F/M tickle torture.



Now Evin is really going to get it. Lexy has tied him to his parents bed and tied up his feet so she can get revenge on him. She really tickles the crap out of his feet. Who would have thought that such a tough guy like Evin would have such cute toes though. We made sure to get extra close up on them so you can see all the tickling action. A must see for foot lovers.

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Charlotte's been waiting for a very long time for her pizza to arrive. When Casper finally delivers her pizza, he brings her an empty box! Instead of listening to her growling stomach, Charlotte decides to tickle-torture Casper and listen to his cries for help. She mercilessly digs her fingers into his sides and tickles her precious pizza right through Casper's stomach. Gasping for breath, Casper tries to apologize to Charlotte as she torments his flesh with pinching, digs, and grabs. She maniacally taunts him as he shrieks in pain and Charlotte won't stop there. She offers Casper a choice- get her pizza or lose his job!

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Usually your friends can show you a good time, but there's the odd time when they push you too far and when you tell them too stop they just keep on pushing -- Just like this clip with Christian, who is tied up, he can do nothing to fight back, he can only plead for his two friends to stop tickling! But when they take off his soaks and stroke his soft soled feet, he starts to scream!! One of them delicately counts and teases his toes. Christian begs for them to stop, but they pay no attention and only squeeze harder.

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If Brad thinks that ordering take-out is sufficient for Lexi's appetite, he is severely wrong. To punish him, Lexi has tied him up in the kitchen and begins giving him a terrible tickle torture. Brad's feet are incredibly ticklish, so when Lexi and her little fingers crawl across his feet, he begins laughing like a schoolgirl. He giggles as her fingers scratch the bottom of his feet, and when she pulls out the lotion, Brad begs her to put it away. But Lexi squirts it on anyways, and he is laughing uncontrollably without her even touching him! She rubs the lotion all over his sensitive skin, leaving him in a state of shock. The tickling is becoming too much for Brad to handle, but it is a necessary punishment if she is going to get him to cook!

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Love hurts, especially when you are poor little delusional Casper. Caren's fed up with his persistent proposals and makes Casper her latest tickle torture victim. Now that his ass-grabby little hands are retrained with sturdy rope, his sensitive torso is vulnerable to her tickle attack. Casper begs and pleads for mercy in between choking sobs and forced laughter. His high-pitched shrieks leave him breathless and drive Caren to tickle his belly and sides faster and harder. This will be a tickle torment session he never forgets!

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Well, Mistress Taesia has just found out that Jamesy is very ticklish and she likes this idea. It makes her feel good to tickle the boys. He starts to ask her to stop but she doesn't think it is a good idea. She tired one other time to tickle him but he ran away so this time she has tied him up! He was also late today for meeting her so now she is making him suffer for it but tickling him all over his body with her soft fingers. He sure doesn't like this feet and toes being touched, but Taesia doesn't care!

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Evin should know better. Drinking and driving is a serious crime, and Officer Monika is not going to let him get away with it. She has tied him to his office chair and informs him that he will be facing a strict punishment. She begins tickling around his sensitive belly button and he is already going crazy! She jiggles his little belly around with her long fingers and before long she is penetrating his little belly button with her long, sharp finger nails. He begs the officer for mercy, but he must pay for his crime. His laughter gets out of control as she tickles harder and harder, and pretty soon he can take his punishment no longer. Officer Monika is so rough with his cute little belly button that jail begins looking like the better option!

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All Mya asks from Pierre is a little cleaning now and then. But since he refuses, she punishes him with a brutal tickle torture on his sensitive body. She has him squirming and dancing in no time as she pokes his skin with her sharp finger nails. The tickling gets so intense that Pierre begins sweating and begging for her to stop. But she wants to see him suffer for all that he has done (or not done) in the past. And suffer he does, the whole clip he yells and squirms in pain as she tickles his body relentlessly.

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The new Slave Ken "doll" is just being broken in by Mistress. So she's going to start him out fairly easy, with a little bit of tickling. He doesn't seem to be laughing to hard though, so she squeezes his ass to get him jumping. Mistress Teasia has a thing for disobedient slaves so he better do well, or she'll punish he severely! So she digs her fingers in a little more and he starts laughing, by fear alone or sensation, he starts letting it out. Everyone has a few tender spots.

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Now Mistress Foxy is going to be teaching Taro a lesson. She strokes her fingers over his tummy and pinches his ribs. Taro really needs to learn some control as he seems to be having a little to much fun when she does this, his little dick is getting hard. She makes him scream as she tells him to control his body, tickling him all over! Slapping his little dick sometimes too, he shouldn't be having fun! This is tickle torture and it's not for the meek.

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Revenge is sweet...and funny! Our surfer dude is going to learn this the hard way when a former victim gets his chance for revenge. Tag-teamed with the soft touch of a girl, this victim is getting double the punishment! There is no amount of laughing and squirming that can get surfer boy out of this one!

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J's doctor has ordered him a tickle therapy session with the very sexy Nurse Monika to cure his depression. She has him strapped naked to the wall, and quickly starts to work on his sides. J cannot stand to be tickled, begging the nurse to stop. Despite his complaints, he is laughing his ass off hysterically, and that only encourages her to keep on tickling him. She digs her fingers deep into his armpits, causing him to burst out into fits of laughter. He really enjoys being in the hands of someone else, even though he complains about it on the outside! She tickles him everywhere: his legs, his crotch, his nipples, and allover his upper-body...with J complaining throughout, uselessly trying to break free. He certainly doesn't seem depressed anymore. Laughter really is the best medicine!

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Chuck is in trouble. Not only is he ticklish, but he is surrounded by a couple of girls that love to tickle and know just how to make their victims scream! He cries like a little baby as the girls dig their fingers into his sides and he squirms in his restraints in an attempt to break loose. Chuck is really in pain. There is hardly any laughter coming from his mouth - only screaming. He obviously wasn't touched much as a baby because his skin is super sensitive! His body becomes so tense that he can't endure the torture for much longer and he begs them to stop. But seeing a guy that is this ticklish doesn't happen very often, so these girls are going to make the best of it!

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Beautiful brown sugar Taesia found for herself a hot young victim, she captured him and tied him up fully, ready to enjoy his suffering. Because Taesia is so mean, loves torturing naked helpless guys on a special way. She loves to tickle their nude body from head to toe. This is her first time with Jamesy, she doesn't really know if he was ticklish. When she realizes that he is, then she's focusing the most ticklish spots on his body and founds out, that those are his bum and his fees. Poor guy is laughing so hard he can't even beg for mercy.....but he's taking everything for her adored Mistress until his last second. Na that's what I call real devotion.

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Vita has had enough of Jonah's crap, and is going to make him suffer for it. She tickles him fiercely as he attempts to squirm out of his restraints, but Vita is not going to let him out of this. Jonah does not help his situation by calling her a bitch, as that just makes her tickle him that much harder. He is in some serious pain as her fingers dig deep into his armpits and her long nails scratch the surface of his skin. Vita better hope that he does not break free, or else she will be the one in agony!

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