Greedy Goddess Megan's Feet

Greedy Goddess Megan's Feet

I step on anything that gets in my fucking way!


Pathetic Weakling Mindfuck.

I'm going to show you just how Pathetic & Weak you REALLY Are.. You try to run away & I keep on trapping you.. You can't get me out of your head .. Watch Me dangle my sexy shoes & Watch this clip Over & Over Again while you Send Me Tributes.. You Mindless Fuck.. he he ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Mesmerized by My Perfect Feet

I've made this clip for all you Foot Bitches.. I know you can't get enough of my Perfect Feet.. So I've decided to tease you til your cock can't take anymore.. HA HA ( 640 x 480 )

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Pathetic Puppet Jerk Off.

You stare at pics of me & you don't even know that your jerking. Then you contact me & You Beg for my Attention.. I turn you into my pathetic mindless puppet.. ALL 4 My Own Personal Amusement BITCH.. Keep on Jerking! HA HA ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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CRUSHING Your Face like SCUM Under My Boot.

I'm going to treat you like the WORTHLESS BITCH that You Are.. I'm Going to Show U What I REALLY Think of YOU!.. Open up your mouth & take my SPIT B4 I kick You in the nuts.. Then I'm going to kick you in the face & REALLY Fuck You UP! HA HA ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Stepping On Your Cock & CRUSHING Out ALL the Cum.

Put ur cock on the floor. I'm going to Step all over it & Make it so Rock HARD. I'm NOT Going to STOP til you've shot a Great BIG Load 4 My Perfect Pretty lil feet. he he ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Watch me dangle my shoe & you get weaker & weaker.. B4 U know it.. Your already buying me my NEXT Pair of Shoes & a sexy toe ring to match.. You spend ALL Your money on my feet.. the moment you get Paid.. ALL your money goes to them.. You can't stop so don't even try! ha ha [FULL HD - 1920 x 1080]

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Sniff My Stinky Stocking Feet

I went out with my girlfriends last night & we partied just a little too hard!... lol... so I crashed at their place last night & didn't have a change of clothes with me & I've been wearing these boots for like 48 hrs straight now!.. lol... my feet have been sweating in them because it's still really hot here & I'm wearing stockings... they stink so bad!... lol... I know how much you LOVE my feet when their sweaty & smelly - so I left these on just for you... here's your chance to sniff + lick my stinky stocking feet... breathe in my foot scent!... you know you want to!.. lol

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Foot Pervert Busted at the Gym

I noticed your new at the gym & you've been staring at me for 2 days straight now... You've watched me on the treadmill, the stepper, & pretty much followed me like everywhere!... ok - so let's face it - your not freakishly fat or anything... but your definitely NOT the type of guy that knows his way around a gym... lol... I bet the ONLY reason your even here is to watch hot girls like me workout & think about our sweaty feet!... you go home at night & think about sniffing my stinky shoes & licking my sweaty smelly feet when you jerk off don't you?... Is that what you jerk it to footboy?... ha ha... I knew it!... lol... so which pair do you like better?.. here's your chance - sniff the shoes you've been staring at for so long & lick my sweaty stinky feet & toejam... your such a lil foot pervert... lol

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I Own Your Cock

HA HA!... There you are with a great big bulge in your pants - Yet AGAIN!... lol... Just 1 look at my pretty lil feet makes you so hard doesn't it??... he he... I can't help it - I love teasing cocks with my pretty barefeet!!... lol... Your so pathetic & weak right now... You can't say no to these feet!... Who own's your cock??... That's right - I do BITCH!!... Your getting so hard!... EWWW did you just cum?!... You've just made a mess all over yourself!.. Go clean yourself up!.. You disgust me.

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My feet are so tired sore & sweaty from walking around the Mall in my stilettos while shopping all day long & spending your hard earned money... And seeing as how there is nothing better for a Goddess to rub her tired sore sweaty feet all over than a hard cock & some soft squishy nuts... You better keep your composure & you better NOT leak 1 single drop of JIZZ between my pretty barefeet during my foot massage... I see that cock getting so incredibly hard between my arches - Are you Listening??... I said NO LEAKING!!!... Don't even think about leaking JIZZ out that cock while I'm using it or I'll kick you right in the nuts!!

