Glam Worship

Glam Worship

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Gym Bitch - HD

You have found it hard to not to notice Lucy down the gym. She has never given you the time of the day and if anything you get the feeling she thinks you're just a sad, old pervert! So you are naturally surprised when one quiet early afternoon, she asks you if you can help her load some stuff into her car and your pulse starts to race when she invites you back to her house for coffee. Why would someone as fit and perfect as Lucy be attracted to such a dork? Well... She isn't. She soon lets you know exactly what she thinks of you.

Lucy is sick of your constant perving and leering. She knows you're married and threatens to tell your wife. So, you will pay for her silence, by working for her. She needs a laborer and a cleaner. You will also pay for her silence with cash... A LOT OF CASH. Or else.

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Pay and Wank - HD

So as Goddess Danielle is about to buy a new six-bedroom house, She thought it was a good time to remind her pay zombies, rich and poor, why they work every hour of the day to feed MORE money into her accounts.!!!

"It's bad isn't it your little addiction. You look at that bank balance every morning you wake up, seeing that money going down and you hate yourself for it. And I wake up every morning to see my money going up... But you can't resist can you. Every time you look at me, you get your credit card out... you get your cash out... and you give it all to me, because I deserve it and you don't... You're a fucking LOSER and you know it don't you."

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Greedy Bitch - HD

After a long day at work you get to come visit me while I relax all day long! You work for me now and nothing is going to change that. You enjoy it though, don't you? Why wouldn't you, I'm beautiful and worth every penny! I know you're happy to just see a glimpse of me. You can't get enough of me! You'd much rather be here than at home with your ugly wife. You get to fund my luxurious lifestyle and all you get is whatever I feel like giving you, which sometimes is nothing. You are so lucky that you even get to see me at all! I'm such a generous Goddess! Letting you spend time with me, letting you worship me. Now fuck off, I'm bored of you! - Dannii

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The Blackmail Game - HD

You should know better not to buy this clip. Why is it that you are buying this? Is it these Goddesses in PVC and Latex? Is it there powerful, alpha physique? Or is it the thought of being neck deep in risk, completely controlled and at the mercy of a young, greedy Dommes?If you are stupid enough to buy this clip, you will be teased and tormented into sending them details to blackmail you with. You will be given instructions on how to participate, you will be left wondering if and when the game may continue. It might be tonight, it might be next week... But you WILL be contacted when you least expect it and if you dare underpay these Goddeses you WILL be for serious financial and mental humiliation.

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My Perfect Ass 3 - HD

You just cannot resist Goddess Danielles PERFECT ASS! Brainwashed losers have spent thousands and thousands, just to drool over Her ASS and Danielle gets richer and richer as a result Slaves have paid monthly salaries for a R/T session and consequently brought upon huge debt problems, just to experience one kiss and one sniff of Her SUPERIOR ASS How long will it be before you give up the fight. Before you cut off your friends and family and set up your Direct Debit with Goddess Danielle.

Take a good look at what you cant have. Can you imagine how its going to smell when you bury your head in there? Come on then get your money out, all of it.. If you want to see more you will need to PAY EVERYTHING My paypal account is

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Pay My Perfect Ass 2 - HD

Due to the amount of piggies frantically clicking the PAY button AGAIN and AGAIN, Goddess Danielle has decided to give Her zombies another opportunity to go into the RED for Her PERFECT ASS!!! Danielle's videos should come with a warning as She has seriously fucked over some addicts recently and yet you keep coming back for MORE!!!

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Pay Ruby's Ass - HD

"That's it... pay, pay, pay!" Miss Ruby knows how addicted subs are getting to Her PERFECT ass! She is going to grind it, rub it and parade it right up against the screen, so your piggy snout can almost smell it!! You are going to do ANYTHING for Miss Ruby and Her perfect ass. No matter what cost or what damage it does to your life, your work, your family, this is your new addiction.

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Paying is Your Life - HD

Paying is your fetish, it turns you on so much when I make you pay over and over again. Combine your fetish with my irresistible body and the way I tell you to tribute, you're done! I can manipulate you in any way I see fit. Your entire life is mine and there is nothing you can do about it.I will drain your account dry while mind fucking you with my perfect ass, putting you in a stroke and pay trance that you won't get out of until I am done with you! Keep staring at my delicious round ass seemingly inches away from your face as you send those tributes again and again. Good loser, just click and spend while you thank me for the privilege! I'm feeling greedy and sadistic, two things you really are scared of but you can't help but stroke to. The fear is what excites you, the fear of not knowing what I will do! I am going to enjoy taking my time turning you on so hard your cock aches for my beautiful ass while you spend every last penny you have! - Jasmine

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Pay My Perfect Ass - HD

"I know you've all missed paying to see My perfect, perfect ass... so here is My paypal account.." Goddess Danielle is back and in a big way! If you watch this video you will be reaching for the credit cards, desperate to contribute everything you can into the PERFECT ASS FUND!!! She wants you to pay, pay and pay some more!!! Will you be able to resist OR will your credit cards be maxed out on Paypal and your piggy snout firmly pressed up against the screen?

