination    Duration: 08:33    Format: WMV    File Size: 516 MB    Clip ID: 45189

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Double Stinkdose (FULL HD WMV version)

After they have finished their shifts at their regular jobs, Candy and Emily came to make use of the sweat and stink their feet produced today! Both the girls work their brains out during their hours, so it's their time to have some fun! They're not here to play the nice girl, but to release all the day's frustration by giving their helpless victim the nasal torture of her life! They don't show even the slightest compassion towards their slave. They don't give a fuck about she's just a broke schoolgirl in desperate need of some extra cash. All they see is a sluggish little bitch, who haven't done any worthwile the whole day, and wants to get some easy cash. Well, Rosie never thought that earning some pocket money would be this hard. She got abused so hard, that she would probably never forget it! Candy and a Emily took off their VANS shoes and instantly started rubbing her face with their sweaty socks. Her hands tied back and her mouth taped, Rosie could not escape their unbearable stink! She desperately tried to avoid being touched with those disgustingly wet socks, but the four soles just covered her whole face. They shoved their stinky feet into her face, and there were nowhere to run! They laughed at her, humiliated and insulted her, totally destroying her self-esteem. They made sure, that it won't be easy to face the mirror after this! Poor Rosie begged to stop her torment, but they just laughed at the ridiculous sounds she made with her mouth taped, and continued smothering her with their stinky soles! First Candy, then Emily took off their socks and rubbed all the sweat of their feet into Rosie's face and hair, just to make sure she will sport the stink of their feet long after they're gone! They just smothered and humiliated her, not caring about her feelings at all! No matter how badly their feet smelled, they forced Rosie to inhale it deep into her pathetic, little lungs!

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 16:22    Format: WMV    File Size: 870 MB    Clip ID: 45183

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Sisterly Licks II (FULL HD WMV version)

About a year ago, Elsa got her then barely 18 y/o soles licked for the very first time in front of our camera. And the one, who licked her soles clean just happened to be her own sister, Candy! She was extremely shy and totally embarassed back then: she was new to foot fetish, she have never been in front of a cam, nobody licked her soles before and her big sis doing that wasn't really helping. But since then things have changed, her soft, young soles and lovely long toes became regular in our studio, she got them licked by a couple of girls and her whole attitude changed, definitely for the better. So I guess a remake of that scene was very timely. Elsa came in her stinky chucks and worn socks to fix an adequate scent for her sister's worship session.Candy gave her little sister a delicate, sensual worship, her skilled tongue played gently on the young soles, softly caressed her toes and tried to give as much pleasure as she could possibly get from a foot worship. Not too shy any more, Elsa just relaxed in the chair and watched her sister working on her feet with a satisfied smile.

Category: Goddess Worship    Duration: 13:38    Format: WMV    File Size: 822 MB    Clip ID: 44293

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Wrapped Sickening Taste (FULL HD WMV version)

When sweaty enough, Dorothy's feet can get unbearably stinky and have a disgusting taste. That's why Clarissa hates doing worship scenes with her, but since she is still our most tormented victim here, she simply has to! This time we boosted that awful taste a bit: Dorothy had her feet wrapped to coserve all her stinky sweat for the worship session. Once her feet out of the wrap, Clarissa immediately gets disgusted, but she has to get on her knees and lick her soles anyway. No fake stuff, she has to use her full tongue and press it hard against Dorothy's soles to meet our demands! With submissive, steady lashes of her tongue she thoroughly cleans off all the sweat from her heels, soles and even the top of her feet. She is in total disgust and almost throws up from the sickening taste but keeps licking just as she had been told to. Not a moment rest is allowed for her, the only way she can steal a few seconds rest is by swallowing all the sweat gathered in her mouth. Well, a fair deal by me!

