French Dungeon Chastity

A studio featuring the Famous French Dungeon and the Chastity slaves who are controlled within it
This is a real dungeon in Northern France which offers bed, breakfast evening meals and special training courses


Chastity Failure Part 2

He had only been in chastity for 22 weeks and he had the nerve to cum without permission, well I had to ensure that he would think twice about daring to disobey Me in future...I DO NOT TOLERATE DISOBEDIENCE....this is not a game to me.. I take this very, very seriously......can he take his punishment it now starts to get very painfull

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Chastity Failure Part 1

He had only been in chastity for 22 weeks and he had the nerve to cum without permission, well I had to ensure that he would think twice about daring to disobey Me in future...I DO NOT TOLERATE DISOBEDIENCE....this is not a game to me.. I take this very, very seriously......can he take his punishment

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Chastity,Tease, Denial with electrics

Secured to a cross Mistress Amethyst teases her chastity slave and torments him with an electric zapper

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Chastity,Tease, Denial and Ice

A slave is given an intense session of tease and denial. Mistress lays down her rules for chastity whilst teasing him. She takes off his chastity device for a very heavy session of teasing before spoiling his erection and locking him back up...............she is so cruel!!

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The only cock worth fucking

Mistress is feeling horny but that he knows that pathetic cock of his is too small to please her and is locked away, She thinks it’s not worth letting out. She straps a dildo into his mouth and uses him as a sex toy, after she cums, she lets him clean the dildo and taste her juices, she even rubs her juices on his face, what a lucky boy.

Remember that’s as close to fucking me as you are ever going to get!

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A good little pussy worshiper

Every woman should have one –

She reminds him who that cock belongs to, she teases his cock until its almost ready to burst out of the chastity cage. This makes her so hot and horny, she finds she has to climb on his face and instruct him how to give her a wonderful orgasm. She tells him he has been such a good pussy worshiper that he should have some pleasure – but will it be now?

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Slave gets shaved

The more intimate side of chastity Mistress Amethyst shaves her slave, But she has something else in mind so he gets shaved in new parts of his body in preparation for..............
The next weeks video will feature his first prostrate milking!!

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His First Milking

After 6 months in chastity the slave thinks he is going to get to cum.
But no Mistress Amethyst has other ideas she is going to milk him so left in his chastity device she uses her fingers to milk his full prostrate.
He is now ready for another six months, he will never get to touch his cock again at least this is the way Mistress Amethyst Prefers to keep her slaves. How long before he starts to beg.

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More Torment for the chastity slave

Mistress Amethysts doesn't want her slave to become bored while she talks about her plans to deny him any sexual relief whatsoever, so she has wired his genitals up to her powerful electric box. She also displays the nasty device which she frequently fits to her sex starved slaves cock, to cause terrible pain should he foolishly get an erection

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The choice

Mistress Amethyst has her chastity slave secured to a rack, She proceeds to tease his cock before spoiling his time with an electric prod.
In desperation the slave pleads for her to stop she them offers him four choices:
To Leave her forever;
To Continue
To Suffer Castration
To Be totally feminised
What would you choose?

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Taking Pleasure

Mistress Amethyst has one of her chastity slaves tied to a bed and decides she needs some pleasure so she rides his face while teasing his cock which of course stays locked away in chastity.

She can be so harsh will this slave ever be allowed some release. But of course this is extreme pleasure for him to know his Mistress is happy

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How it all began POV

In this video Mistress Amethyst gives you a very personal account of how her life of controlling long term chastity slaves began.

It is not perhaps how you first imagined but the result shows the reality of the lifestyle where the male is now a permanent chastity slave. There is a fair warning for you don’t cross a women her revenge can sometimes be a very harsh lesson.

Chastity can be a very good fantasy but the real life long term chastity slave often has a very different idea. Can you really imagine never being allowed to play with your little friend again

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Chastity Questions

In This Video Mistress Amethyst Answers some of your questions about chastity.
If you want to know more just write and ask.
Also she loves getting your suggestions to tease and torment her permanent chastity slaves. This is all real life they have no say in what happens to them now they belong to her

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I want to lock you up

Do you want to be locked into chastity in this POV Mistress Amethyst tells you of her desires to lock you. To make you her helpless chastity slave.
Could you cope locked away under her control no release!!

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Are you a chronic Masturbator?

Mistress Amethyst has a question to ask you.
In this POV she is going to see how well you cope with control

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