Mistress Ava Black

Chastity keyholder and pervert trainer Mistress Ava Black has something in store for you in this deliciously depraved home on the web.
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slave earns his stripes

Includes - caning - edge play - marking a slave - extreme domination - verbal humiliation - femdom - ebony female domination

Mistress loves her exotic creatures! Watch her turn her slave into a zebra using her delicious array of canes to devastating effect! Delicious...

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Beg us to cum!

Includes - cock tease - edging - joi - joi games - masturbation games - femdom pov - interracial domination - femdom - high heels - boot fetish - pvc - bbw mistress

You love tugging on that man-meat don't you? You just love to stroke and stroke till you splooge!

Well we love to see you fighting the trouser beast... just for us! We love to see you stroking and edging and teasing it, willing it not to explode in a messy puddle on your hands... Are you man enough to take our JOI challenge? Buy this and find out!

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Lick the crack

Includes - asshole fetish - asshole worship - ass worship - cock tease - ebony - verbal humiliation - ebony femdom - femdom pov - bdsm - ass spreading

Do you like how I look slave?

I can call you that, because just the look of sheer lust and shock on your face gave you away!


I like the way that rolls off the tongue.

Seeing you quivering at the perfect sight of me makes me giggle. I'm gonna make you suffer to please me you know that don't you?

I want you to get on your knees! Like the slave that you are! Helplessly addicted to me in every way possible.

You don't deserve to watch me like normal men would. You don't deserve to desire me in a normal way. All that you can desire or lust after is my asshole!

You heard me!

My asshole!

That's what you deserve!

Nothing more!

And even that is too good for you!

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Manipulated for your big dick obsession!

Includes - ebony - manipulatrix - blackmail fantasy - taboo - no way out femdom - findom - manipulation - cock tease - femdom pov - verbal humiliation - smacktalk

There's no going back for you now!

You know that don't you?

Ever since I discovered that you have been secretly perving on hot male porn action I knew I had you by the balls!

It all started so innocently... you would watch guys showing off their hot bods. And then that rabbithole you slipped into.... you saw one guy grabbing his cock and you couldn't believe how big it looked through his pants. You just had to go find one - in the wild - unleashed and being polished off.

Mmmm, it looked good didn't it? That first huge dick? Yep. That was your biggest mistake right there. Looking at it, all angry and veiny and commanding. Its owner with that knowing smirk. Almost like he was looking right through you. Like he could tell your jealousy at his size went far deeper than a comparison thing.

And then you were obsessed. You had to find all the big dick online you could. It started at watching solo masturbation didn't it? Then you had to see those tools in action! You told yourself it was because you were sure it was all those clever angles they were using. That those dicks couldn't possibly be as big as they looked! And when you saw those cocky dudes ploughing through all holes with their mandingo cocks your own tiny todger shrivelled into obscurity!

All you could do was trawl the internet for your next fix. Like a desperate sore loser... taking any morsel the web had to offer. And now here you are... helplessly addicted to big dick porn! And nicely in my hands! That wide trail you left was so easy for me to pick. Never mind that, the look on your face when I talk about big dick!

I bet you wouldn't want my loose lips to squeal to anyone you know now would you? So you have to do this one thing for me to guarantee my silence....

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Undressing your tiny todger

Includes - double domination - female domination - femdom pov - verbal humiliation - female supremacy - laughing - mocking your small cock - double humiliation - ebony

I love catching up with my girls!

Especially when it's at your expense!

You and that tiny skin tag flapping freely in your pants! You know, that thing you call a cock...

Listen and find out what we think of your tiny thang!

Category: Small Penis Humiliation    Duration: 22:46    Format: MP4    File Size: 1 GB    Clip ID: 53008

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Your persistent requests for sex got you in this mess!

You have been pestering your wife for sex for far too long now! She has had just about enough of your persistent demands for satisfaction after hours. After all what she considered to be a good faithful wife didn't include launching herself at your cock every other week...

No more!

She found some deliciously wonderful steel chastity devices. Just like they should have made back in the day. When men were men and women ran efficient households! And once you are safely in this device she can get back to running an efficient household.

Shame you won't be able to enjoy your new lot in life...

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The human room deodoriser

Includes - smoking fetish - smoking rebreathe - smoking Domination - female Domination - slave training

Mistress has a cigarette and uses her slave in waiting as the room deodoriser. To soak up the smell of smoke and chew up the ash and cigarette butt for disposal.

