Mistress Arina

Mistress Arina

Cruel Mistress Arina


My own spitton

I'm laying on a bed, wearing the fabulous red stilettoes and smoking. It's a great fun for me, beacause my little slave is under the bed. That bitch is only waiting for my ash and spitts. I love looking at him, having his mouth full of spittle and ash, choking and coughing, Then he is a weak, sickly slut. To swallow, he needs my permission. Meanwhile, I am torturing his nipples with needles. This is what that dirtly slut needs. In the end I am putting out the cigarette inside his mouth. Then he gets a permission to swallow everything. Absolutely everything… HD 1280x720

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Lovely ruined orgasm (BRUTAL)

Beautiful and dominant Mistress Arina, wearing sexy stockings, continues to enjoy perfect foot tortures. This time She is standing over her slave and forces him to worship her pretty feet. He is sucking her toes and feeling some nylon taste but that footbitch doesn't know this is only a gently beginning of that hard foot domination play…Trampling and rubbing his little nuts is still not enough. She wants to give a severe pain to his pathetic slut. Arina is an excellent ballkicker. Her force and accuracy makes the kicks most acute ever. Standing on his chest, She is kicking so powerful and sensously these balls and cock, without even a little break. She doesn't mind her submissive dog is baying on pain. As a reward for being such a good slut, slave got a permit from his Gorgeous Mistress to cum. In the end there is a lovely ruined orgasm. Arina loves being cruel and in the climax She is starting to kick his balls as hard as She only wants to… HD 1280x720

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Lovely Ballkicking

Second part of Lovely tortures movie is a real CBT, started with Arina's lovely trampling and crushing slave's nuts with perfect high heeled boots. Pricking his juicy nuts with a sharp heel and giving a hardly bearable pain to her own slut is something what she most enjoys. When she feels borred of slave's moaning and squaling, she tells him to kneel and still having him on a leash, starts to kick the balls. The kicks are greatly powerful and strong, ever so painful when each kick is a surprise for the slave. Cruel cock and balls torture with voluptuous, hard trampling is a totally worth seeing scene. HD 1280x720

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My Ashtray Slave

Today I've decided to use my own slave as an ashtray... It's so cold but my obedient bitch will do everything I want.
He is laying on the ground, near my dirty boots, wearing only a spandex mask and humbly waiting for some ash. I am telling him to open his mouth wide so I can flick some ash and spit inside his mouth, what I enjoy the most. I am burning his tongue and lips, laughing at that wretched bitch.
His mouth are still opened, filled with my ash and spittle. I can see that my little slut is choking but I don't mind. Anytime I can cover that ash hole with my dirty sole and use it only when I want to ash. It's so delicious! When I've finished enjoying my cigarette, I throw it all lighting to slave's mouth and tell him to swallow everything.
It's such a pleasure to use that paltry slut as My Own Ashtray... HD 1280x720

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Fucking My slaves mouth with huge strapon

Mistress Arina really enjoys using the cute, black giant strapon. She loves fucking her slave's throat deep and hard. What a pretty sight when Mistress is forcing that filthy slut to lick big, black balls, sitting on his face and smoking! After nice ashing and burning, when slave's mouth and tongue are dirty and disgusting, Arina is sticking him on the huge, breathtaking cock, fucking his throat and chocking hard with no mercy! Must see that extreme chocking strapon scene! HD 1280x720

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Fun for Mistress Arina

Mistress Arina really wants to torture her own slave. She is going to be so ruthless. The slave is kneeling beside to Mistress and as an ashtray service is lighting Her cigarette. At the same time She is having great time, discipling her slave with slapping his face and kicking his nuts with her amazing high heeled stilettors. She ashes in his mounth, then putting out the cigarrete on the floor by trampling it. Her slave must clean everything with his tongue. FullHD 1920x1080

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Hammer Nails

Mistress Arina is making an amazing piece of art using hammer, nails and slave's balls! The slave is laying, wrapped tight with no possibility to move and protect his poor nuts. Mistress is pinning her balls to the slat- first nail, second, third... There is no compassion, She is so inexorable. After hamerring, She is stretching his balls between nails. Torture is not over- Mistress is slapping and patting pinned nuts again... FullHD 1920x1080

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Balls Destruction and Milking Torture

