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The Relaxation Room with Mistress Armani

After Mistress Armani put her new patient under her spell in the clip “Cure For Tit Bar Addiction” she told him he was to come back to the relaxation room that is reserved for special patients that she cares about. Mistress Armani knows all the words that will trigger his addiction and make her a lot of money. Mistress Armani speaks softly as she starts to rub his cock through his shorts, she tells him how much she cares about him and his pocket book; she knows the words to use and how to say them so he falls deeper under her spell. Mistress Armani takes his cock out and strokes it as she toys with his emotions, she tells him how the strippers don’t care about him like she does, and she makes sure to have his cock right by her tits to make sure he is truly addicted to her tits. Mistress Armani keeps up the seducing and playing with his cock, when she notices he is getting excited she stops, she tells him it is time to end the session and that he has to go back to the bank to get her more money. The patient doesn’t hesitate; he is here to give into his therapists demands after all she is the one who cares about him, so he thinks. There is no way he can refuse his therapist and her sexy seductive voice and her amazing hands.

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Financial Seduction with Goddess Jenna

In this amazing POV clip Goddess Jenna is going to put you under her spell with the power of her perfection! Goddess Jenna stands over you, she then sits down and tells you how you are obsessed with her perfection, she talks so seductively, she tells you how you dream about her perfect body and beautiful face. Goddess Jenna giggles at you, she tells you how she is going to put you under her spell and take all your money and empty all your bank accounts. Goddess Jenna tells you to pay attention to her perfection, she takes off her bra and tells you that you will do anything she says. Goddess Jenna tells you to watch her tits as she massages them, she tells you that you will fall under her spell and be there forever. Goddess Jenna smiles at you, she tells you that she is going to take all your money and that you are to concentrate on her perfection. Goddess Jenna massages her breasts, she tells you that you are getting sleepy and you can't control how you feel, she tells you how you love to look at her body, she tells you that in less than 5 minutes you will be under her spell and ready to give her whatever she wants. Goddess Jenna turns around and tells you to concentrate on her perfect ass, she pulls her panties down and tells you how you love her sweet ass. Goddess Jenna moves her hips back and forth, she has her amazing ass right over your face telling you that you will give her all your money. She continues to move her hips slowly and talks so seductively, she tells you that you are falling under her spell and you will take her shopping whenever she wants and you will give her all your money. Goddess Jenna turns around, she tells you that your life is all about serving her and only her, she tells you how you are getting sleepy, she laughs at you and tells you how you are going to give her everything. Goddess Jenna teases you with her amazing body, she tells you that you will give her anything she needs and you will pay all of her bills. Goddess Jenna laughs at yo

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Cure For Tit Bar Addiction with Mistress Armani

In this POV clip Mistress Armani is a sex therapist, she has a new patient come in and lets her know that he is addicted to tit bars, he tells her that he pays the strippers and they act like they care but only wanted his money and now he only has $300,000 left. This gets Mistress Armani’s attention and changes her plans, she tells the patient to lie back as she sits on his lap and begins to undo her top; the patient is falling under her spell as she rubs her big tits and seduces him into her web. Mistress Armani talks in a soft seductive voice as she puts him under, she rubs her tits and has him in her web in no time. The patient is helpless as Mistress Armani takes off her bra and puts her tits in his face, she tells him that he is going to do whatever she says and that she cares about him. Mistress Armani has him right where she wants him, she is going to take control of what is left in his bank account and she is going to use her big tits to seduce him out of everything, she does what the strippers couldn’t do and that is to make him think that she really cares about him but like the strippers all she wants is his money. Mistress Armani knows his weakness and the power of her big beautiful tits, she tells him before their session ends that he is to go to the atm and get her more money, he doesn’t refuse, he can’t he is under the spell of her tits and there is now way out.

