Humiliatrix Lindsey Leigh

Humiliatrix Lindsey Leigh

#1 International Fetish Model Straight Out Of New York. Ball Busting, Foot Worship, Trampling, FemdomPOV, High Arches & An Amazing Ass. You Cant Resist Me, Just Give In To Your New Addiction, ME!



You just got home from the club after dancing all night. You know I'm still drunk and how badly I want to sniff your asshole and jerk off to the scent. You also just took a sh*t once you got home, and know how much I love that even more because you know how much of an ass stink fetish I have. Tell me things like "sniff my stinky asshole" and "sniff my sh*t hole" "I know you love smelling my sh*t and stinky ass"Show your face and ass during most or all dialogue. At the end I want you to lay on your back, spread your legs, and spread your ass telling me to sniff your asshole while I jerk off. (Have camera show your face and spread ass/legs during this clip) Then touch your asshole with your fingers and bring your fingers towards the camera telling me to smell your fingers while I jerk off. (Touching your asshole and telling me to smell your fingers throughout the clip would be amazing) Tell me to cum to the smell of your asshole. Lot's of ass spreading so I can see parts of your asshole if possible!

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CUSTOM: I really want a custom video from you. What I would like is a 10 minute video where you humiliate me while I wear my girlfriends panties and jack off. If you could also use our names. My name is Sam and my girlfriends name is Heather. At some point during the video, can you and I put in the following link for a big dick compilation video? We can watch the video together and you can humiliate me for having a small cock and wearing my girlfriends panties and force me to watch those big cocks and image it is my girlfriend heather in the video fucking and sucking them. Also, at some point you can humiliate me about her cheating on me with my boss Jared a couple years ago, and about how Jared's dick was probably way bigger than my pathetic little dick!

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I call you (my soon to be husband) into the back room before the wedding ceremony. I am having second thoughts and I need to sit down and express what I am feeling. You listen as I tell you how I can not only have one man, that you could never be enough, how your cock has not satisfied me fully. You are shocked but know you can not call off the wedding to your beautiful bride. I tell you I am really into one man in particular and want him to be a constant in our married life. He is your best man, your best friend, the man you are secretly jealous of. I have been fucking him for months now, in fact I already married him. I plan on marrying you too. I will have two husbands, one that satisfies me and the other that is a complete cuckold for us. I want you to pay all the bills, go to work, sleep in the other room, do chores, eat cum. The list goes on and on. You agree that my wishes are what is best. You also agree that this future is all you are worthy of, all you truly want out of this marriage. I begin fucking your best man right in front of you. We laugh at you, mock you, all while he makes me cum over and over. Fingering me soon turns to rough fucking. We are both moaning so loud the entire wedding can hear us through the walls. When it comes time for your best man to cum he cum's all over the naked chest of your bride. I call you over to lick up the cum which consulates your cuckold agreement. You lick it off my chest, sucking it out of my belly button. You are now owned by your two alphas for the rest of your life, in holy matrimony.

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This is your cum junkie task: cum inside your mouth wash and gargle it daily. Not just once or twice, but anytime you see your mouth wash. I want you to fill your bottle with so much to that you can not tell the difference between cum and actual mouth wash. This is a true cum junkie task. Only those who crave the taste of cum can handle this daily challenge. Those who are so desperate for humiliation they take it to extremes. If you are not a true cum junkie do not bother buying this. I only want true cum guzzlers buying this video not wannabes.

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CUSTOM REQUEST: Hello Girls - my name is and I am giving a class today in self defense against rape. First, it is important to understand that if a man is attempting to insert his penis inside me I am going to try to damage him without mercy. I will go to any length to go for his most vital areas. That means I am targeting his eyes, his throat and of course his scrotum . I am just going to run through the most effective tactics in detail.1. Demonstrate fingers into eye socketmake a point of jabbing and permanently blinding or if you want to kill him digging your fingers into his eyes so far that you kill him when you get to his brain.2. Show how you can kick an attacker right between the eyes so that your heel traumatizes his brain. Point to the part of your foot that makes contact between his eyes. Perhaps make a karate screamas you demonstrate. This works when an attacker is on his knees or on his back (that will make it easier to film)3. Again pointing to your feet giving a detailed example show how you once kicked a man so perfectly that your toes went into his eyes killing him.4. Show a karate chop to the throat and a grab of the adams apple ripping out your attackers throatFinally refer to your favorite target, Refer to it as his balls, his nut sack, his testicles etcI would like you to point to different parts of your foot as you talk about your feet as weaponsespecially your soles. Here are the various things you could work into the video demonstrating where possible.1- Knee in the balls. So hard it lifts him off the ground and pops both balls2 - Kicking him in the balls so hard all five toes enter his scrotum and then continue into his pelvis. The problem when you kick that hard sometimes you cant get your foot out of his groin.3 - Talk about kickimg a guy in the nose knocking him out and while he is on his back on ground placing both feet round his nuts and squeazing them until he stops quivering and you are sure he is dead.4 Show a back mule kick and talk again about the parts of you foot that you want to make contact with nuts.your bare heel and/or the ball of your foot5 Talk about making the guy think you are giving him a handjob and then when he relaxes garbbing his testes and ripping them off6- Talk about getting into a wrestling situation where you got between a guys legs and managed to press both soles into his nuts. He screams but you dont stop and grind his balls to mush for 30 seconds causing him to throw up and choke to death on his own vomit

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I know that you are weak for my curves. My long legs, round ass, curvy hips, perky tits and beautiful face have you feeling butterflies. I know just how to weaken a man with this breathtaking body of mine. With every turn, twist and bend I have you falling more and more under my spell. You are finding it hard to resist the growing bulge in your pants. You want to touch for my body don't you? You want to stroke to this perfection. You will do it my way and find yourself becoming my addict in no time.

