Femdom Fights Mixed Wrestling

Female domination in mixed wrestling battles! Fantasy wrestling domination and semi-competitive.


Italian Babes Beat Black Man

Kristiana and Frankie Z get together to whoop Darrius' ass. 2 on 1 mixed wrestling ass kicking for 10 minutes. Brutal beauties beatdown fantasies.

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Crystal Mauls Him - Scissor Domination

The lovely Crystal is back and looking stronger than ever.! Constantly training, Crystal wants to test out the strength of her legs. After a close up view of her stretching and oiling up, the returning Masked Mauler is revealed to be Crystal's scissorhold testing dummy. Crystal wraps her legs around him with authority and proceeds to put on the pressure.Crystal's training has paid off as she puts the Masked Mauler in loads of pain with various scissors, holds and pins. Goodnight, Mauler!

Category: Scissoring    Duration: 16:04    Format: WMV    File Size: 166 MB    Clip ID: 35603

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Hard Body Erika vs Masked Man

Erika makes her debut at Hit the Mat! A fresh face in the industry with an incredible body. Looking tight and tough, Erika tells us in the pre-fight interview she's always loved to beat up boys, even since grade school. Her first victim at HTM? The Masked Mauler! The Mauler underestimates Erika's aggression, picking a fight with her and it's a mistake he will regret. The Mauler is a tough foe, and gets Erika in some troubled spots. But Erika comes out the clear winner in the end, having the Mauler trapped between her legs while she taunts him!

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Interracial Mixed Wrestling

Busty Jewell Marceau stretches and warms up in her corner waiting to confront Darrius. Darrius wonders what she is doing in his ring, since she knocked her out the last time they faced each other. Jewell tells him that she’s improved and gotten quicker, and now wants to wrestle him. He doesn’t take her seriously at first, that is until she puts him in a chicken wing and makes him go to the ground. She kneels down behind him and puts him in a sleeper before throwing him to the canvas and mounting him with a grapevine. Jewell belittles Darrius while underneath her, and rolls him into a body scissors. After crushing him she pulls in both legs and launches Darrius across the ring into the ropes. She is immediately on him, stomping his back, slapping him in a standing surfboard, then she sits on his back and traps his arms, with her legs. Jewell tests his flexibility and his toughness with double arm choke, head scissors, bow and arrow hold, rear naked choke, punches to the stomach, leg locks, and a variety of other holds. Darrius tries to fight back, but it is too little too late as Jewell has her way with him and now it is her turn to knock him out

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Andrea Scissor Revenge

Andrea is pissed that Darrius sucker punched and dominated her after her first boxing video vs Duncan, and she wants to see how Darrius does handling her scissors. She puts him through various painful squeezes and scissor holds, to prove he is not a pussy for beating her up with a surprise attack. How long can he last against those well muscled thighs?

Category: Scissoring    Duration: 18:49    Format: WMV    File Size: 163 MB    Clip ID: 35006

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Femdom Fight Hollywood Beats Duncan

Hollywood beats Duncan rather quickly in a mixed wrestling match and this gets him mad. He takes a swing at Hollywood but she is too fast for him. Astonished that he'd really try to hit a girl, she starts kicking his ass in a bare-knuckle brawl. Hollywood shows no mercy and beats him down over and over. This femdom bare knuckle beatdown leaves Duncan with a black eye, nose, and in the end, knocked !
(Fantasy match w/ makeup)

Category: Mixed Fighting    Duration: 09:48    Format: WMV    File Size: 164 MB    Clip ID: 10575

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Santana Breaking Balls

A custom script featuring the lovely Santana, at some of her most sadistic! From the very start, Dynamite is intimidated by Santana, and this amuses her greatly. Apparently he made some comments about Santana not being able to kick hard, and he knows he's about to regret that. Santana busts his balls with kicks and stomps mercilessly for over 20 minutes. If you like ballbusting or like to see Santana dominate, don't miss this!

Category: Ball Busting    Duration: 23:14    Format: WMV    File Size: 469 MB    Clip ID: 11994

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Diana Knight MMA Topless POV Beatdown

After knocking you out in a boxing match, Diana Knight wakes you back up and shows you her new MMA-style gloves. Diana beats your ass around the ring again in a one-sided strike-fest with punches, kicks, knees, and ground and pound, all while talking loads of trash.

Category: Mixed Fighting    Duration: 06:08    Format: WMV    File Size: 146 MB    Clip ID: 29235

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Frankie vs Darrius Wrestling Rematch

Frankie wants another match with her "ex" Darrius, only this time she wants a wrestling match instead of another boxing match. Frankie dominates him early in a show of skill and strength, and even good sportsmanship when she lets him back up to "officially" start the fight. The action goes back and forth, and Frankie's strong and sexy body both takes and gives out some punishment. Both trash talk heavily but who will come out on top?

