Financial Fuckery

Financial Fuckery

I will rape your wallet and humiliate you like the little bitch that you truly are. You know you worship the dirt that I walk on, pig. Kneel down and worship your Goddess.


Pencil Dick Whack Off Challenge

That's right, you pencil dick geeks... I've come up with a personal assignment for all of you! =) It will be quite fun watching you.... but you'll have to watch the video to find out what it is I want you to do! Video includes light verbal degradation... small dick humiliation, and more.. even a surprise twist at the end ;) Are you up for the challenge?

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Stomping and Crushing

Hear me degrade you verbally..while you watch me walk around in my sexy black heels, as I then crush some Cheerios... as I tell you that it should be your small sad excuse for a penis, and how badly you wish you could lick the bottom of my shoes.

Category: Stomping    Duration: 04:18    Format: AVI    File Size: 113 MB    Clip ID: 9399

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Smoking Bikini Babe

Watch me smoke a Newport 100, exhale the smoke towards your face, blowing circles, and showing off my sexy body in this bright orange string bikini! Watch me squeeze my boobs and make my bikini top smaller and smaller to tease you!

Category: Smoking Fetish    Duration: 05:35    Format: WMV    File Size: 99 MB    Clip ID: 9398

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Christmas Blackmail

I hate being the girl on the side.. even though I knew you were married when I started fucking with you. Your wife never found out though... at least not yet. Well, it's Christmas, and I think it's about time you coughed up some more dough, sugar daddy, to keep me quiet. Now you don't want your marriage to be ruined, with a man of your status... so you will do whatever it takes to keep me quiet.. So go ahead and watch this video while your wife sleeps in the next room. Oh the anticipation of getting caught, you dirty, nasty man.

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Nail Tapping Fetish Video

Waiting impatiently.. oh, you're boring me. Or maybe I'm just ignoring you. Do you have a fetish for nail tapping?

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Requested video from a client... a video of me applying bright red lipstick, puckering up my lips and then blowing kisses at you... Don't you want to kiss me? Or maybe you want me to dress you up like my own personal little barbie doll slut.. hehhehe

Category: Mouth Fetish    Duration: 02:00    Format: WMV    File Size: 23 MB    Clip ID: 9394

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Christmas Eve / Stuffing Bra With CA$H!

Hey fuckwads.. check me out, talking to you, wearing a sexy red bra... then I begin to stuff my bra with some money I have received thus far as Christmas Ca$$$h, while I tell you how much of a loser you are, and that you are good for nothing but your cash. I then proceed to pull the money out of my bra, and then count it in front of the camera to you because I want you to know that your cold hard-earned cash is the only thing I ever want from you! MERRY CHRISTMAS PIGGIES! I'm in the mood to some wallets.. so pull them out, open them up, and fan your cash in my direction.. then you can lay it at my feet.

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Custom Video Made For Joe

This is a custom video made for one of my customers, whom also purchased the pair of panties along with the 20 minute long video.... This video begins with me talking to the camera, and there is a lot of me talking naughty to Joe through out the whole clip... I dance a little bit, strip down to the thong that he purchased, play with it giving myself "pussy wedgies," and I even stuff the thong in my pussy, masturbate with it, then I take the thong off, shake and jiggle my sexy phat ass, masturbate some more, and cum twice! This video turned out great and the customer was, as always, very satisfied! ACTUAL CLIP RUNTIME IS 20 MINUTES!!!

Category: Tease and Denial    Duration: 20:15    Format: WMV    File Size: 356 MB    Clip ID: 9392

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Lotioning My Perfect Peds

Watch me rub this shimmer lotion in the scent of berries and cream on my perfectly pedicured feet! Video contains side POV, watch me put the lotion on my feet and rub it in... cute purple painted toe nails ;) Then I spread my toes and scrunch them up for you.

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 02:00    Format: WMV    File Size: 35 MB    Clip ID: 9391

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Bra Fetish

Watch me pose, squeeze, jiggle, and bounce my voluptuous tits in this cute black bra... don't you wish your face was between them? Haha.. Too bad losers can't get that fucking close!

Category: Tease and Denial    Duration: 02:52    Format: WMV    File Size: 17 MB    Clip ID: 9389

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Double Stuffed Vibrator Ride

Me in my room, alone... watch me play with three vibrators... EXTREME close up POV, doggy style POV, double stuffing pussy with two vibrators.. etc. Watch me get off with toys because you're too much of a limp, little dicked bastard to ever get the chance to be with me!

Category: Tease and Denial    Duration: 07:30    Format: WMV    File Size: 49 MB    Clip ID: 9386

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Cock Sucking Husband

A custom video ordered by a client... video contains nudity and masturbation. Runtime; 20 minutes A role play where you play the wife and discover my bi side and seem very interested. You go into graphic detail about what you imagine it being like and then ask questions about my experience. After a long discussion you explain that you brought someone home from work and you want to watch me suck his dick. You watch, suggest to try certain things, play with yourself, leading to a climax where you tell your coworker to jerk off into my mouth. After he leaves you want to discuss, asking how I liked it, the feel and taste. What you thought, with a little bit of humiliating comments like "cocksucker", "faggot", "cum bucket", etc. or you can pretend you did not like it and turn on me becoming dominant and abusive. Depending on your preference.

Category: Forced Bi    Duration: 20:02    Format: WMV    File Size: 280 MB    Clip ID: 9385

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"You Were Never My Boyfriend" Sock Fetish

Cucky boy, you were never my boyfriend... that's why I made you buy me these socks,, so I can flash them in your face, loser. Watch from POV, as I wiggle, scrunch, and spread my toes right in your fucking face. Worship my feet, lick them, suck my toes, and dream that you could be better than anything below the soles of my feet.

Category: Sock Fetish    Duration: 03:00    Format: WMV    File Size: 51 MB    Clip ID: 9377

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Chewing Gum

Yeah one of you sick freaks requested this video and here it is... And I suppose the next e-mail I get will be to buy my ABC gum! EWW! You're sick LOSER!

Category: Mouth Fetish    Duration: 02:06    Format: WMV    File Size: 38 MB    Clip ID: 9376

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Greatest Ass Shaking Compilation

Watch a bunch of videos of my greatest ass shaking moments clipped together... there will soon be another to come even greater but for now this is my first ass shaking compilation video...

Category: Ass Worship    Duration: 03:56    Format: WMV    File Size: 57 MB    Clip ID: 9374

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