Hairy Pussy Facesitting and Hairy Pussy worship

Hairy Pussy Facesitting and Hairy Pussy worship

My name is Mistress Ella. I dominate my submissive husband-Loser all possible ways, but this store about hairy pussy face sitting. I don't shave my pussy and it is a kind of domination - no men like hairy pussy, but I don't care - since I don't allow my NOTHING to fuck me (9 months), his tongue one and only part of his body has a permission to enter my pussy and ass.


Femdom Facesitting POV - Hairy Pussy

I ordered my slave to film when I sit on camera. Of course he didn't get a permission to cum :)

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Facesitting in stockings

I sit on my NOTHING's face with my naked hairy pussy. That's all...

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