Category: Mixed Wrestling    Duration: 11:06    Format: WMV    File Size: 143 MB    Clip ID: 29333

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Jennifer Wrestles the Masked Mauler and Crushes Him

The Masked Mauler , who swears there is no relation to the Female Destroyer, is here looking for a fight to see if anyone is "woman" enough to defeat him. Jennifer is ready to prove she's too much woman for him to handle, and wants to take off that mask and end his career. She immediately grabs him in a powerful headlock, and proceeds to dominate him trying to remove his mask the entire time. This mixed wrestling beatdown sees the Mauler toyed with and totally destroyed by Jennifer's skill and power. Mauler tries to mount an offensive a few times, but his efforts and holds are continually broken as he is completely overpowered and overmatched. Crushing scissorholds, armbars, camel clutches and more torment the Mauler. But will he finally be unmasked?

Category: Mixed Wrestling    Duration: 23:50    Format: WMV    File Size: 497 MB    Clip ID: 29287

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Nicole vs Female Destroyer

The masked man in the ring proclaims himself the Female Destroyer, claiming to have never lost. Nicole says this isn't true, but the Female Destroyer seems to have destroyed all evidence of his previous losses. Nicole attacks him, and dominates him completely! She outwrestles and beats him down for over ten minutes. Nicole Oring shows a great vicious streak and dominant side! The masked man is beaten so badly, that after this he changes his name! Their first meeting.

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Frankie and Onyx Squeeze the Photographer

In a dark and gritty private ring, Frankie and Onyx are posing for a photoset, when Onyx states that she could get out of the scissor hold Frankie has her in. The photographer, not caring, tells Frankie that her scissors need to look more real. Frankie, slightly annoyed, tells him that her scissors are the best in the business, Onyx argues the point, when the photographer makes a fatal mistake, and says he doesn't care because it is all FAKE! Both girls get pissed, and in trying to decide who has the best scissors, make the photographer the judge, by trying to knock him out. They take turns putting him in there best holds while taunting him, and each other. Finally, they gang up on him and both put the squeeze on him until he is out. After he's out, they get into a scissoring catfight between each other to see who is the best!

Category: Scissoring    Duration: 13:52    Format: WMV    File Size: 132 MB    Clip ID: 29252

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MMA Brooke vs Duncan Mixed Fighting

Brooke from Mutiny Wrestling stars in her first fight at Hit the Mat! Duncan has started taking MMA classes and thinks he's ready for his first fight. His first opponent is the lovely Brooke from Canada. Duncan is confident and starts off strong, taking Brooke down early on and tying her up in several holds. Brooke turns the tables though, and proves this will not be a one sided fight! Both fighters trade blows and holds on the ground until finally someone taps out! Its back and forth action, but Brooke makes him tap in the end.

Category: Mixed Wrestling    Duration: 17:55    Format: WMV    File Size: 414 MB    Clip ID: 29246

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Kristiana vs. Duncan (Ringside Domination)

Both wrestlers warm up in their corners with a look of determination that only body language can express. The sexy Kristiana meets Duncan in the center of the ring and quickly pounces on him trapping him in a head lock and taking him to the mats. She transitions to a grapevine while still having his head locked in her powerful arms. What looks like a short night for Kristiana suddenly turns into a fight when Duncan rolls her over and gets her in a small package pin. They both roll around the ring looking for dominant position until Kristiana manages to catch his head in between her legs, face down she squeezes his head while locking his arm in a hammer lock. Duncan tries to escape but gets caught in a figure four head scissor and arm bar. Duncan’s never say attitude is the only thing that saves him from submitting, as he powers out and gets her on her stomach locking up her ankles. Not satisfied with inflicting enough punishment he puts her in a full nelson and rolling them both over adds a body scissors. Adding insult to injury he tickles Kristiana and shows he has complete control. Both wrestlers gain and lose the advantage in this fight with moves such as: ankle locks, eye rakes, head locks, throws, body splashes, body punches, head scissors, reverse figure four head scissors, over the knee back breakers, and much more. Kristiana works Duncan into a very painful reverse figure four and makes him tap out. Normally this would end the match, but when Kristiana gets her lust going, it’s hard to stop her. She tortures poor Duncan stomping on his stomach, working his neck with her strong thighs, and head butting him for messing up her makeup. The last few minutes of this match Duncan is put into his own personal hell thanks to Kristiana until she finally knocks him out.

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Amo Morbia vs Duncan

Amo Morbia is stretching out in HTM's ring, when Duncan interrupts her, claiming she's standing in "his ring". After a short exchange, the fight is on! Right from the start, Amo proves to be too much for Duncan, quickly taking him down and choking him until he turns bright red! Amo trash talks Duncan as she manhandles him through headlocks, body scissors, figure fours, knee drops and poundings.Amo really puts the boots to him and has him tapping and yelling in pain. This is a one sided female domination ass kicking that Duncan won't soon forget.

Category: Mixed Wrestling    Duration: 13:35    Format: WMV    File Size: 201 MB    Clip ID: 10576

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