F/M tickle torture.


When Jonah signed up for student tutoring, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. He had to pick the one tutor that enjoys tickling her students, and unfortunately for Jonah, he is quite ticklish. She viciously attacks his feet as he flops around on the couch begging for her to stop. All poor Jonah wanted was some help in math, and now he is enduring some major suffering! Sitting through math class is painful enough, so to go through this afterwards is simply torturous!

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BRAD 12.

Charlotte and Cherry wanted to do some exercises in the park nearby to their house, but they couldn't even start yet, when a stranger guy arrived and tried to hit on them. There was two options: just leave, or ....the better way, teach him a lesson of good behavior. They decided they'll choose the second one. They easily overpowered him, as he already enjoyed even their touch on hos body, hoping for more. Well, he just got much more, he bargained for. They tickled him all over on his body. As we know already they very wicked and talented in tickle torturing somebody, especially when they're pissed off enough. Like this time. Mission perfectly accomplished.

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BRAD 11.

Brad and Sally are a couple for a while, and now Sally decided they need to get married. Brad wouldn't mind, because they can get along well together, but the problems started immediately about the wedding ring. Brad is a parsimonious guy, who wants to save the money, not to spend. He bought the ring at the $store, and planning to keep the ceremony on Tuesday, because that day is special discounted at KFC. Sally is furious, and decided to bring him round to come to his senses. She knows his weakness, so considered the best way for that a serious tickle torture, from head to toe. Hopefully it'll do the job.

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BRAD 10.

This time the tickle torture is focused only on his sensitive, crazy ticklish feet. By the way, not only ticklish, but extremely and unusually good looking feet, as the girl described, while she tickled them with great expertise. Her fingers worked like lighting, she definitely knew, how to intensify the tickle sensation. Then she changed for an electrical toothbrush - that was already too much for brad, he hardly could handle it. She has to give it up, using her fingers only. That's it. Brad is crazy ticklish. Everywhere.

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The most ticklish belly button is here! Brad is under a brutal belly button attack from Sally, and he is in agony. She barely has to even poke it and he is howling! His belly button is so tickling that he can barely talk let alone breathe! He struggles to get out of his shackles, but all the squirming in the world won't help him now. Sally shows no remorse as she inflicts a terrible amount of suffering on her poor victim. His face reveals his utter agony as she unmercifully attacks his belly button with fierce. He is going to have stomach aches for weak after this workout! I have never seen a more ticklish belly button than this one!

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Brad is about to get the most brutal tickle torture that one can receive on their feet. Sally drenches his feet with a slippery lotion, and he is laughing uncontrollably even before she lays a hand on him! She rubs the lotion all over his sensitive feet and he is simply in agony. She puts her fingers between his toes and runs her nails down the sole of his foot. He is suffering so much that he can barely breathe! He can't even beg her for mercy because he is laughing so hard! Brad may think that he is a big tough guy, but with Sally's soft touch and wads of lotion on his feet, he laughs like a little school girl!

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Boys and girls regularly go out together, and after some crazy party they just don't want o go home alone, and want to continue the fun. This time the boys hoped for some hot fun....well, they got hot enough fun, but totally different they wished for. They won't forget that crazy night and surely will avoid these two girls anywhere they'll meet them in the future. They are definitely dangerous.

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We all know how niggard Brad is. Sally is very excited about their wedding, she decided to go out with her girlfriends to buy a few things. Brad almost got a heart attack, when he realized, that Sally took out some money from their bank account. He immediately acted, and demanded Sally to stay home have some quality time together. Sally got furious. She provided Brad with a very unique and special time. She tickled his sensitive feet until he even agreed to buy an engagement ring. Unbelievable, right?

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Lexi seems to have discovered Brad's little secret about his ticklish belly button, and pounces on the little gem like a white on rice. Her fingers dig through the his belly hair to reach that little hole that makes him squirm so much. She pokes her finger deep into the button, making him very giddy. She also uses her nails to drag circles along the outside of the belly button, and then jams her finger right into it. Brad suffers intensely as the tickling becomes too much to handle, but Lexi is loving his squirming, and will not stop until her fingers are too tired to continue!

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Lynn's had it with trying to get Brad to clean the house. He doesn't carry his weight, and he's filthy! So she takes to drastic measures in her final attempt at convincing him. She's tied him down and has his big sensitive feet out in the open ready to receive what's coming. She digs her nails in dragging them roughly across his soles. She takes out all her pent up anger and will not let up until he gives in. His laughter becomes high pitch as she pins his feet and goes at them like fuzzy blenders!

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Brad is a truly ticklish guy. This was the first clip we filmed with him. Charlotte and Cherry were shocked when they heard his crazy laughter. His body is so sensitive, they didn't even have to look for ticklish spots. He was just equally ticklish everywhere. They enjoyed the session so much, that they left him up on the tickle bench - being ready for the next round, when they soon return. He was surprisingly one of the best tickle victims.

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This clip is a true example for "What goes around, comes around...". Last time Greg enjoyed tickling this helpless girl, but the tables have turned now, and she wants her revenge. Greg doesn't look happy, and definitely doesn't want to be here. The only thing he can say: NO, NO, NO! and after STOP! Struggling and laughing, that's his job currently, and he's doing that very well. I bet, he learned his lesson, and next time he'll think before he chooses a tickle victim. Revenge is sweet on one side, but bitter on the other.

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Greg was so happy tickling Jaguar a little while ago, but this time the tables have turned, and he became the victim. He;s fully tied on the bed, no escape and definitely no mercy. That word for sure is missing from Jaguar's dictionary. Greg can't believe that could happen to him, he's so mad, refusing even laughing. Not for long, nature rules, and he's big time ticklish, we already know that. Poor guy can't control that, even the dirty talk won't help him to avoid the suffering. Well, what comes around....

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Charlotte and Cherry are really mad with Greg, he was talking about them not with respect. Good friends told them about how he described their bums, so they decided to have a little fun with his bum. Luckily captured him easily, totally tied up with free access to his backside and started to tickle him all over his body. Finally they got to his ass and came out that was his most ticklish spot. Maybe that's why he loves talking about asses? He has an ass fetish?

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Boys and girls regularly go out together, and after some crazy party they just don't want o go home alone, and want to continue the fun. This time the boys hoped for some hot fun....well, they got hot enough fun, but totally different they wished for. They won't forget that crazy night and surely will avoid these two girls anywhere they'll meet them in the future. They are definitely dangerous.

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Jaguar suffered too much when Greg tickled her before. And Jaguar won't forget that easily. This is the time, when she can get her revenge, as Greg is fully tied on the bed, with no escape. Greg was very macho man in the beginning, calling her names, scaring her.....Jaguar is a big girl, did not even react, just tickled him further. Then Greg changed and ended up a cry baby, screaming and begging for mercy. Well, Jaguar doesn't know that word.....she tickled him till she wanted and enjoyed.

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