Hot Canadian Foot Brats

Hot Canadian Foot Brats

Hot girls that want to make you their little bitch. POV, JOI, blackmail fantasy, evil step sister, foot worship, humiliation, FEMDOM, we have it all. Most of our girls occasionally take on a personal slave from their supporters.


Alexis Blaze wants you to jerk it to her feet

In this POV clip, Porn Star Alexis Blaze has just got home from work. Her feet are sweaty and visibly dirty, and she wants you, her devoted little foot slave, to jerk it for her. You know you will never be worthy enough for her feet, and she has no problem reminding you of this fact. The best you can do, because she is in such a generous mood, is follow her instructions and succumb to your humiliation under her watchful eye.

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Star is your new pimp

You return to your office and find Star sitting there waiting for you. You don't know it yet, but you are now her slave. She has pictures of you frequenting those gay bath houses behind your wife's back, and now she has you dead to your rights. If your wife finds out, you will lose everything, and Star is relishing in her new found ownership. She describes in detail exactly how you will be of service to her, by servicing others! She has quotas, and plans for you, and don't think for a minute that Star is the merciful type. If you are a fan of hard core blackmail and forced bi fantasies, this clip is a MUST HAVE. The verbal humiliation is just simply delicious...

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Rapture ignores her foot bitch

There is only one place for Raptures wimpy little toe jockey, and that is at the feet of his Mistress, where she plans on keeping him for the rest of his little slave life. There is no better way to enforce this than by hours upon hours of tired, sweaty foot licking. Why should she even acknowledge him? He is just a slave... and his tongue will work tirelessly, even if she forget's that he is there, for fear of the consequences if he should dare stop...

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Don't mess with Jolene mouth washing

Jolene Hexx is out to teach her slave bitch professor o lesson he will never forget. How DARE he single her out in class! Now he is going to learn the dark side of slavery i.e. what happens when you get on your Mistresses bad side, and she is sadistic, and loves humiliation and much as Jolene! Every Porn Star needs a little slave bitch to humiliate and take her aggressions out on, and this is one little bitch that is about to be as sorry as he is lucky!

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Austin Lynn and her personal slave

In this clip, Porn Star Austin Lynn is playing with her personal slave. She demonstrates exactly the amount of power she has over him, and tells you how much of a loser he is. She thinks it is so much fun that some men are so weak and pathetic that they will let a girl like Austin abuse and toy with them. (And looking at Austin... WHO wouldn't?!?) She even rides him around like a pony, and has him do all kinds of other tricks. She tells in detail how he does all of her mundane chores, while she lives her Goddess lifestyle, the way it should be. Don't you wish it was you? WELL... The BEST part about this clip, is that Austin gives her personal Email at the end, so that you can contact her and beg for the opportunity. That's right... Austin has decided to open up one or two more positions ONLY, in her current stable. We did a special trailer just for the purpose of helping her in her search. You won't want to miss this!

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Gia's Foot Cuckold

Gia from American Mean Girls is back... and newly pregnant! She calls her foot bitch over, and he goes immediately to work as she describes to him how his life and duties will be different from now on. He wanted a cuck life and now he has one! It won't be easy... endless chores, a constant diet of nothing but feet, service to her, her man, and their new baby... He had better enjoy moments like this, Gia knows how to reward her cuckold's with lots of soft, sweaty feet. One does not however, want to be on her bad side!

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Maitresse Mathi uses her toilet

This clip is in COMPLETE compliance with studio guidelines. For the FULL unedited version, simply email after purchasing the clip with a screen shot of your purchase Maitresse Mathi knows how to humiliate, and how better than to take her slave to the lowest place humanly possible, nothing but a human receptacle to drown in her waste. Reinforced with some strict CBT via her slaves bound testicles and a very unforgiving riding crop, Maitresse Mathi ensures that THIS bitch will do his new job without question. Very high humiliation in this clip, wait until you send for the FULL version!

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Pimped out by Jolene

Jolene Hexx has you right where she wants you, and you are going to pay while she delights in your misery. Your new life is about to begin, and Jolene takes great pleasure in outlining exactly what will be expected of you, and how you will suffer to please her. Get that tongue busy bitch boy, you are going to be needing it...

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Slave Dunk

Mistress Muerte returns from some time away only to find her personal slave lounging in HER hot tub! What insolence! What disobedience! What sheer slave idiocy! She should have walked in on him scrubbing the floor on his hands and knees like a good bitch. Mistress Muerte is furious. She practically drowns him in the bubbly hot tub after she gives his balls a good firm kick or two. She even makes him lick pure liquid soap off of her feet just for shits and giggles. The humiliation in this clip is very high. As always, Mistress Muerte delivers nothing less than the best when it comes to disciplining her inferiors. Think you have what it takes to be Mistress Muerte's bitch? She is now accepting new applicants, email serious inquiries only.

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Ashley Edmonds demands a boot licking!

Mistress Ashley Edmonds is back and in top form. She has been out at a dungeon party all night and her slave has been waiting on his hands and knees for her to return. Ashley demands a thorough boot licking as her slave struggles to meet her strict standards. She doesn't want his tongue to touch her skin! He is only worthy for the dirt and grime that has collected on her shiny leather. 'Do you know what that is?' chimes Ashley... 'It's the sweat from all of the slaves balls I was kicking' as her slave has no choice but to keep doing his duty. Ashley is a top Domme, and in this video she is definitely on top of her game.

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