M/M tickle torture, M/F tickle torture

DAN 2.

After being tortured by Dan both guys decided that they'll get their revenge, as everybody knows how sweet that is. Brad figured out that they'll introduce him to his own remedy and will tickle his extremely sensitive and ticklish feet with some special treatment. It wasn't enough that they were two of them and 20 talented fingers tickled and pinched his poor feet, even using mean electrical tooth brushes did not satisfy them. They figured out the meanest thing ever, they did put a lots of baby lotion on both of his feet and then he went crazy. As we know lotion makes the ticklish feet even more ticklish, that's a much crueler torture than anything. He begged but the guys don't forgive easily...

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Dave threw the remote control into Paul's new flat screen LCD TV. What a worthless punk! Now Paul's so steaming mad that he's not just going to tickle Dave halfheartedly. He pours all his anger and energy into destroying Dave's ego through the ancient art of tickle torture. Dave is tied down and helpless, struggling like a pig on the way to the slaughterhouse, knowing full well that nothing can save him from Paul's rage, channeled into his vicious fingers.

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The tables quickly have turned, now the hunter became the hunter and Jeremy is the poor victim. Actually it's very funny, when he starts screaming like a little schoolgirl. He definitely hates being tickled, and that feeling very soon goes to Jesse as well, because he's the one causing him that awful suffering. And our Jeremy really suffers, bound and totally helpless. Just screams, struggles and laughs. That's what we like.

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Jamesy is definitely not a good roommate. Party, party and even more party. Although last time his poor roommate already punished him with a tickle torture, he just did it again last night. And he still doesn't regret it, he thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants in the house. His roommate doesn't think so, and decided to step further before he's moving out in the middle in the months. He knows very well how ticklish Jamesy is, but also he's aware of his most ticklish spots - his feet. That is happening in this clip, pure foot tickling, as punishment.

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It's that time again! Time for some revenge! The school's king nerd did not expect to tickle his partying roommate and get away with it did he? Well now that the party is fully rested, and ready to party, there is just one more thing he has to do before letting the crowd into their dorm, GET EVEN! Not only is he fed up with his roommates loner ways, but he has some serious partying to do, so he is going to make sure that this goody two-shoes feels the pain!

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What do you get when a party and serious student become roommates? You get two guys that do not really like each other and search for any method to release their frustrations. This can often lead to fighting, or pranks, but our friendly student here wants to teach our party serious lesson. And how do you do that? Tickle torture of course! By the time the student is done with him, the last thing that he will be able to do is party the night away!

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Although the whole story just started as a corporeal punishment by administering a good, healthful spanking, the situation changed quickly when the smart Mistress realized, that much greater the effect if the punishment is tickling. Unbelievable, but this extremely skinny submissive male just can't take it at all. He's so ticklish, even the fresh breeze makes him laughing and screaming like crazy. How bed he couldn't take more tickling....but he's extremely skinny, that's a fact.

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When will people learn that begging and pleading get you nowhere in tickle torture? Our victim is laughing so hard that he can barely speak, and the torturers show no mercy when he eventually asks for it to stop. Although he looks like a big tough man, once those fingers get going across his body he turns into a little giggling school girl. People stop their cars when they see red, but when these torturers see the red in the victim's face, it only makes them go faster!

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In this clip, Slayde puts the 'torture' in tickle torture. His unlucky victim, Pierre, suffers terribly as he tickles his entire body relentlessly. Pierre shouts in pain as Slayde drives his fingers into all of his sensitive parts. Pierre soon begins to sweat because of the pain, and begins begging his torturer for mercy. But Slayde wants to see Pierre suffer, and will not stop until he feels the punishment is complete.

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Lady Domina has this useless slave right where she likes him - completely tied-up with no chance of escape. She mounts up on his legs and begins tickling his feet mercilessly. The incredibly ticklish slave squirms around helplessly on the bed as he begs her to end the torture. But Lady Domina is just getting started, and is eager to find out just how much agony she can inflict on him through tickling. She tickles him for so well and for so long that his body really begins to ache - but that isn't going to stop Lady Domina either. All she wants is to see him suffer, and she is getting her wish!

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Rip's feet and hands are bound in thick rope while B-Star tickles him mercilessly. Her fingers run over his feet like crabs and her long nails leave him in terrible agony. Rip begs for forgiveness - he didn't mean to bleach her shirt! But B-Star doesn't care. She takes great pleasure in torturing him and doesn't end until she makes him giggle and whimper like a little girl. Then she leaves lying, tied up and helpless.

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It says a lot about these two ladies that they are able to bring a big guy to his knees. If they`d let him fall to his knees! Lady Domina and Mistress Charlotte have their pathetic piece of meat right where they want him. Racked up and ready to abuse. They tease him perfectly with fingers and feathers. Then they use their ultimate weapon. The back scratchier. But the`re not scratching his back! No ounce of skin is spared from their ruthless attention as this man is slowly turned into a cowardly mouse.

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Jeremy never had the opportunity to tickle his buddy Jesse. He always told him he's not ticklish at all. Here we are now, time for the truth. Jesse complains about being tied up and denies again being ticklish even a bit. No more lies, Jesse! Jeremy just touched and he went crazy. Not ticklish? Big fat liar. Jeremy is happy and explores new methods and discovers new spots. Jesse is absolutely not appreciated for that, but what can he do? Just take it.

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After J having tricked them both into getting tied up and tickled by him at one point or another, Crystal and Jonah are both eager to get revenge. They hogtie him up down in his own basement where no one will hear him cry for help, and then they double team him. Jonah pins him to the ground, deeply tickling his ribs while tiny Crystal uses her little hands under his arms and in those other hard to reach spots to softly tickle him. The double team works as he begs for mercy through hard breaths. They are really killing him this time.

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This is the first tickle torture video clip of Jamesy, his first time at our studio. Although he said he was ticklish, we were already many times disappointed after models said the very same. Well, This time what Jamesy told us happened to be true. He's not even only average ticklish, but a special one. The two expert ticklers truly enjoyed their roles and after giving him a little recovery brake decided to come back for more.

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If you steal Justin's beers, you might as well ask him for some tickle torture, because that is exactly what you will get! Chris suffers terribly by the hands of Justin as he presses his strong fingers into his sides, ribs, and underarms. Chris is a complete spaz when he gets tickled, and today is no different. He squirms violently in the restraints as Justin tickles him without mercy. He laughs so hard that it hurts, and pretty soon he has trouble breathing. I hope it was worth the buzz you cheap drunk!

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