Spank Her 4 Real Videos

Spank Her 4 Real Videos

We believe all women need to be Spanked so at Spank Her 4 Real when we spank, it's REAL!


Rose, It's not my mess!

Dad asks Rose to again clean up the mess that the neighbor's made when it rumbled through their trash. Rose makes a fuss about it and decides not to clean it up.

When dad gets home he's a bit more than upset and punishes Rose for disobeying him.

Because of her attitude he takes her around the house and spanks her in rooms that she's neglected to keep clean too.

There's a trip to the bathroom where Rose is spanked.

Then it's off to the living room where she's bent over the back of the couch and spanked again.

Then it's into the kitchen where she is again spanked for not keeping it clean.

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Ember's Court Punishment

Ember finally faced the court's judgement on her DUI and now she can't pay the fine or the monthly treatment fee. So, who does she need to turn to? That's right Dad. Dad will pay her fine but she'll have to pay with a sound spanking.

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Dakota Borrows the Car!

Dakota borrowed my car but did it without my permission. She got a nice red hot spanking for doing it and I'm pretty sure she won't do it again. She gets this spanking in a wide variety of positions.

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Holly's Bad House Keeping Spanking

Holly wanted to arranged containers she was storing items in but was taking her sweet time doing it. Ron finally had enough and waited for her to show up so he can teach her what happens when she doesn't follow through with things. Her dress goes up and the panties come down for yet another sound spanking. This time there's a bit more training involved and a good hard fucking, from behind, as Ron gives her bottom a sound smack when he thrusts deep inside her. In the end she's made to swallow while her sore red bottom sticks proudly in the air.

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Holly Learns there's a dress code!

You wouldn't think you would have to tell a grown woman that she's dressed too scantly. But Holly is a bit different. She's got a great body and likes to show it off. However, Ron thinks differently and does NOT approve of her leaving the house dressed like she is dressed. He tells her to change and Holly makes the mistake of arguing with him. That calls for her to get on her knees and use her lips for something other than talking back. From there she's spanked in a variety of positions to get the point across that she WILL do as she's told. By the time Ron's done with her she's not only unable to sit but unable to wear the short skirt she had on in fear people could see her redden bottom.

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Taylor Learns Her Lesson

Taylor comes over to use the internet and Rose throws a fit and mouths off to her. Sassy to the end Taylor tells Rose to either accept a spanking from her or she'll tell her dad that she got another ticket for driving and texting. Rose is not happy about the deal but agrees to Taylor's terms. The problem is, that Taylor doesn't have permission to spank Rose and when dad finds out "Taylor Learns Her Lesson" the hard way, through another Training session.

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LeAnne gets her First Spanking!

LeAnne has been caught by her mother dressing and undressing in her room with the curtains wide open several times and something totally inappropriate. For some time there's been one thing after another were a good spanking would have stop the behavior cold. Because LeAnne lives at home and her mother feels certain behaviors need to stop she has had a heart to heart talk with her daughter and laid down a major rule. She is to start submitting to Ron's authority and spankings or she will have to move out

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Paula Bird gets her first spanking for drinking & driving!

Paula, like most girls her age, think she's indestructible and can do what she wants when she wants. She discovered Ron on a year ago and thought, "Man I could use his guidance in my life." She thought of contacting him over the last year but kept backing out of actually doing it.

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