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Our Little Secret

Your wife has an idea that you like feet... But she has no idea how Strong your fetishes are does she??... OH Don't Worry - I won't tell her!... If she only knew that you Live to see girl's feet... You think about them 24/7 don't you?... lol... I know you do... Every time you see a pretty girl the first thing you look at is her feet!... lol... You think about sniffing them... Sniffing her stinky shoes... Licking the sweat & dirt from between her pretty toes... The way they would taste... How strong they would smell... And OMG... If your Wife knew - She would totally FREAK!!... lol... OH - Don't Worry... I won't tell her... It'll be our little secret!... lol... Wifey's out Shopping right now isn't She??... Now go get one of her STINKY shoes... I want you to sniff her SMELLY shoe & Breathe it in!... Inhale it!... Sniff her stinky shoe while you watch me tease you with my perfect lil SMELLY feet!... Jerk it good!... We don't have much time... And don't cum in her shoe or she'll find out for sure... HA HA... This is so much fun!... OH - If she Only knew!!!... lol

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Slowly Crushing Your Grapes Into Wine

This ones for ALL you lil foot bitches that have been BEGGING Me to Crush your Grapes!... SO... You Want me to CRUSH them REAL HARD??... Just Remember... You Asked for it!!... *Giggles* Are You Sure Your READY for Me to CRUSH them?? Is this What you REALLY Want??... You Want Me to STOMP Your Grapes?! Well I hope you can handle it!... Because NO girl can STOMP Your poor Grapes the Way I can!... *Giggles*... You won't Even have ANY Grapes Left by the time I'm done with You!... *Giggles* ... And NOW... I'm going to REALLY Stomp Your Grapes!!... OH - this is just so much FUN!... *Giggles* AND as you watch me STOMP them into MUSH... I bet your just cringing at the thought of what I could do to your poor testicles!! HA HA... Just watch as I STOMP Your grapes into a pile of MUSH!... And I Especially love to trap some of them between my pretty toes & SQUEEZE the Juice Right out of them!... Just think how HIGH you could Sing... IF I did that to one of your poor nuts!... *Giggles*... In this clip... I'm CRUSHING Your Grapes into Wine with my Pretty lil STINKY feet... And... IF You want to Worship Me... You MUST Drink up ALL the Wine that I'm making right now with my Perfect lil SMELLY barefeet!! So... You Know what to do... DRINK UP BITCH!!!... *Giggles*

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Foot Slut's POV

So you Want to be my REAL Time foot Slave?? OK... Well then let's put you to the Test... To see IF you're cut out for it!... Come here SLUT!... Get down on your knees... Stare at my pretty feet!... SMELL them!... KISS the Bottoms!... Now LICK them Clean!!!... *Giggles* ... Take my big toe & SUCK on it... Open your Mouth & take my WHOLE foot in!... SUCK my Sweaty foot!!!... You BITCH!... You're so PATHETIC!!... *Giggles* You belong at my feet!... LICK in between EVERY one of my toes!!! Bury your face in my SOLES!... THAT's where your face belongs BITCH!! Your MY lil SLUT Now!!!... I'm making you so WEAK & PATHETIC!... You Can't Resist my Pretty little feet in your face!... I OWN You BITCH!!!... *Giggles* HA HA... Look how HARD that PATHETIC lil cock of your's is Getting!!!... *Giggles* EWWW!... Did You just BLOW your Load EVERYWHERE??... GROSS!... Well I Guess your just NOT cut out for this AFTER ALL!... HA HA!... My Pretty little feet made you make a Mess!!!... *Giggles* Giggles* Giggles*

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CUM in Your Pants while You Watch Me Walk

I have so much FUN Teasing You in this clip!... *Giggles* I KNOW what your dick wants... I KNOW just what to do to make you CUM... You can't stop staring at me... Watching me walk all around the room in my SEXY Red Peep toe Stilettos & smelly old Fishnet Stockings... I just can't seem to keep my shoes on for very long either... OOPS!... *Giggles* OH Well... Your dick doesn't seem to mind now does it?? I'm making you so pathetic & weak... Your cock will most Definitely stand at Attention & DROOL as you watch me Walk around the room... Playing with my shoes & Walking tip toe in my fishnets... Have fun cleaning the mess in your pants!!... *Giggles*

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Dangerous Dangle

There you are Watching Me... At it AGAIN you little foot Voyeur PERVERT!... *Giggles* ... I have so much FUN teasing you in this clip... You just can't help yourself & I think it's Pathetic!... *Giggles* I just had my nails done & I'm wearing some SEXY open toe mules... And you can't help but watch my pretty little feet playing around... SLAPPING my SEXY wooden mule up against my Soft SEXY Bare heel... Just listening to that noise makes you wanna CUM... Doesn't it??... *Giggles* What I enjoy the most... Is that I KNOW that wherever you are... You won't be able to watch this without jerking off!... * Giggles * HA HA.. LOSER!... Sure hope you're not sitting at a Starbucks!... *Giggles* ... You'll probably get yourself arrested!... *Giggles*... ALL because of my pretty little feet... OH WELL... Too bad for you :( ... You know... They do have a place for guys that watch girls in public & jerk off... It's called "JAIL"... LOSER!!!... *Giggles* EWWW... GROSS!!!... Did you just blow your load all over your table while watching my pretty lil feet??... HA HA... Have fun Explaining THAT One to the Waitress... PERVERT!!!... *Giggles * Giggles*

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