Megan's Kicked and Abused II

Megan's Kicked and Abused II

Where losers cum to get abused.


Dancer's Revenge

Mercedez dances sometimes at one of the local clubs & although she loves to dance.. She's sick of assholes always hitting on her & especially the ones that won't take "no" for an answer.. So being the good g/f that I am.. I decide to help Mercedez get back at all of those perverts in general.. I told her to put on her sexy dance outfit & 8' stiletto heels that she always wears whenever she dances & to pretend that this losers balls are the balls of every asshole that she's ever wanted to kick.. Then to kick the bitch in the nuts as hard as she can & for as long as she wants to! lol ( 640 x 480 )

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Abuse Paid for By Another.

Sub "V" bought Me this HOT dress & SEXY stiletto boots & he also paid for Me to Abuse this loser to make this video.. "V" wants to see me smash his nuts to pieces using hard sexy knees & also to make him lick my boot heels clean & whenever he's NOT doing it fast enough.. To face slap the bitch & totally humiliate him!.. lol ( HD 1440 x 1080 )

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My Cuck will Serve You & Your Date

So my HOT Asian G/F MayLing goes out on a Date & tells him all about this "loser".. Well he can't believe what he's hearing & wants to see this for himself. So MayLing brings him back here & ALL he can do is just Laugh at the BITCH as he watches him lick the Dirty bottoms of My SMELLY old well worn high heel shoes & Sweaty STINKY Stocking feet.. This happens While ALL 3 of us use him as a piece of furniture for our feet! lol.. I offer MayLing the use of this cuck & She takes total control of him & makes the BITCH Remove her SMELLY Old Well Worn Sandals to lick out the insides with his tongue.. She makes him clean up her dark dirty sweaty toe prints & lick the bottoms of her sweaty smelly barefeet.. MayLing's Date can't Believe what he's Seeing! He has heard that some guys are "Submissive" & Will Do ANYTHING just to be Allowed to "Serve" a pretty girl.. But he's Still NEVER Seen Anything like this! lol.. We ALL laugh at the BITCH & throw our Popcorn at him while he cleans MayLing's Stinky barefeet with his tongue.. Then MayLing becomes VERY Cruel & ORDERS him to do Something that She KNOWS he Will NOT Like Very Much at All - But he MUST do it to please her.. She ORDERS him to lick her Date's feet clean too!! lol ( 640 x 480 )

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Stomping Out the JIZZ & Taking his Wallet.

What I do to this losers cock will make you wonder IF he'll even still have a dick by the time I'M Done with it! lol.. I STOMP it HARD & Step ALL OVER it & MASH it FLAT. I bounce up & down on it & I'm Determined to Make it JIZZ & couldn't care less how bad I flatten it.. I have his wallet & will ONLY give it back - IF he Doesn't JIZZ under My SEXY feet.. lol.. My Plan is to Stomp ALL the JIZZ Out of it & Run off with his Wallet.. There are So MANY things I Want to BUY!! lol ( HD 1440 x 1080 )

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Wait By The Door Like A Good Little Cuck.

My Date just called & he's on his way.. So hand over your wallet & those Credit Cards.. I'm Going Out on a Date - On YOU! lol.. Get Down on your knees.. There's ONLY 1 Thing that U Need To Do While I'm Out on My Date with a REAL Man.. Just Stay Down there on the floor & Wait by the door 4 Me like a GOOD lil CUCK.. When I cum back.. You'll be cleaning the bottoms of My dirty shoes with your tongue & I might just bring my Date home & Make you lick HIS Shoes clean too! HA HA LOSER!!.. Or Maybe I'll Just Make you stay down there on the floor.. On your hands & knees.. Down at the foot of the Bed.. & make you watch us have Sex.. HA HA.. Your So Pathetic! - You'll NEVER Be a REAL Man!! lol ( 640 x 480 )

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Your 1 Click Away from Losing it All.