Category: Human Ashtray    Duration: 10:45    Format: MP4    File Size: 774 MB    Clip ID: 50011

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Suck my dick

Love and suck on my big fat one!

Category: Strapon    Duration: 12:13    Format: MP4    File Size: 634 MB    Clip ID: 51322

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The beatdown Dommes

Includes - female domination - interracial domination - extreme domination - femdom - beatdowns - slave training

Mistresses launch an all-out beatdown on their slave boi. Can he handle their fury?

Category: Beating    Duration: 08:15    Format: MP4    File Size: 718 MB    Clip ID: 51323

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Please us with your spunk

Includes - joi- pussy power - pussy tease - lingerie - jerk off instructions - JOE - jerk off encouragement - masturbation instructions - masturbation encouragement - double domination - cei - cum eating instructions - slave training - verbal humiliation - femdom pov - ebony supremacy - female supremacy - cock tease - ebony

We know you find it hard to please us since you are so pathetic and have nothing you could possibly offer a woman. Let alone two stunning Ebony Goddesses of Dominance!

So the only thing you can do to please us is to extract that sperm juice from your loser balls and do as we instruct with it!

That pathetic little puddle that you are always so eager to extract furiously at the drop of a hat! And to top it off today you get to do it with us giving you jerk off instructions.

Don't get too excited loser! This isn't for you to enjoy. It's merely another one of the fantastic ways we know to ruin you completely and take over your body so that even your spunk becomes our property and we can ruin you with it completely!

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Challenging times

Includes - femdom pov - chastity - sexy voice - chastity challenge 2018 - chacha2018 - humiliating tasks - verbal humiliation - slave training - cock tease - ebony

I own your mind so completely that the only thing I need to do is make you shove that pathetic slave face of yours into my Supreme Black Arse!

My arse controls you, you would give anything for me to sit on you and not move. Laughing as I feel your pain and agony as you squirm for air under me. The way that I disregard your feelings and desires is a huge turn on to you. Because even not acknowledging what is so clearly there means you were an interesting short lived amusement that I partook of.

You are nothing.

A nothing who lives for his everything. Me. The way it ought to be!

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The year of the horn

Includes - femdom pov - verbal humiliation - chastity - cock tease - chastity device - licking chastity device - solo masturbation - tit worship - cleavage stroking - ebony

2018 is going to be a hard year for you. It is going to be a year when you are locked up and helpless to whims.

It is going to be the year of the horn for you, when your cock throbs and pulses daily and the only thing you can think of is me and what I desire of you.

In short it is going to be a gorgeous year of pain and gorgeous unsatisfied boners. While you are in chastity for me, obeying my countless humiliating task videos and instructions online. This store will be dripping with instructions for you and you will have no choice but to comply. Because you find it difficult to do anything else. I control your cock and you love it!

I command your cum and you will gladly hand it over time and time again when I call upon it like a good pet should!

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Hot Tub Divas

Includes - hot tub - voyeur - voyeur cams - femdom pov - cock tease - interracial

Mistresses are winding down after a seriously hot day hurting many slaves!

What better way than to chill out in the hot tub with some cooling beverage served up by their male slave in waiting?

Gorgeously teasing Mistress action with striptease down to naked in the hot tub! Enjoy

Category: Goddess Worship    Duration: 08:44    Format: MP4    File Size: 762 MB    Clip ID: 52666

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I'm leaving you cos you love cock more than I do

Includes - femdom pov - home wrecker - blackmail fantasy - cuckold hubby - subby hubby - taboo - verbal humiliation - verbal abuse - role play - break up speech

You know why we need to talk hun...

I've been thinking lately.

And while you and I have been having lots of fun with me fucking your boss and everything I realised something the other day. You know when I tried to 'make' you suck his cock? Mmm yeah... you liked it a little bit too much. I couldn't believe it if I'm honest.

And then I started to think back to all the sexy games and talk we have. And how you always want me to roleplay another guy making you drink his spunk? Ewww!

And then I was talking to your boss and he was saying why do I keep you around anyway? And that got me thinking even more... why do I keep you around?

You're better off gone!

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Includes - verbal humiliation - verbal abuse - executrix - extreme domination - edge play - ebony - femdom pov - ebony female domination

Tearing you apart and rearranging you into the dirty piece of ish that we both know you are! No holds barred Femdom!

Category: Financial Domination    Duration: 09:42    Format: MP4    File Size: 848 MB    Clip ID: 52668

Price: $9.99 USD