Mistress Ava Black

Chastity keyholder and pervert trainer Mistress Ava Black has something in store for you in this deliciously depraved home on the web.
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You suck more cock than your wife does!

Includes - Threatening Exposure - Blackmail Fantasy - Ruination Fantasy - Verbal Humiliation - Verbal Abuse - Tease and Denial - Gay Encouragement - Taboo

Your dirty little secret is going to get you into trouble you know...

Did you think I could be trusted with the knowledge that I have of your dirty little perversion?


Silly sausage.

After all it was way too juicy for me to sit on the knowledge that you crave cock more than your missus does. That you lie awake thinking of all the times I made you my gloryhole oral whore, the times I made you beat off to the thought of another man sticking his man meat in your hungry little mouth!

If only she knew, if only she could smell the sperm on your breath when you kiss her after our sessions...

I feel a verbal itch coming. You know when I get those I become irresistibly compelled to share information.... especially with wives... almost impossible to resist the urge to be honest.

Now wouldn't that be awful if I told?


I guess you are going to have to do something for me aren't you sugar?!?!

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Drink cum for glory

Includes - Jerk off instruction - Masturbation Encouragement - Verbal Humiliation - Tease and Denial - Cum Eating Instructions - Cock Tease - Handjob simulation

Mmm, hello there pet.

As soon as you saw me you started drooling didn't you? All of a sudden you find yourself drooling and you don't even know why?

I can tell you why.

See, you know something about me that makes your cock throb and tingle. You know how hot I find it when you touch yourself just for me. Gets me dripping wet. But not because I just want to see you jerk off... no...

You know I get hot and wet just thinking about how that jizz is going to shoot right up and all over your face, and the way you're going to lick it from between your fingers just for me....

I know it's not really your thing. But you know something? I just have a feeling about you... I just know that you'd like it. If you gave it a chance that is...

You would drink cum to please me.

You would drink cum for the glory of being called my cumguzzling bitch!

So do it.

Do it now...

Right here, with me..

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Terrified moobies

Includes - male domination - femdom - interracial domination - female domination - nipple play - extreme domination - edge play - total power exchange

What's better than Double Domination? Well Triple Domination of course!!!

Pity this chunky slave would beg to disagree.

But then again he did beg. Again and again. To be released from the evil moobie game his Superiors had deviced for him. And that fell on deaf ears. Because they were enjoying themselves too much. And darn what a slave had to say about that!

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The Princesses and the pea-nis

Includes - sph - small penis humiliation - verbal beatdown - verbal abuse - femdom pov - glaminatrix - penis comparison - challenges

Oh my!

That babydick of yours is indescribable!

Now we know that when women call penises indescribable it's a good thing... But in your case you really won the award for most disgusting penis ever and obliterated the record!

You have the kind of cock that only a woman with no senses could appreciate!

Even if we tried to measure you up against our ruler we'd need to substitute with a bit of fluff in order to get an accurate reading of you... so small we can barely feel you even if you are nestled in our hands.

How seriously sad! That the only thing you could hope to fuck is a thimble!

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We've found the perfect cock ring for your tiny cock

Includes - small penis humiliation - penis size degradation - penis size comparison - verbal humiliation - interracial - smack talk - double Domination - jodhpurs - riding gear - equestrian Domination

Hey there pinkydick!

Awww.... look at that little pweenis of yours quivering at the sound of our voices!

How pathetic!

We've been thinking about you... Yes you!

I know, not a lot of women ever give you the time of day do they? Well we decided that you need a little bit of extra special attention Domme-style!

We were just talking about how a lot of sex toys are not made with babydicks in mind. I mean, come on, when was the last time you found a fleshlight that fit? Or a cock ring that didn't just fall off?

Speaking of cock rings....

We went looking round for miniature cock rings and couldn't find any...

So we decided to come up with our own. Just for you!

It's perfect... look

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Hurting the short fat caged cock

Includes - Female Supremacy - CFNM - Female Domination - small penis humiliation - Extreme Domination - Cock slapping - High heel trampling

Mistress has a short dick slave in the cage. She wants desperately to hurt his cock with her shoes but that tiny arse cock just won't reach the rails to be hurt!

So Mistress grabs the mighty foreskin and hurts that instead with her gloved hands!

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Attention free zone for small cocks

Includes - Verbal humiliation - Female Supremacy - Ebony Female Domination - small penis humiliation - Smack talk - Loser training - Loser sign

Hey loser boi!