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Last Day On Earth with Goddess Jenna

In this hot POV clip Goddess Jenna is upset you are late with her $20,000. While you were at the bank Goddess Jenna went through your accounts and noticed they are empty, you are of no use to her now. Goddess Jenna has magic boobs, once you stare at them she can make you shrink. Goddess Jenna tells you how she is going to shrink you smaller than your cock; she laughs at you as she massages her tits and humiliates you. There is no resisting, you are getting smaller and smaller, Goddess Jenna tells you how you are a snack before she eats a steak. Goddess Jenna keeps rubbing her big beautiful tits, she tells you how she can crush you with her high heels but she would rather smash you with her teeth. Goddess Jenna tells you how happy you will be in her stomach, how this is your last day on earth and now you will be where you always wanted to be. When Goddess Jenna has you down to size she picks you up with two fingers and eats you, she is satisfied as she laughs and rubs her perfectly toned abs. Once slaves have no money to spend on Goddess Jenna she eats them up and goes to her next victim.

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Home Wrecking Smother with Mistress Armani

In her last clip "Pay Up Or I'm Telling On you" Mistress Armani teased her girlfriends husband with her spandex ass and big beautiful tits, she knows her girlfriend isn't due home and she is going to make sure that her friends husband knows that she is serious when she says she is going to tell on him if he doesn't pay. Mistress Armani smothers the slave with her ass; she grinds down hard on his face and tells him she loves it when he can't breath. Mistress Armani sits on his face from every angle possible, she grinds on his face, and she tells him that she can still hear him breathe so she sits down harder because she doesn't want to hear a noise out of him. Mistress Armani humiliates him and after finding out that he jacks off to her fetish clips she is more than happy to be a home wrecker, she tells him "I wonder what your wife would think if she knew I was sitting on your face and rubbing my ass all over that face of yours." While the slave is gasping for air Mistress Armani asks him "did you say something? Did you want me to call your wife?" When Mistress Armani is done sitting on his face, she goes through his pockets to make sure she got all his money, the husband asks "where am I going to tell my wife where all my money went?" Mistress Armani giggles and tells him "well you can't tell her you spent it on me but at least it went to something good."

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Pay Up Or I'm Telling On you with Mistress Armani

In this POV clip Mistress Armani is doing some stretching at her girlfriend’s house when her girlfriends husband comes home knowing his wife wouldn't be there. Mistress Armani teases him by bending over in her tight spandex pants, she tells him that she knows that he watches all her fetish videos, the husband admits that he does and that he also jacks off to them. Mistress Armani didn't know this, she is going to use that to her advantage, the husband touches her ass and Mistress Armani tells him that he is going to pay for that and it is going to cost him a lot for her not to say a word to her girlfriend. Mistress Armani keeps teasing him with her perfect ass and then with her big beautiful tits, she tells him that it is going to cost him everything for her not to tell her girlfriend that he was touching her ass and that he jacks off to all her fetish videos. Mistress Armani teases the hell out of him and she has no problem blackmailing him to get whatever she wants even if it costs him his home and everything that comes with it.

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Cruel Intentions Part 2 with Goddess Jenna

Goddess Jenna keeps up the humiliation; she spits on his little cock and tells him how lucky he is. She smothers him with her ass, her big perfect breasts and does a little foot tease. Goddess Jenna loves to grind her beautiful ass in his face and humiliate him the entire time as she tells him to eat her ass and her pussy and demands that he jacks his little cock off while he has to pay a lot for this honor. Goddess Jenna has the hottest body and she makes sure and takes all his money while he gets her off, she doesn’t care if he cums, she only cares that she cums and that she makes him go broke. You wont find a hotter Goddess worship, small cock humiliation and financial clip on the net, this is a must buy!

