When massively tall and strong Xena invited her pretty friend over for dinner and games she had no idea when the fun would end... but tickling is barely the tail end. Leigh is strapped and chained to the wall, surprising with herself that she's been so trusting with Xena. She squirms as Xena moves closer mentioning "tickling". She's scared but Xena doesn't care, she just wants to tickle, that's what she loves doing, that's what pleases her! Her fingers are like feathers on Leigh's extremely sensitive skin, making her hop and quiver, crying for Xena to stop. It's all in a fun night of laughter between friends.

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The tough Mistress Foxy is calling for her little dog, but he's a very late little dog and wastes her time. And when the little dog Jamesy does finally show, then she decides she better teach him to be more prompt. His voice is also another issue, it's so soft she can barely hear him when he responds. He definitely deserves a hard spanking! She wants to hear him scream in pain as her hand slaps his soft ass. He almost falls off her lap she slaps his behind so hard! His screams and whines showed definite improvement, so maybe next time he'll have better luck.

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Mistress Foxy is on the toilet and aren't you lucky I've got a tape of it. She is going to take a big dirty shit in the toilet and here's your chance to see her really sweat. She pushes the shit out of her asshole and while she does it she lets out a big farts. Foxy seems to be in pain, she needs a stool softener or something. She is panting and sweating, she clenches the sides of the bowl to help her get it out. This is really your lucky day, you can almost smell her sweet ass, it's really like you're in the room with her.

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Jamesy has flowed Mistress Foxy home. The second she sees him she is not impressed. He looks like a bum, but she is willing to give this little guy a shot at being her slave. First she makes him take off the ugly clothes he is wearing. Then she sends him to the floor where a slave like him belongs. It's time for some foot worship she explains, and then she makes him to take off her beautiful shoes, exposing her beautiful feet. The mighty Mistress Foxy forces her toes into his mouth gaging him in the process. Then she steps on his pathetic little dick. She wants Slave Jamesy to suck her toes like he would want his cock sucked. She makes him suck harder and harder but it's no use, this slave seems to be worthless. Will Mistress Foxy ever be able to train this stupid slave?

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Foxy laughs at the idea of you even thinking about trying to pleasure a gorgeous women like her. So she decides to illustrate just how she likes it and how you can follow along at home. So she starts holding and stroking her nice big plastic cock, just the way it turns her on. She takes the cock and starts sucking on the head of her penis, getting it all nice and wet. She keeps going at that cock until you cum at home. Because she loves cum.

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Mighty Amazon Lady Frenchy has ordered her pathetic slave to the bed. She is going to make him cum weather he likes it or not! She starts off by making it poor excuse for a cock are with her hands. Then she kicks it up a few notches and starts licking away. She tells her slave to come but he's stupid and can't do it for her, it seems our little man is having some stage fright. But Lady Frenchy gets what she wants no matter what! ...It's only a matter of time.

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Another reason why a slave laying around the house (once all their chores are done) is good to have - to eat pussy!! Since Lady Frenchy is pretty horny and she wants to cum she's gives Ken the chance to make it happen and to feel good about pleasing his Mistress. She' lays on the bed with legs spread with showing her shaved cousin of joy that Ken must devour. He spreads and pokes and rubs her, getting his face all wet and messy, he's not the best but he's trying... and it pays off! His Mistress has the release she most definitely needs and sends the slave back into holding.

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It looks like we caught Mistress Frenchy in the middle of a tough workout, and right at the peak of her anxiety. Slave Ken hasn't done all his duties around the house and now the Mistress is pissed royally! She's going to have to teach him another lesson, by sitting on his face, except this time her big butt is loaded with smelly farts! Slave Ken's going to have a rough round of wrestling, but as soon as her ass plants itself on his nose she lets out a massive dry stink that could choak a horse! Her supplies seem endless!

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It's been a really laid back day for Mistress Frenchy and she needs to freshen up her wrestling... so who does she call? Slave Ken. And he'll be getting an ass whipping! But wait, he's pretty tough and somehow manages to get the upper hand (he must have cheated) - for that he'll be punished. She flattens the scared slave with her massive breasts and takes away his air when she stuffs her ass on his face. Tossing him around like a little kid toy as she has her way, this slave must pay.

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Lady Frenchy sent up her naked slave to clean up her roof patio to get ready for her big party. When she checked up on him he was sunbathing and enjoying himself, and nothing was done. He really pissed her off this time and decided to teach him a real fine stinky lesson. She did sit on his face and let go a few mighty stinky farts to make him remember next time he wants to be lazy again. He promised everything and begged for mercy but she stopped only at that point she had no more gas at all. But she had enough to teach him a good stinky lesson.

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Lady Frenchy is in the mode for some pampering and this time she wants to receive some nice ass worship. How easy is a life of a Mistress? She just have to call her devoted slave, Ken, and order him to do the job. Lady Frenchy has a quite big round ass and she needs for that a real big attention. Slave Ken does the job by his best, sniffing, licking, kissing, sucking, anything for his dear Amazon Mistress. Finally she's satisfied, he did a good job.

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Why can't you stupid slaves do anything right!? Mistress Frenchy has noticed some lacking around the house by her dumb slave Ken. She is going to tickle the dumb right out of the little shit head. She has him all tied up and starts scratching away at his naked body. She scorches at his belly and around his balls with her long sharp finger nails. She digs into his bellybutton with all her might and sends him into a twitching and laughing he can not control. I do hope this slave learns his lesson cause the Mighty Mistress Frenchy is really mean and doesn't take laziness from dirty little slaves for long.

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DANI 18.

Since Aaron's had such a hard time the last few days Danni's going to give him a nice treat today. He can hardly believe it... he had prepared for the worst but now he's in for a treat. She takes his little dick and pets it until it is big and hard. She is going to make him cum. He's loving every second of this pleasure from Dani, her hands are so soft rubbing all over his hard cock. It seems this treat is going to get even better, she licks his dick and slowly slides it into her wet mouth. Aaron can't hardly hold himself. He wants to cum all over the inside of her mouth and she's just started. She switches it up a bit squeezing and sucking away. He is shaking with delight, looks like Aaron is about to make a mess.

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DANI 17.

Dani was a bitch, she tried to hit on her roommate's brand new boyfriend. Although her roommate is smaller, she was smarter. She showed her she doesn't mind her ugly action and tricked her to have a few drinks in her room. When Dani felt in sleep she bound and gagged Dani to the bed really tight and then left her alone all night while they were partying upstairs with friends and cute guys. Dani was still stoned a bit when she woke up but she's a party girl and she really wanted to go escape. Next time she'll think before she hits on other girl's brand new hot cute boyfriend.

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DANI 16.

Dani and Rick are staying in for some romance tonight, but Rick doesn't know just how lucky he is going to get. Dani teases him with her beautiful ass, and Rick is in for a taste. His licks her all over as she squirms with pleasure, Dani loves the attention her ass is getting, she's been waiting for this all night. His tongue wiggles in and out of her asshole, he is leaving no place untraced, and Dani loves it. Dani has never been more satisfied.

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DANI 15.

Dani is extremely horny and doesn't want to pleasure herself alone. She calls is her boyfriend Aaron who is actually not even bad in this job. She orders him around and makes him to lick her pretty pink pussy. Aaron is doing a good job, working with her tongue very hard to pleasure the demanding dominant girlfriend and...she gets it, she cums like crazy. Then Aaron really hopes he can have something nice too but life is not fair. Especially not for a submissive male. Dani got what she wanted and she kicks him out after that, nothing for him again.

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