Mistress Ava Black

Chastity keyholder and pervert trainer Mistress Ava Black has something in store for you in this deliciously depraved home on the web.
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Splosh! WAM Instructional

Miss Kitty Bliss and Mistress Ava Black are feeling deliciously naughty and want to make you suffer for it! Today you are going to prepare for the sploshing of your life! You are going to be given the opportunity to gather a few items to play around with today. Then you are going to return for the mammoth task of pleasing your Mistresses today in the splosh-fest of your lifetime!

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Can your cock handle 3 mean bitches?

Includes - extreme Domination - CFNM - cock abuse - ball abuse - triple Domination - laughing - verbal humiliation - slave training - taboo - smack talk - cock caning - men in pain

Watch this carefully slave. This will be your fate when you land in our lair.

A slave is pinned down, helpless, and cock exposed. His cock and balls are tied up and separated so they cannot go running away when the heat begins.

And boi does it ever!

These 3 Dommes have an elastrator ready to snap off that offending member at any moment! They try it on his cock for size, and the heavy duty elastic band squeezes till his knobend goes purple! But they have other plans in store for him! They cane his cock and balls viciously with a heavy wooden cane, before grabbing a nut each and flicking and pulling for all they're worth!

His cock drips and throbs desperately in pain but they don't care! They came to hurt his cock and they'll be darned if he leaves still able to pee straight!

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Stepmom cures your addiction to wanking

Includes - taboo - stepmom fetish - mommas boy - masturbation pov - older woman younger man - interracial - role play - fetish

You're still staying at home but your body is growing faster than ever. Old enough to be living on your own, but too broke to get a place. You've found yourself starting to get urges that you can't explain or control. The only thing that seems to help is when you tug at your willie until it spurts out that horrid creamy fluid. You know it's wrong because they taught you not to touch yourself at Sunday school. But you just can't help yourself.

In fact, you are tugging furiously away in your room one day when your stepmom comes bursting in. You must have been so busy jerking that you didn't hear her calling you to come downstairs for your afternoon cookies.

Shock and embarrassment for both of you but she spins round when she spots you've been watching porno on your telly. She hates that you have become 'that guy' and orders you to turn off the telly and get 'that thing' to go down!

Unfortunately your cock has other ideas and it stares her angrily back in the face, much to her horror!

'Your pa's going to be home soon...'

She seems upset that he's going to miss his cookies because of your stupid selfishness. You're trying your hardest but it just won't go down... She suggests something that seems strange at first but you guess if she's suggesting it then it's just part of what stepmoms do to help out...

After all, as she says, you're yanking it all wrong.

She tries to give you a handjob but it fails dismally. Your cock is too big for her! And it makes her wrists hurt!

So she thinks up another idea...

Maybe if she sucks it like she's heard works on the pornos then it might do the trick. That way she catches all the horrid gloop in her mouth and tidies it all away by swallowing it! And all before the second batch of cookies is ready!

Slurp slurp slurp!

Her head bobs up and down as she gives you the most amazing silky-tongue blowjob! Your mind is exploding. But sadly your cock isn't. Not soon enough for fussy stepmom! And besides all that ramming her head down is hurting her jaw!


She knows what will work! Foolproof! Works a treat on the old man and sends him straight to sleep.

But she makes you promise that you'll tell her just as you're about to cum so you don't make a mess inside her. Sure, you say...

So she lies you on the floor and sits on top of you like she saw in your porno on the telly. She seems to be struggling to take it all in! 'It's so big!' she exclaims, eyes wide open. Feeling her stretch round your cock only makes you more excited than you ever thought possible with all those times of jerking. So warm and wet and silky, you feel your cock slurping in and out as she rides you.

It's too much!

It's too exciting!

It's milking you dry!

And you can't help yourself! You feel yourself throbbing uncontrollably and before she knows what's happened you cum messily deep inside her tight slit!