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Cruel Intentions with Goddess Jenna

After Goddess Jenna made her slave go to the bank to get her more money she sits on his face and makes him jack off while she humiliates his little cock. Goddess Jenna tells him how hot it is to watch him jack off; it is hot because he is paying her so much money to jack off while he eats her ass. Goddess Jenna puts her tits in his face then spits in his mouth, she is having so much fun. Goddess Jenna tells him if he wants to eat her pussy it will cost him more; a lot more because it is a special time. Goddess Jenna tells him how much she loves that he is going to give her even more money while she makes fun of his little cock, it costs a lot to have her perfect ass and pussy all over his face and he is in heaven as he finally gets to jack off in front of her. Goddess Jenna shows why she is the best at humiliating and how slaves will pay anything to have her perfect ass grinding all over their faces and to taste her spit, ass and pussy is worth all the money in the world! It is an honor to jack off in front of Goddess Jenna and she makes sure to humiliate his little cock that he will remember this day forever!

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The Sensual Seductive Spell with Goddess Jenna

In this hot POV clip Goddess Jenna seduces you using her soft sexy voice and her perfectly toned legs, she has on black sheer thigh high and 8” stiletto heels that will have you panting like a little puppy , you wont be able to think about anything else except serving Goddess Jenna and giving her all your hard earned money. Goddess Jenna crosses and uncrosses her legs; they are so and they give her complete control of your mind. Goddess Jenna draws you in with her seductive voice telling you how you will give her all your money and how that gets your dick hard. Goddess Jenna stands over you and tells you to look at her long sexy legs, you are always to bow down to her and to serve her sexually and financially and how you will be begging for more. Goddess Jenna sits back down and draws you completely under her spell by crossing and uncrossing her legs, she even opens them to give you a peak under her leather skirt while she exhales from her cigarette so seductively. Goddess Jenna rubs her legs and tells you how you will love serving her and that you are to go to work and sit behind your desk all day and give her all your money and wait for her next command. Goddess Jenna knows how to seduce you into doing anything she wants, as she tells you "you are getting so weak; you are on your knees with your dick hard waiting to serve me like never before." After watching this hot clip you will feel so excited and so happy that you are owned by the most beautiful seductive Goddess on the planet. This clip shows why others try to copy Goddess Jenna but they can’t be Goddess Jenna, nobody is in her class and nobody can match her perfection!

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Follow My Hypn0ticToes with Goddess Kage

Goddess Kage noticed you looking at her at the lingerie store, she teased you there and let you buy her a new bra and pantyhose and after she invites you back for a drink. Goddess Kage seduces you with her big tits and her sweet feet; she notices you keep looking at her feet so she starts to pour drinks in your mouth. Goddess Kage keep teasing you with her legs in her new black sheer pantyhose as you get weaker. Goddess Kage pours more drinks into your mouth, she tells you how you will feel better if you drink, you are getting light headed as she teases you with her heels, she takes them off to show you what you have been waiting for, her pretty feet. Goddess Kage rubs them with her hands; she puts them right in your face as she tells you that you will be spending a lot of money on her. Goddess Kage wants everything you have and she will get it as you feel yourself falling under her spell. Goddess Kage puts her foot right above you, she starts moving them in circles telling you how you are feeling sleepy, she tells you that she is going to count down from 10 and after that there is no turning back, you will be under her spell. Goddess Kage keeps moving her foot in circles so slowly, she smiles at you and talks so seductively as she count down, you have no control because you know once she reaches 1 you will have no control over your life and Goddes Kage loves that because you are now her bitch and you are to serve her and spoil her.

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No Will Power with Goddess Jenna

Goddess Jenna knows how bad you want to worship her big beautiful tits, you stare at them all day and now she is going to use them to put you under her spell. Goddess Jenna has a cigarette while she pushes her tits together and seduces you, she voice is as she tells you that you have no will power and you will giver he whatever she wants. Goddess Jenna knows you are an executive and not only is she going to have you hand over all your money to her she is also going to take your business. Goddess Jenna tells you how sleepy and relaxed you are, she giggles at you and tells you how you work for her now and your only goal is to make her happy.