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 15:03    Format: WMV    File Size: 909 MB    Clip ID: 44289

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My Stinkiest Shoes (FULL HD WMV version)

My new favorite from Candy's shoe collection is definitely this white one. Why? The answer is simple: they're as stinky as a worn sneaker can possibly be, or maybe even more! Their strong, deep and saturate smell is really one of a kind! Last summer, she wore them every day, almost exclusively without socks! It's like as a pair of socks worn months straight in the hottest weather ought to smell! And of course, they're still in use since then! Anyone would throw them straight into the laundry, but not this girl, not our beloved Candy! Instead, she uses them to tease you, to do do what you will never be able to: to enjoy the strong, sour, divine aroma of her sweaty feet! She gets in 'The Pose', takes off a shoe and starts smelling it with utmost joy! Not a word of complaint, not a face of disgust, she obviuosly enjoyed smelling a shoe so stinky, that I could clearly smell it from behind the camera! After a whole lot of lung-filling breaths, she took out the insole and inhaled it's stink. When I saw the once soft linen stiff and rigid from her dried sweat I almost dropped the camera! And she even licked that! When she took off the other shoe and continued her tease, I was completely lost. For the whole time, she kept a cheeky eye contact with the camera and wiggled her sweaty feet in the background. There she was, perfect and untouchable, getting naughty by the stink of her own feet! Wow! Later she changed posture the expose her divine soles right in your face, but did not stopped smelling those shoes, not for a second!

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 11:40    Format: WMV    File Size: 704 MB    Clip ID: 44283

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Foot Slavery 101 (FULL HD WMV version)

Finally! I've been able to schedule Candy, Emily & Rosie together! I've been waiting for ages to get this happen. Though Rosie is with us for a long time now, she've never met Candy, nor Emily. She got the lucky part, too: for all days of shooting, she will be the slave of the two Godesses. She has to smell their stinky feet and lick their sweaty soles clean every day! Unsurprisingly, she was not that happy with that, as we all were, but Candy and Emily could not care less! Rosie arrived the evening before Day 1 to get lodged in FeetExtreme HQ. All of a sudden, Candy and Emily jumped in, they were just too curious about their new footslave. They decided to test her, right at that moment! But very soon, they got totally disappointed. Rosie was completely embarassed as she tried to please the two Godesses, but her attempts did not meet their expectations. First, she had to smell Emily's stinky feet, but she could not complete even such an easy command! They decided, that it's time to train her a little bit. While Candy finished her coffee, and took some sample pics, Rosie had to lick Emily's sweaty soles and taste the salty juice on them. She had to continue until they were somewhat satisfied with her tongue. Then the girls switched places, Candy sat in the chair, and took Rosie's training in her own hands. She made her smell her dirty, sweaty socks, her stinky bare feet and ordered her submissive, clumsy tongue to work again. The training seemed to be useful, as Rosie obediently sucked on Candy's whole foot at the end!

Category: Goddess Worship    Duration: 23:41    Format: WMV    File Size: 920 MB    Clip ID: 44275

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Feeding Time (FULL HD WMV version)

Rosie has her toes totally unkept for a while, just to do this utterly humiliating clip. She files her nails, while Clarissa has to lick her soles clean. Once she's done, the feeding begins. The slavegirl has to open her mouth and Rosie cuts her toenails on her tongue. No exception, all of them! And their thick and huge! Clarissa has to swallow each toe's waste, one by one! When they're all gone, she must keep her position, as Rosie refines her tonails with the file she used on her hand before. And of course, she must submit her mouth as a wastebin again!

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 10:33    Format: WMV    File Size: 637 MB    Clip ID: 44271

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The SweatQueen (FULL HD WMV version)

Into juicy sweat, aren't you? Well, if yes, then this one will blow your brains out! Candy Blade shows off her unique sweating skills! Her feet are always sweaty for no particular reason. Barefoot, in socks or sneakers, hot or cold weather, going around or just hanging out, no matter what, her soles are moist. Now combine this gift with an hour in plastic boots! Can you imagine the results? You don't have to, Candy gladly shows it all. You can gaze into the thick drops of sweat on her soles and between the toes as well as it's remains in her boots. When you're totally at dream sweatland, she just laughts and tells you to fuck off. Just because she is the Queen, and she can do that.

Category: Foot Fetish    Duration: 08:37    Format: WMV    File Size: 520 MB    Clip ID: 44268

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Wax Burned Soles (FULL HD WMV version)

Dorothy is tied up on the floor, and gets her helpless soles burned by drops of hot wax. As a trained sub, she takes the pain with discipline and does not try to dodge the drops.

Category: Foot Torture    Duration: 08:35    Format: WMV    File Size: 513 MB    Clip ID: 44261

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