Princess Lizzy's store

Princess Lizzy's store

I'm Princess Lizzy Langley, I'm 22 and from Plymouth in England.
I'm very out going and into most things, I enjoy taking care of myself, buying nice things, watching horror movies & reading. I also like going out clubbing & buying expensive gifts all paid for by YOU off course!.

I'm really into Domination, especially Finacial domination.
I'm a naughty British goddess who deserves to be spoilt.
I can be very bratty or very sweet, either way I WILL get what I want.
You spoil me I spoil you!
Unless your a fucking stupid pig, then you will get nothing but the dirt on my boots!!
If you think you are worthy enough to be my slave, get in touch with me. Expect wallet rape, humiliation, assignments, chastity, devotion letters & plenty more things to do for my amusement!.

If you need to get in contact with me email me at


Titty play

I flash for you then play and slap my tittys together, I lick both nipples.

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Price: $3.99 USD

Crisp eating

Watch me stuff my face with some crisps and munch loudly

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burping in your face

Watch me drink fizzy pop and burp in your face

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Red head dom & smoking

Watch me in my sexy pink corset and my bright red hair smoking, wanking my guy off and telling you how much of a fucking fsggot you are!! Then I make him cum on YOUR face

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Bj & titty fucking

watch me give my REAL man a bj & titty fuck.. This is all POV. Then I let him cum allover my tits.

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Strip & fuck

watch me strip for you nervously, then i give a bj then get fucked hard. All off a real man, you couldn't please me.

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Rimming and facial

Watch me rim my guy and finger him, don't you wish it was you I was doing it too? Or even better you little bi piggy licking his ass? Then I give a bj and get rewarded with a MASSIVE facial!

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Massive creampie

Watch me get fucked by a real man, see what he has left inside of me. Now lick it up loser.

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Hard throat fucking

Watch me get my throat fucked hard, with my head over the side of the bed. I take it like a good girl

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Everything & a facial!

Watch me strip for you then give a bj, get oral myself then get fucked and top it off with a MASSIVE facial!

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Rough sex & rough BJ

Watch me get fucked hard from behind, getting my hair pulled and my ass smacked, then give a rough hard BJ.

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