The Very 1st minute you see me on cam.. It's All Over BITCH!.. My long soft silky hair, my sexy legs, my perfect pretty feet.. All it takes is just 1 click & your cock gets instantly hard.. you turn to mush & become weak & pathetic.. I OWN You & you have no other choice but to give it ALL to Me.. So get down on your knees at my feet where you belong BITCH & Send me a Payment.. It was ALL Mine anyway.. You were just holding the funds for ME.. I Own you & ALL you possess.... ( HD 1440 x 1080 )

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Max & I RUIN Him!!.

I'm hanging out with my HOT Guy friend Max.. Max doesn't have fetishes & can't believe that some guys would go so far as to sacrifice their "manhood" just to sniff a girl's smelly feet & shoes.. So I decide to convince him!.. HA HA.. I call this loser in the room & tell him that IF he can take our kicks to the nuts & manage to survive.. I will kick off my smelly shoes that I've been wearing all day without socks & he'll get to sniff them ALL NIGHT LONG & Even get to JERK OFF to them.. What he doesn't realize though.. is that he'll NEVER get the chance to enjoy my smelly shoes.. Because my friend Max is an Ex-Cage Fighter.. & this loser won't even have nuts anymore - After Max kicks them!.. LOL ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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If You ASK for Ruptured Nuts You'll GET Them

Even though it's Feb we've had beautiful weather here recently. I luv to go hiking in the mountains.. This Pathetic LOSER dreams about a "mean girl" wearing hiking boots Rupturing his nuts.. So he arranged to meet me right after my hike so I could kick his balls in.. Well I don't think he understood how PAINFUL this was going to be, to get kicked by ME - Especially when I'm wearing boots like THESE!! lol.. They are real hiking boots made for the outdoors & I kick the BITCH so HARD in the nuts with them.. That I doubt he'll EVER be the SAME After THIS! lol.. By the time I'm done kicking him.. he's down on the floor curled up in a fetal position (I think he might even be crying! LOL).. The moral of the story is to be careful what you wish for.. IF You meet with me in person & Ask for "Ruptured" nuts.. You better be prepared - You'll GET Them! lol ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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She'll REALLY Think Your a Pervert NOW! lol

LOSER's Letter To GODDESS: " Dear Goddess, my wife & I have no sex relationship. She hasn't even touched me in 3 yrs. I'm not very good at sex anyway & probably never satisfied her in the first place. All I think about is girls feet its the only thing that gets me hard. My wife would leave me if she could, but her family does not believe in divorce & would disown her if she did. My wife has beautiful feet but won't let me near them. One time she put her feet near me when we were watching tv & acted disgusted when she noticed me get hard. That was the last time she ever sat near me. She wears the same asics running shoes to her aerobics class 3x a week & for 3 yrs now & they smell so strong. The whole room smells like her feet when she takes them off & I always get hard. Last week she took them off & walked out of the room & I couldn't help it & sniffed them & tried to hurry up & jerk off. She caught me. I didn't even get to cum & she called me a pervert & took her shoes away & told me if she catches me doing it again she'll tell everyone. Now she gives me dirty looks every time she takes off her shoes. Please help me Goddess. I noticed you have the exact same pair of asics my wife has & will do anything to be allowed to sniff them & relieve myself by masturbating. Peter " HA HA.. So I had "Pete the Perv" over for a Session & told him "not to worry I will take care of everything".. Well I couldn't give a fuck less about him or his problems.. I just thought it would be fun to fuck with him! lol.. I wore my ASICS all day to make sure my feet would smell stronger than wifey's & put my feet ALL OVER his cock & balls & teased him til he was rock hard for my Amusement.. I told the BITCH I was going to tease him first & then untie him & let him "Jerk off to My STINKY Shoes to Relieve himself".. But instead - I just blue ball him Even WORSE than Wifey & Send him on his way. NOW when he sees wifey take off her ASICS.. He'll get a raging hard on obsessing about HER Feet AND MI