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Pay And Submit - HD

You've wondered for a while what it would be like to be WALLET RAPED by Caty Cole. You fantasize about being forced to wank to her instruction but you KNOW its going to be the most expensive wank you have ever have in your life!!!

Caty knows how to TEASE and DRAIN you out of every cent. She knows how to completely FUCK with your mind and BRAINWASH you into splurging again and again! And Caty even keeps a running total of how much your bill is stacking up to...

She caresses her ENORMOUS TITS and subtly plays with her panties stroking herself driving you more and more in to desperation.... You know that by the end of this clip every credit card and all the details will be hers! You've done it again haven't you? Totally ruined yourself.....

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Denied By Escort Miss Charley - HD

Tonight is the night, you finally got your favorite escort over at your house!! Charley has been on your eye for a while now and you cant wait to fuck her! She looks stunning in her latex outfit with her huge boobs practically popping out of her top. Come on let me see it, I am feeling extra naughty tonight! Her jaw drops as she looks at your dick in disgust. Are you serious right now, I dont care how much you are paying me I can NOT fuck that pathetic little 1inch cock! Charley laughs in your face and ridicules you for having such a small cock forcing you to jerk for her with two fingers. Look at you, pathetic now cum loser and lick it all up idiot!

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The Deity Series - Part 1 - HD

A deity is defined as "a being with powers greater than those of ordinary humans. But who interacts with humans positively or negatively, in ways that carry humans to new levels of consciousness beyond the grounded preoccupations of ordinary life."Deities are depicted in a variety of forms, but are also frequently expressed as having human form. Some faiths and traditions consider it blasphemous, however deities are often thought to be immortal, and are commonly assumed to have personalities and to possess consciousness, intellects, desires, and emotions superior to those of humans. And as of today, you will reject your existing religion. You will reject and forget everything you have been taught previously. As of today, you will kneel and worship Goddess Danielle and Goddess Nina. You will beg forgiveness, you will beg to sacrifice all. You will beg for the Holy Ones to take control of your soul and cleanse your mind. And once your mind has been re-programmed and all of your assets have been stripped from you, you will feel pure. You will feel you now have a purpose and you will feel satisfied as a just a tiny, little working cog of something far more powerful and far more superior.

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An Embarrassing Date - HD

You just couldn't help yourself... Out on a date with someone as HOT as Jessy, and rather than staring at her perfect breasts or perfect arse (like a REAL man would!), YOUR eyes have been transfixed at her FEET!

Its almost as if there is some sort of magnet down there! You have been desperate to know how they smell, how they taste, what it would be like to have those sweaty soles grinding up and down your face... But you need to keep the pretense up and would hate her to know you're embarrassing fetish.

The trouble is, Jessy's seen you looking at her feet on several occasions and has realised you're a pervert!! How will she react and how will this 'date' end?!

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The Alpha Goddess! - HD

Your LOSER TRAINING is going well. You have stopped dating, stopped socialising, stopped going to the gym and now spend all of your disposable income on Lady Nina Leigh. And what do you get in return? You get to sit in UTTER FRUSTRATION as she shows you what YOU WILL NEVER HAVE!I have always known how to tease guys into doing stuff for her but you pay pigs have turned her into a really CRUEL BITCH! Prepare to feel EMASCULATED and IMPOTENT!

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Alpha Goddess Ella - HD

You are a weak willed loser at the best of times BUT when you saw Princess Ella's Ass in tight, shiny, wet look leggings, your pressure immediately increased and went surging towards your groin area... As you stare up at Ella, you feel hypnotised by her POWERFUL ASS.
You feel equally inadequate when they turn round and you can see the outline of their perfect pussies through their tight leggings. Ella mocks your weakening state and teases you with her camel toe... Ella continues to tease you to despair, grinding her perfect ass up and down within inches of your face. Her ass looks incredible in these shiny metallic pants and you will be desperately craving the opportunity to degrade yourself for her amusement. Princess Ella will allow you to pull out your piggy tail and frantically stroke yourself to despair but you must wank your cock to her command. ''Go on beg... Go on bed for Ella's Goddess Ass? Your my ASS SLAVES and you will do exactly as I tell you...''

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