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Hi Honey. I know you have been growing suspicious of my nightly activities lately. I always leave at night and come home in the morning. Well do not worry I am not cheating, Ive decided to get a job. I am not a stripper but I do have some sexy outfits I get to wear to work. I am a dominatrix. I have fallen in love with this life style and have decided I want this in my personal life as well. I want you to be my live in slave. I want you to do all the chores, errands, pay all the bills, wear a chastity device, be spanked, be whipped, be ass fucked, be anything I want you to be. You will not get hand jobs, blow jobs or sex any longer. You will only be used to sexually satisfy me when I decide and if you have been a good slave doggy to me. You will no longer be my boyfriend but my property. I will decide your every move. I will be your owner, you will live to please me on my schedule. You will be enslaved by me.

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You're wife is so horrible. I can tell by the way you slouch your shoulders appearing defeated that you despise her. You feel trapped by her and your family, you so desperately want to escape. You have dreams of going back in time and making a different choice but always awake next to her, your hell. I know you hate your cow wife, she has ruined all life for you. You now wish for an escape more than ever. Luckily for you I can help you escape her grips and make you a better "man".. for me. Thats right this is your second chance to do it all over again, but with me. Do you think you are ready to live your dream?

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This is the first day of the rest of your life. Today your cuckold foot training begins. You will serve at the feet of your superiors. Your superiors have always been myself and the big alpha dick I fuck. It is your job to serve our every need. If you do a good job your reward is licking our soles clean after we come home from the gym. We are going to use you for all our errands, cleaning and basically anytime we want someone to fuck with. HD 720P
Maybe at a party well make you the butler or the coffee table. Perhaps after sex instead of wasting the cum we will shower it on your face or locked dick. Oh, the possibilities are endless, we are the most ruthless, demanding couple you will ever serve. You have one job in this life, to serve us as the bitch you are.

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Do you ever just stare at my feet and want to beat your balls? I bet it must be so hard when you look at my feet. You become mesmerized and weak, easy to convince. Today my feet want you to punish yourself. You will slap yourself across the face 20 times. Look at that! My feet are wrinkling with laughter, at you. Now punch yourself in the balls. My ankles are crossing with joy at your agonizing pain. God, I really do not care about you except to laugh at you and manipulate you with my feet. You are such a loser, look at you mindlessly destroy yourself for my gorgeous feet.

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Start your new years under my feet where you ache to belong. You have submitted to my feet for many years but 2015 will be the year you truly step up your addiction. My soles are captivating to your mind as my long toes seduce you into a state of trance. As I rub baby oil on my feet you feel yourself weakening, submitting, enjoying the life under my gorgeous feet. Your inner foot boy can no longer resist, you must be owned, dedicated. With every passing second you need my feet more and more, the relaxing music and lighting effects have you mind warped. Become my foot boy, dedicate yourself to my glorious feet.



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It seems you can always find the time to visit my page and buy yet another clip to jerk off to. I would say I am surprised, but you and your penis no longer surprise me. You are so controlled by your cock. You love watching my clips because I know just how to toy with your cock. No one gets you off better than Lindsey. Since you are such a helpless jerk off I decide today you are going to have to work for your orgasm. I play stop and go with your stroking and then right when you are about to explode... I decide what to do with your dick.

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You have been such a great pet to me these past months. You have run all my errands, shot my clips for me, even taken me on shopping sprees. You have begged me for months to push your limits and I have kept you waiting. Since you have been so patient goddess has decided to give you a gift. Can you guess what it is? Here, let me open the box for you. Look at that, a big black strap on. Is this everything you have been waiting for? Let me tell you in detail how I want you to suck my dick. First, it is about pleasing me and turning me on, so be sure you put on a sucking show. Listen to how I describe a "Lindsey Throat Fuck". Once you have turned me on enough from sucking my cock, I move to your tight ass. I know this is the minute you have been waiting for since you began serving me. You bend over on all fours and spread your tiny ass apart for me. Slowly I slide my black cock in, inch after inch stretching you. Im glad I got to take your virginity, now your ass will be owned by me forever. VIDEO EFFECTS: VIDEO OVERLAY- LINDSEY THROAT FUCKING A SLAVE. VIDEO OVERLAY- SLAVE GETTING ASS POUNDED BY STRAP ON.

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You are just so desperate for goddess aren't you? What would you do without me telling you how to spend your money? What would you do if you did not have someone to please constantly? What would become of you if you lived your life selfishly day to day and did not have someone to care for? You would be a miserable little cock stroker is what you would be. I need a real pay pet, not these internet wishy washy idiots. I want someone who wakes up every single day and thinks of me first. Someone who is so mesmerized, turned on and aware of my every need before I even say a word. I want a true pay pet, is that you? Could you live up to goddesses standards and become my pay pet for life?

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I am the prettiest girl in your class. You have noticed me numerous times but have not attempted to talk to me yet. I finally approach you, mainly because I need someone to do my homework. In less than 10 minutes I will turn you into a thoughtless baby who can only say yes. I know your routine. Go home, do homework, jerk off. Well what if you didn't have to jerk off, what if I gave you my panties instead. You can now go home, do homework, sniff my panties, do my homework. Doesn't that sound great?

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