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Slave David messed with the wrong girls. Now the 3 Mistresses, Emani Nadia, and Big Vita attack him with electric toothbrushes like they were the 3 Musketeers with swords. Slave David is all tied up and he has no were to go - except for mental hell, where the 3 Mistresses plan to take his poor body. These three strong women will teach Little Pet an important lesson that all slaves should learn. Don't mess with a Mistress or you will be punished!

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Although Little Pet loves the big and strong girls, sometimes they leave him tied up for the smaller sizes Mistresses too to use and abuse for their fun. He's a great tickle torture subject, and our expert loves that a lot. She's not really in a good mood, but an intensive tickle torture session always able to cheer her up. Little Pet is laughing like crazy, begging her to stop, he's do anything for that. Charlotte is grumpy a little, lectures him meanly, but the little man's suffering is so funny, finally she gets back her cheerfulness and happy balance.

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Pierre really wants to tickle Stan's cute little feet, and now he will finally be bale to. He tickles over his socks for a little bit, but Stan really begins to suffer when he takes them off and begins scratching his soles with his finger nails. Stan laughs like a little school girl as Pierre's strong fingers shoot through Stan's pretty toes, and even though Stan begs him to stop, Pierre continues tickles harder and harder. Stan squirms like a little worm as the agony becomes to much to bear, and at this rate, he won't be able to take this kind of tickling for much longer!

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Poor Pacito. All he wants is a little peace and quiet, and what does he get? He gets hog-tied and tortured by two of his closest friends! He laughs so hard you think that his restraints might bust right open, but unfortunately for him they do not. His only hope is that his sweat somehow makes him able to slip out of his restraints, but once again, he is not that lucky. His bald head quickly turns beat red, and he starts to look more and more like a red lollipop!

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Nobody likes a toddle-tale, someone who tells on you when you've done something you shouldn't have, especially when you thought they were a close friend, and nobody likes Tracy. So she's going to be roughly tickled by a double team of Jarvis and Melissa, who heard from someone that she was in fact "very ticklish". This, at first is denied by Tracy, until they prove the truth - She's insanely ticklish, especially around her waist and neck. They won't let her go until their fingers have done a thorough investigation.

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Watch some revenge in action! We start off with the mildly ticklish victim, but once the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted - watch out! This guy squirms in agony as his torturer shows no mercy on his armpits and sides. The victim barely gets a chance to breathe as he is laughing so hard!

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Poor B-star. She can barely handle girls tickling her feet, and now she has to find a way to endure a fully grown man torturing her sexy feet! Eddie is ruthless as he tickles her sensitive feet with fury, and he uses his nails and strong fingers to tickle faster and deeper than ever before! B-star begs him to end this terrible torture, but Eddie loves watching this little princess laugh and suffer. To make things worse, Eddie pulls out an electric toothbrush and begins scraping it along her beautiful toes! She squirms like a worm on a hot day, and tries to kick her way out of the treacherous tickle torture. But nothing stops Eddie from inflicting a gruesome torture on her pretty toes. He smiles from ear to ear the entire time as he watches her struggle in the ropes - to him this is heaven!

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What's the best thing to do before a night of drinking? Tickle torture of course! The beer will taste that much sweeter after the suffering our victim is about to go through. His torturer shows no pity as his friend rolls around on the ground sweating from laughter. Although his laughter is deceiving, because behind that laughter is the pain and agony from laughing so hard. He offers his buddy a few beers to stop the torture, but no amount of beer can compare to the satisfaction of making a full-grown man squirm and beg.

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Sandra wants some revenge so she tied up Leigh for some good tickling. She wants to find her most ticklish spot but doesn't know where to start. Sandra tickles her sides and her neck and even her little belly, but she hasn't found the most ticklish spot quite yet. Sandra isn't stupid, she knows that everyone is ticklish on their armpits so she goes in for the kill. Leigh can't take it, she is in agony, she begs Sandra to stop and jumps around like crazy. Wow this girl really is ticklish.

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Not only did Chris's friend steal his car while he was drunk, he ended up in a police chase and crashing his new BMW into a swamp! Chris must attempt to get him back for doing this. He chooses to perform the worst kind of torture there is...TICKLE TORTURE! And since his buddy is extremely ticklish, this is going to be worse than any abuse he would have faced in jail! At some points he is laughing so hard that he can barely breathe! Although Chris will never be able to drive his baby again, at least he got to see his friend suffer in hilarious agony.

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Rip's feet and hands are bound in thick rope while B-Star tickles him mercilessly. Her fingers run over his feet like crabs and her long nails leave him in terrible agony. Rip begs for forgiveness - he didn't mean to bleach her shirt! But B-Star doesn't care. She takes great pleasure in torturing him and doesn't end until she makes him giggle and whimper like a little girl. Then she leaves lying, tied up and helpless.

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Madison is so smart you wouldn't believe that. When an ugly guy was aggressively was hitting on her at the bar where she's the bartender, she already knew she has to do something weird to take the stress and frustration away. She pretended she likes the asshole and tricked him to strip for her with a promise that she'll do the same thing for him. The guy was horny and into everything but for his biggest surprise after he was already totally tied with no escape sexy Madison did not strip at all but started to tickle torture his not at all attractive body, not missing one inch, touching even his tiny privet area spots. She gave him a good lesson to remember how not to behave in the future.

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Poor Chris was doing some exercises in the gym, nobody around, so peaceful... when a crazy girl just appeared from nowhere, and started tickling him, with no reason. Actually she named the reason, but sound just silly - because his white shorts that he was wearing. Our crazy girl, Charlotte actually doesn't need any reason, when she wants tickling somebody, mostly that is happening. She didn't need ropes for bondage either, simple scissor-hold kept him back from escaping. Charlotte must be in terrible mood, because she attacked mostly his skinny bum, finding one of his most ticklish spot there. Chris suffered a great deal again - as usually, and he decided to move out from town, just to avoid that crazy tickle bitch.

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Charlotte and Sadako enjoyed the last tickle session with Christ so much, they wanted to repeat the joy. Chris is up on the cross again, bound but not gagged, so they can hear perfectly his laughter, screaming, swearing, etc. That makes the enjoyment even stronger. They made him so tired, we've never seen him in that condition before. Just like a cry baby, he complained and begged, again and again. Then he called them "bitches, who have nails", and that really wasn't lucky turn considering finally ending his tickling. They just went on even harder. This time he really got a true tiring treatment from those two.

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Stan works too hard at the bar to have one of the waitresses steal all the tips. So to teach her a lesson, Stan inflicts a terribly brutal tickle torture on Heather's extremely ticklish body. He finds out rather quickly that her underarms are the most ticklish, and that is where he causes the most damage. Heather squirms and shouts as he drives his fingers into her armpits, and no amount of begging is going to make him stop. She is just going to have to learn to share!

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Brad is going to punish Paul - badly. He has got him completely tied up and leaves him with no escape. He drives his hands and fingers into all the ticklish nooks and crannys on Paul's sensitive body, and he jumps and screams like never before. The sweat quickly begins to build on Paul's face as the suffering becomes overwhelming. Brad smiles as he watches his victim's agonizing facial expressions, and tickles him harder than ever. Poor Paul.

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