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Untouchable Lips with Mistress Armani

In this hot POV clip, Mistress Armani is applying lipstick while she humiliates you, she tells you how you wish her lips were on you but they are going to go on a big cock and not yours. Mistress Armani's applies the lipstick so sensually and when she pouts her lips and makes the suction noise you will be begging to pay her bills, she tells you that you are here for, so get to it and hit that tribute button. Mistress Armani looks so hot in this clip and she humiliates you and tells you how useless your little cock is, she is getting ready for a real cock while you stay home and pay her bills. This clip has great up-close shots of Mistress Armani's sexy lips as she applies her lipstick several times

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Commander Shay Part 1 (The Trample Scenes) with Goddess Shay

In part 1 of “Commander Shay” she is wearing knee high hot pink boots, she stands over the new recruit and asks him if he is strong enough to join her army. The recruit had no idea how tough Commander Shay is. Commander Shay stands on his chest and jumps up and down in her boots, she tells him that this is what she does to little maggots, she then makes him lick her boot heels while she is standing on his chest. Commander Shay is ruthless as she humiliates him and shows him what it will take to be in her stable. This is an amazing trample clip with great shots from the recruits POV of Commander Shay standing on his chest in her hot pink boots.

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The Seductive Blackmailing Step-Daughter Part 2 with Goddess Ariyana

Goddess Ariyana continues to seduce her step-dad by sucking his cock, she also uses her hands to rub up and down his shaft while she licks his balls. Goddess Ariyana tells her step dad that she learned everything from porn as she strokes his cock and rubs her fingernails across his balls so seductively. The step-dad is moaning loudly and when he tells her he is ready to cum she stops, she tells him she wants more money and he agrees to give her more. Goddess Ariyana bites his cock and asks him if that will keep him from cumming as she giggles at him. Goddess Ariyana is really enjoying her step dads cock, she tells him that she loves it and that she is going to bring her girlfriends over to share his cock with them. After that he will have to give them money and take them shopping as well. The step dad doesn't know what to do, he tells Goddess Ariyana that he wishes he would of met her instead of her mom, she tells him that they are a package deal and maybe one day she will join them as well. When the step-dad is ready to cum he shoots his load on her tongue, she licks his cock telling him that he is to give her more money and take her on a shopping trip. Goddess Ariyana starts off real sweet by teasing the step dad but after he blows his load she gets serious and more demanding, she loves to tease her step dads cock into giving her whatever she wants

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The Seductive Blackmailing Step-Daughter with Goddess Ariyana

After Goddess Ariyana made her step-daddy worship her ass in the last clip she wants to make sure she will get whatever she wants. Goddess Ariyana has him get on the bed; she seduces him and kisses his cock through his underwear. Goddess Ariyana tells her step-daddy that she has never given a blow job before and wants to practice on his cock, the step-daddy has no option but to say yes. Goddess Ariyana sucks and strokes his cock, the step-daddy is in heaven and can't believe how good she is at it, he asks her where she learned to deep throat, she tells him she has videos. Goddess Ariayana sucks and strokes her step-daddy as he enjoying every minute of it, this is when Goddess Ariyana tells him that she has a secret camera that is video taping everything. Her step-daddy asks her why is she doing this to him, the seductive step-daughter tells him that she wants to make sure she gets all his money and he doesn't want the tape to get out; it will get him in so much trouble. Goddess Ariyana sucks her step-daddy's cock as she tells him what she wants him to buy her; she also tells him that she deserves his money and not her mother. Goddess Ariyana tells her step-dad that she is impressed with his cock, she spits on it and uses both hands on it, her step-daddy knows that she now has complete control over him and she owns his cock. The step-daughter is way better than his wife and he will do all he can to keep his step-daughter happy. The seductive step-daughter keeps sucking his cock and when he tells her that she is going to bankrupt him she just giggles and tells him that’s the way it should be, then she goes back to sucking his cock and jacking it off.

Category: Blackmail    Duration: 09:35    Format: MPG    File Size: 642 MB    Clip ID: 14183

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