Drooling at the sight of me were you? Literally! Look at that snail trail flowing from your 'shroom cock ewwwww!

I wanna lock that cocklet of yours up in chastity! But this device that I brought is way too big for what you're packing... or not packing in your case!

So I'm going to obliterate that wart on the surface of your pelvis right now! And you're gonna thank me for it!

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The terrifying trio vs Mr Babydick

Includes - small penis humiliation - extreme Domination - penis size comparison - verbal humiliation - slave training

Miss Kitty Bliss and Mistress Ava Black are fucking around with their babydick loser slave! He had been talking himself up like he had a pair. So they decided to call Master home early so he could fuck around with the slave too.

Now the worthless slave is quivering away on the floor desperate to leave. But there will be no leaving for Mr Micropenis!

The terrifying trio are in town! And all babydick's should beware!

Because they will get trampled by Master's size 12 shoes, and squished by Mistresses' shoes and hands.

Then the slave is forced to jerk off. As if that would make a difference at that size hahahah

Such a loser!

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The room deodoriser

Includes - smoking fetish - smoking rebreathe - smoking Domination - female Domination - slave training

Mistress has a cigarette and uses her slave in waiting as the room deodoriser. To soak up the smell of smoke and chew up the ash and cigarette butt for disposal.

Category: Human Ashtray    Duration: 10:45    Format: MP4    File Size: 320 MB    Clip ID: 50397

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Kiss arse suck cock

Mmm, you always knew that your obsession with my cute arse would land you in the drink didn't you?

Hot soup love.

Tough ish really if you ask me, I don't care... After all I didn't make you fall in love with this cute small waist and impossibly huge wide hips...

Can't stop looking at my bubble butt can't you? Juicy and yummy!?! Makes you want to just bury your head in there and smoosh it in doesn't it? Well don't let me stop you... Come on... I know how much you need it... Can't say I blame you really... After all I know just how hot I look...

But then again it can't be a something for nothing now can it?

You want to kiss on this juicy Ebony arse it's gonna cost you...

Don't worry it's not money I'm after...

Oh no, this is far far worse than that... Far more depraved....

And it will leave a lingering taste in your mouth that's for sure...

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Stiletto nails milk your cock dry

Includes - fingernail fetish - finger fetish - cock scratching - ball scratching - long nails - harsh handjobs - ruined orgasms - cock control - edging - handjobs - slave training

Mistress tests her slave's love for her long red stiletto nails.

Judging by how he fares he loves them as much as she does!

Category: Handjobs    Duration: 13:58    Format: MP4    File Size: 722 MB    Clip ID: 50406

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Hot nips!

Includes - Nipple play - Dungeon scenario - Ebony Female Domination - Nipple slave training - Endurance test - Challenges - slave training

Today you are going to serve me well nipple slave...

Today we are going to have fun making those nip nips of yours nice and toasty!

You will need a few items that you can find around the house if you do not have the dungeon issue ones I use here. Listen close, and then get ready to feel the sizzling burn for me!

Category: Nipple Torture    Duration: 11:49    Format: MP4    File Size: 610 MB    Clip ID: 50405

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Do you get to cum today?

Includes - Chastity tease and denial - Game of chance - Tease and denial - Cock tease - Chastity slave training - Female supremacy - Cum control - Edging games - Chastity device - Keyholder games

I love training you. You are so obedient, and you follow my instructions so well. You hang onto my every word like a good chastity slave don't you?

Today I have a challenge for you. A challenge that you must do your best at. No matter how difficult it might seem or get you will do it well for me.

Your performance is going to determine whether you get to cum today or not. You understand that don't you pet? Good. Let's begin...

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Smoking humiliation

Includes - Black Supremacy - Verbal Humiliation - Performance put down - Racial humiliation - Performance comparison - Taboo topics - Smoking fetish - Verbal abuse - Smacktalk - Extreme humiliation

Extreme verbal beatdown! Only buy this if you can handle it.

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L.O.S.E.R. is the brand of face you wear

Includes - extreme Domination - taboo - executrix - intense domination - mind fuck - brainwashing - altered mind states - verbal abuse - verbal humiliation - edge play

This is an extreme! executrix clip!

Because frankly I know the truth about you. The truth that you are afraid to admit even to yourself!

This truth will scar you beyond imagination! So only watch this if you are truly ready to embrace what you really are. What you really mean to me!

No sugar coating, no pretence.

Absolute Ava Black Supremacy reigns supreme in this update.

Are you ready to accept it?

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