(*And all before the old man comes back home from work*)

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Goddess trains her human ashtray sissy slut

Includes - smoking fetish - smoking Domination - sissy slut - human ashtray - extreme Domination - sissy training - interracial Domination - tease and denial - smoking rebreathe

Goddess has her sissy slut serving her. She wants her sissy boi to feel more sexy and feminine as she serves her true Superior. Awakening her flirtatious feminine side to make sure sissy is at full mast and undivided attention, Goddess Minoa ensures that the sissy boi gives 110%!

Category: Smoking Fetish    Duration: 08:36    Format: MP4    File Size: 619 MB    Clip ID: 50010

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Your pain turns her on

Includes - Ebony female domination - female slave training - sadism - masturbation - slave punishment - CFNM - humiliation - pain games - slave training

Mistress Kiana wants to punish her male slave. Her slavegirl revealed just how much she hates men! And loves to see them suffer in the worst way possible.

So Mistress decides the male slave should endure a harsh caning. While he is inches away from the sweet slave-girl's pussy. The more he is in pain the more she enjoys it!

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The cigar smoking challenge for the ashtray slave - Full clip

Enjoy the full clip of the cigar smoking challenge for the ashtray slave. With all the moments you love, including the inhale challenge as well as cigar extinguishing.

Category: Female Supremacy    Duration: 19:04    Format: MP4    File Size: 986 MB    Clip ID: 49973

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Hanging around like a bad smell

Includes - To|let humiliation - To|let slavery - To|let fetish - Human to|let - Verbal humiliation - Smack talk - slave training - Verbal abuse - Verbal beatdown - Taboo

OMG! You are sooo disgusting!

I caught a smell of something horrid! Ripe and rank! Like a bin full of ! I thought something had crawled up in here and exploded! But it was you all along wasn't it?

Oh faaark! How do you manage to slither around amongst normal people with that foul stench rising from you? Garbage truck mouth! And you have the nerve to kiss someone with that mouth too! Gerrosss!

Category: Toilet Fetish    Duration: 07:00    Format: MP4    File Size: 608 MB    Clip ID: 50422

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Mistress Ava Black owns your cock!

Includes - Ebony Female domination - CFNM - Cock abuse - Ball abuse - slave training - Black Supremacy - Verbal humiliation - Cum control - Edging - Tease and denial - Breast worship - ruined orgasms - Cock control - Extreme Domination

'You're not allowed to cum'

With his mind still focused on his Mistress's words, the slave tries as hard as he possibly can to hold on.

Not easy, especially when Mistress drops a thick ball of spit square on the head of his cock. Expertly manipulating the shaft so it is completely covered in her Divine gloop! Delicious! His eyes roll back in his head, and he struggles to think of anything other than what the She-Devil is doing to him.

'Unzip me.' She commands him as she points to her catsuit. 'But I'll cum Mistress' he begs but this falls on deaf ears. A good slave must obey. So he carefully unzips her catsuit. His cock throbs painfully and a trickle of precum escapes.

Her evil laugh tells him she has also spotted this, and she fingers the trail excitedly as she leans even closer into him. 'We can't have this slave' Her sarcastic tone tells him she has much more in store for him, and as she reaches down again to stroke his cock with the help of the spit and his own precum he knows he is truly ruined!

She will own him - mind, body and cock!

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Oil up my arse!

Massage and cock tease with your bubble butt Domme.

Category: Ass Fetish    Duration: 11:31    Format: MP4    File Size: 437 MB    Clip ID: 50395

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Trained for smoking rebreathe

Mistress has a novice human ashtray in attendance.

A prissy sissy wannabe with a strong desire to serve. Mistress wants to teach her to inhale the smoke from her ruby red lips like a good slave should.

Slowly dragging on that smoke with her delicious pouted lips, Mistress then exhales into the sissy's mouth. The poor slave is struggling. Even more frightening because she knows that if she gets it wrong Mistress will cane 'her' stockinged feet!

Category: Smoking Fetish    Duration: 11:10    Format: MP4    File Size: 805 MB    Clip ID: 50016

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The cigar smoking challenge for the ashtray slave - Part 2

In the delicious second part Mistress turns up the heat - literally and otherwise! The slave has been disappointing and his best efforts are just not good enough for his demanding owner!