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Fucking with a Pathetic Blue Balled BITCH B4 My Date with a REAL Man

I haven't let this BITCH cum in weeks & he's so Desperate for Relief.. Well I have his wallet & I'm going out on a Date with a REAL Man.. I look so fucking HOT in my tight pink leggings & sexy high heel boots.. So I decide to fuck with him B4 I Leave.. I start pumping his cock like it's the gas pedal of my car & Really FLOOR it HARD.. I explain to him that "REAL Men DON'T Get blue balls" & they get to "cum whenever they want to" & REAL Men DON'T "beg girls to Sniff their STINKY feet" or "Get Excited by being pumped like a gas pedal".. This loser will ALWAYS be Nothing more than just a Pathetic blue balled BITCH & a Doormat for pretty girls like Me to use & abuse for our own personal Amusement.. I tell him that IF 1 Drop of cum spills out of his Pathetic cock under my boot.. I'll be using HIS Credit Cards - to Pay for My Entire Night out with a REAL Man! lol ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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If You Can't Take My Kicks You Can't Sniff My Boots

I almost Ruptured Tony the Tard the last time he was here & yet he STILL obsesses about my Perfect lil SMELLY feet 24/7 & Still Can't get me out of his head even months later.. Well I used the BITCH as My "kicking bag" last time & I've had many more Martial Arts Lessons since & have become quite the Expert at the "front snap kick" to the balls.. I've developed so much more power now & this BITCH has NO Idea just how badly he's about to get hurt.. It's Simple - IF he takes ALL My kicks to the nuts & is a "good kicking bag" for me today to practice on.. Then - I will Reward him by allowing him to sniff these STINKY boots I'm wearing that my pretty feet have been sweating in all day long.. Lets see how badly he wants to sniff them.. Badly enough to Suffer 2 Ruptured testicles? I'm going to find out. I'm in the mood to be amused & Rupturing some losers nuts is Exactly the type of Entertainment that I will enjoy! LOL ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Candie luvs to kick

My g/f Candie is MEAN.. She LUVS to kick losers where it hurts the Most. Watch what She does to this BITCH! She'd do the same to you & not even think twice. You won't have nuts by the time She's done with you! lol ( 640 x 480 )

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Hurt in the Wallet or Hurt in the Balls

Which PAIN is Worse? lol.. I haven't Allowed this bitch to cum in weeks & he's so Desperate for Relief.. Well I think he's fucking Pathetic & decide to fuck with him even more.. I look so Fucking HOT in my tight sweater dress pantyhose & black stilettos.. I have his credit card & start to FLOOR his Pathetic cock like it's the gas pedal of my car & I'm Driving FAST on the Interstate.. I'll be meeting my G/F's for Drinks later & IF the BITCHs cock leaks so much as 1 DROP of cum under my shoe while I'm doing this.. I'm going to MAX his Card out & Make him PAY for Our "Girls Nite" Shopping for ALL of US the Next Day - Until the BITCHs Card is completely busted! ha ha.. OR.. IF his cock Doesn't Leak.. The Blue Balls he'll get from this Will be EXCRUCIATING & I Won't Allow him to cum for at least Another Month to Make him REALLY Suffer! LOL ( HD 1920 x 1080 )

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Verbal Threats.

Me & My G/F's threaten to do the CRUELEST Thing of ALL to You.. We are going to kick you Right Where it Hurts the MOST - in ur balls! lol.. Sometimes we threaten the loser in the video.. OR Sometimes we look directly into the camera & threaten YOU! ha ha.. You've seen what we do in my videos & know we are serious.. So Get Ready to Take Pain BITCH.. ANY 1 of us Could RUPTURE You - With Just 1 kick!! lol ( 640 x 480 )

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Mesmerized by My Perfect Feet.

I've made this clip for all you Foot Bitches.. I know you can't get enough of my Perfect Feet.. So I've decided to tease you til your cock can't take anymore.. HA HA ( 640 x 480 )

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