These ladies don't joke, they truly love it.



When Violet catches Aaron trying to sneak a peak of her snatch while she lays in the sun, she is furious. She breaks his balls with a series of painful kicks that land square on his family jewels. Her big heavy boots make the impact even more severe as she kicks him again and again. Once he falls to the ground, she picks up his legs and presses down on his balls like a gas pedal causing him to scream in pain. He tries to escape, but Violet just pulls him back in to continue her brutal assault. Aaron's balls are going to be out of order for awhile, so it is a good thing he doesn't have a girlfriend!

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Aaron is married to Angel's best friend, but sometimes he likes to see other women in secret. Last night, Angel caught him cheating, and she is really pissed off about it. Getting caught by Angel is Aaron's worst nightmare, because not only is she his wife's best friend, but she is at least a foot taller than him, and he knows she can beat the out of him. Like the weasel that he is, he tries to explain his way out of this, but Angel's not buying his crap today. She shuts him up with a swift kick to the nuts. A jolt of pain ripples through Aaron's body! Angel continues to pound away at his balls with her long, powerful legs, and large, strong feet. Aaron's voice squeaks in pain, sounding more like a choirboy than a man. Angel's continued kicks reduce Aaron's balls to a smooth jelly, stripping away whatever dignity the pathetic man had left. He falls to the ground, unable to move as the pain is too great. Angel makes sure that whether he wants to or not, Aaron won't be able to cheat on his wife ever again!

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Fight for who you love. One man is caught flirting with a petite beauty and his woman is far from impressed. Its time to teach her a lesson. His seductive girlfriend easily overpowers the little girl wrestling her to the ground. This fight quickly turns into a one sided brawl as the girlfriend seeks to impress her man. She decides to mock her prey pinning her to the mat, tickling her and slapping her ass to show her who`s boss. Now he knows who loves him more.

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If LB thinks that he can ask one of his beautiful employees out on a date, he is severely wrong. Charlotte wants nothing to do with her perverted boss, and lets him know it by busting his balls with a number of violent kicks that land square on his nut sack. He winces in pain as her pointy shoes jab his once plump balls, causing him to fall to the ground in severe pain. She cracks his balls open like an egg and scrambles them with a flurry of devastating kicks. This is the closest one can get to be casturized without having their member removed.

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Ken, the martial arts teacher, makes the biggest mistake of his life. Taunting Cathy, the femme fatale. He reckons she needs a female trainer to teach her to fight. Little does he know that he has met his match. Cathy wastes no time cutting her opponent down to size. She almost chops him in half with her sexy fighting style. Watch Ken change from master to victim as Cathy ruthlessly beats him to a pulp. The battle of the sexes just got more even.

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Even though Charlotte specifically asked for no anchovies on her pizza, the stupid pizza guys still messed it up! And since the delivery boy is being such a jerk about it, Charlotte punishes him with a flurry of fierce kicks to his fragile balls. They crack open like eggs as her foot pounds on the dangling sack, and the pizza guy is in pure agony. The pain is severe as she kicks him again and again, never missing his jewels. The poor delivery boy is suffering through intense pain, I could only imagine what she would to do him if he were late too!

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When this asshole bartender asks to see these beautiful girls for ID, they are pissed. The really hits the fan when he starts opening his big mouth and calls them names. So the women shut his fat mouth with some brutal kicks to his balls. The bartender keels over in pain as the women continue the kicking. He begs them to stop, but they are having too much fun busting his pathetic little balls, and are thoroughly enjoying his suffering. They kick him so hard, and so often, that he can forget about having . The kicks are so vicious that I bet he doesn't even have any balls left!

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What do you get when you put a pit-bull near a chihuahua? You get a fight that looks kind of like this! This girl uses her awe-inducing strength to beat the living crap out of this little weakling. He tries to defend himself but she is just too powerful for his little arms to match. He is so weak and skinny that I would not be surprised if she broke him in half during this vicious attack. She flattens his thin body as she sits on him and nearly breaks his neck with her deadly choke hold. This guy should just stay at home, it is safer there.

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Rip is in the middle of trying to score with beautiful B-star, when she begins to recognize his face. He was the guy that upset her little sister Lexi to the point that she was in tears, and now she is going to get him back. Using her long legs and heavy boots, she kicks his fragile nuts with force, causing severe pain to shoot through his entire body. He tries to escape, but B-star just pulls him back and continues her brutal assault on his nut sack. She completely crushes his balls with each kick, and when she is done, there isn't a whole lot of testicle left. B-star makes sure that he won't be able to use his little balls on innocent girls anymore.

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A girls workout is rudely interrupted by Tom who suggests the four of them have a threesome. The girls feel they need to teach Tom a lesson and give him a workout he`ll never forget. They forceably grapple him to the ground in humiliation and taunt him, wanting to turn their weak prey into a human pretzel. They hold him on the ground whilst pulling his pants down. Tom may just regret he ever came across these fit girls.

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When some drunken perv tries to hit on the elegant B-star at the bar, she can think of only one way to prevent the pervert from touching her. She gets him to stand by teasing him with her sexy body, then delivers a fierce kick to his hard dick - making it instantly turn soft. Although he is in severe pain, the booze still drives him to flirt with the beautiful woman, who doesn't hesitate to deliver another ball-breaking blow to his groin. She taunts and laughs at him as he holds his sack in pain, and continues to drive her foot into his once fertile ball-sack. By the end of it, he is so turned off that he will not look at another woman again for a long time!

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These girls mean business. They must have grown up with some older brothers to fight like this, because they sure know what they are doing in a ring. They clash heads like bulls and begin fighting each other very roughly. Neither girl can gain ground on the other as they are equal in strength and are each brave enough to attempt moves that they probably shouldn't. The battle is intense, and fatigue starts to set in. Only one of these tough girls can be victorious, and it looks like it may come down to the last woman standing!

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Charlotte and her friend were all excited about the new hot guy that came around. But when he tells the ladies that he is gay, they no longer have any interest with him and decide to make him their little play toy. They toss him around the room like a basketball as they beat him senseless. He tries to fight back, but his skinny little arms can not compare with Charlotte's bulging biceps. He cries out as they inflict mass pain on his sensitive body, but that is only making things worse. These ladies want to see him suffer, and boy do they ever get their wish!

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Just because Kandi's little doggy bit Stan, doesn't mean he had to kick it into the pool! So Kandi is going to give him a taste of his own medicine. She drives her foot right up underneath his balls, causing him to yelp in pain as he hunches over holding his balls. But Kandi isn't done. She throws another brutal kick, and again lands it square on his nut sack. The pain is overwhelming for the weak man and his fragile balls, but that doesn't stop Kandi from completely scrambling his balls with a flurry of kicks to his jewels. By the time she is done with him, his nuts are going to be in his throat!

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After dropping little Mei-Mei from his arms, Mei-Mei suffered a fat lip from the big fall - and she is pissed. To get back at the clumsy fool, she begins kicking him very hard in his nuts, and the pain shoots through his body like a freight train. Her brutal kicks smash his balls and leaves them looking like mashed potato. This girl may be small, but those little legs pack a big punch - just ask Rick's balls! He begs her to stop, as he would like to have one day, but Mei-Mei doesn't care one bit. She kicks him until he cowardly crawls out of the room, but I doubt he will get very far with that kind of pain!

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