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Vicious dog-training of couple

A stunning Mistress Stephanie is asked to make the sex life of one married couple a little brighter. The naughty lady agrees at once and arranges for them the most vicious evening of carnal pleasures in their miserable monotonous lives. Watch the naughty couple going through all stages of humiliation and submission to get the real thrill of sex. Enjoy dirty tricks of the Mistress and join her femdom pranks.

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Double portion of pure ball-busting brutality for a bellowing femdom slave

The noose around this slave's balls makes his scrotum look so smooth, so shiny and so tempting that mistresses MERYL and JUDY just fail to keep themselves in. They go crazy with this little vulnerable sack of skin within their reach – they spank it and kick it and beat it without even a tiniest trace of mercy making the fat fucker bawl like a baby. Well, better shut your mouth and eat that pussy!

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Masked fucker's CBT adventure

That tight and painful noose on the slave's sack serves as a perfect leash – even the most rebellious doggy boy would follow mistress MERYL whining and not even trying to run around. She seems to be enjoying the full control over the sub so much – she makes him crawl all the way to the bathroom where she continues the wild taming session by almost squashing his sack against the rim of the tub.

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Mistress facesits her boy toy and tortures his balls till they are all red

It will take long hours of training to turn this fat freak into a proper slave. Just look at how flagrant his misbehavior is – Mistress MERYL busts him jacking off to a porn mag in her living room that he's not even allowed to enter! She decides to punish him by way of trampling but that makes things only worse – he cums during the punishment! Damn, looks like his ass is in a lot of trouble now...

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Mistress puts a tight noose on her slave's tiny cock and kicks it real hard

Yes, mistress GRACIE is perfectly aware of the risks she's running when cutting through her slave's boxers but... Who cares about his useless cock anyway? Luckily for the sub, the scissors go past his scrotum leaving it unharmed. Not for long though. A little bit of pegging for a prelude and the main course is already on the way. Watch him get his smooth balls kicked so hard he almost faints.

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Humiliation from mind-blowing Mistress

Are you ready for a big femdom thrill? You may answer 'yes' many times and state that you are ready to see anything, but the view we have prepared for you is really shocking! Adult people are trained like dogs. They are prompted to fuck doggie-style, the are not allowed to touch food with their hands: they use their mouth instead! Watch dirty femdom scenes with dirty Mistresses Stephanie and silly slaves!

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Humble freak cleans mistress's shoes but only gets CBT punishment in return

This nasty burglar should have thought twice before entering this seemingly unprotected apartment. No, there is no alarm and no rough dogs ensuring its security – what awaits him there is even worse. Mistress MERYL is out of the ambush and is ready to pounce at the fucker's cock making him experience the pain that goes beyond the usual borders of imagination. Watch him suffer under her feet.

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Young slaves enjoy humiliation

Our vicious busty Mistress Iolanda thinks it is a good time to arrange a night of oral pleasures and she prepares for this party by putting on her sexy fishnet & capturing a couple of straight teens to be her slaves. The naughty dominating Lady doesn't waste her time and whips the silly dudes to make them smart and to make them show submission and respect. Now they are ready to lick her femdom pussy dry!

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Male slave licks domme's boots clean before a ball-busting training session

It's hard to understand what makes this submissive freak fulfill the orders of mistress HELLEN so obediently – he knows that he's about to get his daily portion of ball-busting CBT and still he comes running towards her like a doggy with her whip in his teeth and his tail wiggling. Yeah, he’s a good doggy but that surely won’t save him from getting his medicine. Watch him get whipped and kicked!

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Mistress Megan playing hard with slaves

They are doomed to suffer every single second of humiliation and demonstrate endless submission because our experienced Mistress Megan does not show mercy and treats her sex slaves like trash. They will fuck and suffer whipping and slapping hoping for this ordeal to stop. They have no idea that their cool Mistress enjoys playing with her toys for hours. Watch the hottest femdom porn scenes right now!

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Pudgy slave made to spread legs and getting his balls kicked and whipped

The well-trained sub's balls look like they are made from stone but... Don't worry, mistress GRACIE will still crush them cause she’s even harder than stone. First her slave gets a proper portion of hard kicking that makes unbearable pain rise up in his lower belly and then, when he thinks he just can’t stand it any more, things get even worse. See his swollen nuts stuffed into a noose and spanked!

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Vicious Queen dominates slaves

If you see spanking as a part of your foreplay, you'll get that femdom porn uses spanking for warming up rather than for punishment. To enjoy submission our Mistress Iolanda likes applying far more aggressive approaches. Watch her crashing sensitive spots of her slaves with tight clothespins & stretching every fuck-hole available with a scary fucking machine until her slaves cry with joy and humiliation.

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Trespasser punished through ball-busting

Mistress Olga knows how to welcome an intruder breaking into her place. When he sees her sitting on the couch with a baseball bat, he understands everything immediately. He takes all his clothes except the mask off, gets down on his knees and crawls towards the bossy lady, shaking with fear… There is enough stuff for him to be afraid of – see him getting a ballbusting punishment for trespassing!

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Breathtaking Mistress abases youngsters

Welcome to the thrilling world of femdome porn. Meet the best Mistress Iolanda on the web. You can dream of the lady every day, but she decides what you feel the following moment - sharp pain or throbbing pleasure. Take humiliation as the greatest joy you are offered and show her your endless submission. Then she will let you lick her shiny boot and fuck your slave partner under her vicious supervision.

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CBT turns scrotum black

How dare this worthless worm of a slave sleep when mistress Olga Barz and mistress Maya are wide awake already? His absent-mindedness will lead to a decent CBT punishment – here on these pics you will see the whining bastard getting his balls tied up so tight they almost grow black and… Well, the best part will begin with a little delay – see his black sack getting spanked and bitten real hard!

Category: Femdom    Duration: 05:22    Format: WMV    File Size: 110 MB    Clip ID: 13245

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