The next part of brutal and bestial cock and ball torment. Mistress Arina truly enjoys playing with her own male slave's nuts hard. She's trampling and kicking him, having fun during her bitch is squirming and squealing in pain. Arina uses a horsewhip to bully her useless slave. She is so ruthless today! Slapping and spanking the nuts always makes that cruel Mistress smiled.
Arina knows that little bitch is only waiting for permission to cum. Today surely he will do it but one pleasure means one punishment more for the slave. That stinky little tail is bulging hard. Arina is jerking and tormenting slave's cock, slapping and whipping his balls. That wretched slave is ready to explode and dreams only about what his wonderful and generous Mistress said- cum to the glass and drink willingly all content. Mmm, perfect end of that barbaric and cruel torture! 1280x720

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Balls Destruction by Mistress Arina

Mistress Arina loves being ruthless for her slave. Moreover, she's so good at inflicting him unbearable pain. It's a pleasure to kick that useless pig. Wringing and cracking his little tail it's only beginning that extreme CBT. To maul hard his nuts, Arina, wearing sexy stockings, starts kicking him. Feeling so powerful kicks and swollen balls on her pretty feet is so delightful. Incredible hard tortures! Oh, she is going to crush and destroy his juicy balls! Totally worth seeing scene of eerie and indescribable balls kicking torture. HD 1280x720

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Foot pantyhose worship

Arina loves being cruel but when She discovers her high heeled perfect looking shoes are dirty, she is going to punish her lazy and unruly slave. The punish will be so severe! After some lovely kicks, Arina is sitting near her cleaning useless slave and seeing about his poor nuts. Her pretty feet in the pantyhose look amazing while crushing, squashing, grinding, jerking and rubbing his wretched balls and little cock. She knows well it hurts but She totally doesn't care. After delicious CBT, She is forcing the slave to worship Her feet by licking, pampering and sucking toes. Best pantyhose tortures! HD 1280x720

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I'm crushing your nuts!

I had a really bad day, slave!". Merciless Arina knows well what to do to improve it. Laying collared and leashed slave with his tiny cocky and nuts drawn on the top of the table are everything to feel better. Delighting her gorgeous high heeled boots, she is kicking, knocking and jostling his nuts. It hurts so much but it's only a beginning to genuine torture! To make her joy harder, Arina is standing on the table and agonizing balls. She is walking on and stepping on them, hammering her stiletto heel on his testicles and also standing Her soles on them. Mistress is so savage today! "Last time you can see your balls" means it must be so beastly tortures.
HD 1280x720

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Face sitting torture

Bound and leashed balls and slave ready for some torture is a nice set for Mistress Arina to amuse and have fun. She's wearing perfect looking high heeled shoes, just ideally fit to kick hard. After some kicks and trample, She is sitting on his face, torturing nuts and controlling his breathe. What a pleasure for ruthless Arina! She shows no mercy when smoking, burning and ashing his balls, slapping, teasing and squeezing them at the same time.
In the end slave is used as an ashtray and eats the cigarette end after extinguished in his nuts. Arina loves doing with the slave whatever She wants... FullHD 1280x720

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Extremely dirty lunch

Mistress Arina really wants to have some fun with her slave, so She gets the idea to feed her little pig. It's going to be an extreme lunch! After chewing and grinding banana, Arina is spitting on the floor, trampling it with her stilettos and forcing that boar to eat everything- even from dirty soles and heels. Amazing femdom scene. When shoes seem to be clean, Arina is getting barefoot and start to play with some chocolate. Masticated bits, spread on her delicious feet look quite disgusting but the slave will surely clean it to shine. Face of that laying pig is perfect mat to put dirty feet. Arina puts off them only to spit to his mouth with repulsive pieces of food. There is no break for that pig, after feeding is time to torture his face and choke with her foot. Such a great amusement with feeding that hideous slave! HD 1280x720

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Cleaning slave service

Mmm... Sound of cracking and squishing mood under the high heeled shoes and a lot of dirt on them means perfect time for cleaning. Come, slave, the cleaning service! Arina loves watching while he is eating all dirt and licking off heels from muck. Her shoes must be shiny clean but you had better do it quickly, slave. You must be ready until she stops smoking.
Pretty nice licking, filth and adoring Arina's high heels, conected with her smoke, ashing on the floor and crushing the cigarette end by a sole with a glossy finish. HD 1280x720

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Back Home

Mistress Arina is coming back home and She knows it’s going to be really hard time for Her slave. Mistress is slapping slave’s face and kicking his balls. She doesn’t care it hurts so much. She loves it. Then She forces him to clean Her high- heel shoes. They must be meticulously clean, otherwise the slave will be suffering from her hard kicks again... FullHD 1920×1080

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