Maybe she should hurt or destroy something that he will miss more than a little bit? Maybe his nipples? Maybe his cock...? It wasn't like he was doing much with these things anyway.... She wonders if her cigar could extinguish them from existence itself? His begging for mercy falls on deaf ears as she tests the theory for herself.

All his squeals for mercy fall on deaf ears as his sadistic Mistress makes him work up a sweat!

Category: CFNM    Duration: 10:53    Format: MP4    File Size: 198 MB    Clip ID: 50399

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Assume the position human toilet

Includes - slave training - toilet humiliation - toilet slavery - toilet fetish - human toilet - taboo - extreme Domination - dehumanization


Look at you on the floor drooling like a broken loo. Aren't you just several platforms of disgusting!?!? I can almost feel how much you want me to pry your mouth open with my buccal spreaders and make you get ready for some Mistress caviar.


I want you helpless to my will.

After all you never heard a pooper complain that it took too many loads in one day did you? No! In fact I will be the lightest load you have to contend with . Especially as I have a nice healthy surprise brewing for you in fudge factory here! Go on loser, I'll give you loads of time to prepare for what's to come.

Assume the position. On your back with mouth spread wide open.

Nothing will get you out of what's coming your way!

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I'm gonna hurt your cock every time you think of fucking me


What are you looking at?

Mmm, can I tell you a little secret? I'm not wearing any underwear... But you probably guessed that already didn't you? Would be kinda hard to put anything on top of all of this now wouldn't it?

But I can tell you what you haven't guessed...

I want you to get horny for me. Yes!

I want you to drool over these curves, slowly appreciating my beautiful body. But I don't want you to think about what it would be like to fuck me. No! That's not allowed.

Just look. Pretty pussy there isn't it? Mmmm made your cock twitch just at the sight didn't it?

But no! You're not allowed to think about fucking it!

Or you're gonna get hurt!

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Downward facing grub

Includes - role play - interracial Domination - face sitting - yoga poses - yoga pants - fart fetish - ass worship - ass humiliation - leg scissors - exercise Domination - extreme Domination

Mistress has a favorite (*until now*) hidden spot in the Dungeon where she likes to exercise and destress before sessions. Secret it was until her slave followed her one day and happened upon her doing some yoga stretching.

He couldn't help himself, and made it a daily habit to follow Mistress to this spot where he could catch a sneaky wank while watching her exercise!

Unfortunately for the wanker today he got a bit too cocky and was caught with his hands down his pants as Mistress went into a downward facing . Shock for both of them! He couldn't deny that his commando mission was with only one thing in mind - to get his rocks off on the sly!

Mistress decides he needs to learn a painful lesson, and she pulls him out of the corner and onto the floor. 'Sniff my pussy' she commands as she holds a tree pose. Sweaty and fragrant, but the slave has no choice. And the cat pose as Mistress spreads her arse and buries his head deep inside.

The downward facing as she plants his face into her pussy and makes him breathe in deep! Oh my! All that twisting has made her feel like farting. She lets one rip right into the slave's face! Haha!

She's loving this so much she decides that she really needs to do some sit ups, only for support she will use his neck to squeeze tight together as she rises. His head goes bright red as he gasps for air.

Serve the fool right! Bet now he won't be caught snooping around anymore!

Never mind, she decides that she prefers this type of exercise anyway. And he will be her new workout buddy!

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Trying on all my knickers

Fun light-hearted sexiness as Mistress tries on a range of panties with her friend. A delicious treat for panty lovers everywhere!

Category: Panties    Duration: 13:49    Format: MP4    File Size: 997 MB    Clip ID: 49986

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The cigar smoking challenge for the ashtray slave - Part 1

Now I'm sure you know that when you smoke a cigar it is best enjoyed on the tongue. And not inhaled like a cigarette...

Well Mistress doesn't care!

In fact she wants to see if slave lungs are strong enough to take in cigar smoke.

So she calls in her unsuspecting ashtray slave to have a smoking session. He is eager to please, and will do anything his Mistress says. So she starts off by lighting up and pulling him in nice and close!

No regrets...

Category: Human Ashtray    Duration: 08:45    Format: MP4    File Size: 197 MB    Clip ID: 50398

Price: $8.99 USD