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Latex expensive

Taking thousands away from you while in my 2nd mini office. I spend your cash to renovate my BIGGER femdom office. You hate when I raise-the-rate yet you crave it later to discover you are worthless & meaningless without out my attention. IMAGINE feeling yourself being liquidated of all your virtual funds just to watch how beautiful I look in exquisite Gothic Latex while my LOVE for your money grows stronger. BECAUSE you are a lonely white heaping pile of trash, my ebony perfection quenches your thirst. Your primary craving to chase, provide & impress is determined by my narcissistic approval that keeps you on your toes & drives you insane. You hate me for teasing you yet you love me for disciplining your pathetic existence. GET to OWN it NOW!

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Latex comeback4

The finale of your pathetic drooling and moaning to my POV latex seduction. The best, the only way to be so close to perfection is to lick lick lick as close as you can...

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Latex Comback3

This is where you most definitely get your engines burning with FIRE & DESIRE. My hook in your balls ache so terribly, you can feel me rip them out of you. All the years that gone by, & you still have not had a moment to sip your drool off my latex. What a disgusting pathetic worm you are beneath me...

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Latex Comback2

What a pathetic little worthless maggot you must feel right now to see me look down on you so radiantly & superior in my dominant black latex. This time, I've increased your agonizing CRAVE to be drawn closer to wanting to lick my latex

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Latex Comeback

It's been a while since you craved your latex & you are now ready to experience the ULTIMATE real time session with the Goddess of your wildest desires. There's no escape, not now or EVER! These boots are made for cleaning, the reason for your existence...

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Latex Chanel

Imagine you & I alone while convincing me you are worthy to serve me nothing but the best. I challenge you first by allowing you to lick my shiny boots spotless as I sit upon my throne. Just look how pathetic you are, someone has to spend your cash. You're simply too old & lonely to fix your life with it. Upon impressing me, I grant you access to sit like a puppy while I run into Chanel & Cartier to purchase the most expensive items for myself. Oh no, you're life savings is down to $0 LOL oh well.

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Latex everyone wants to lick boots

Because most love to experience a taste, you are eagerly waiting in line for the honor to savor the texture of my sleek smooth wet heels against your hot pallet.

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Latex massive cock

Getting a view of me in my marvelous rubber HUGE dick tease. Intimidated by this veiny monstrosity, your curiosity makes you weak enough to want to submit to this black GOD Phallus. "Im not gay Goddess" "Shut up and take it all!"

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Latex Goddess Wants

You have not a clue as to why you enjoy being weak pathetic & endlessly stupid when drooling over me in shiny black latex & exquisite high heels. I just look sexy & you just keep growing old & ugly. Well, thats exactly why you put all your money into my chanel purse & keep me shopping at Saks5th ave. Hand it ALL to the most BEAUTIFUL Goddesses you've ever met you worthless LOSER

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Latex Pimpstress

You cant STAND paying the price when I apply pressure & challenge your manhood. As if I ever cared. You one day hope I could get past my narcissism and perhaps see you as a qualified stud that would rescue me from my sadistic greedy demands. You want to be my King and let the other boys be drained instead. You are nothing more than a pathetic microscopic lent ball LOL. You are continually wrapped around my everlasting power for control and domination. Just shut up and splurge to my lifestyle of luxury because you are old and lonely and I am GOD...

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Ass Panties 6

Tall sexy long legs and ass worship.

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Ass Panties 5

Leg worship in these ruffle panties you will simply adore. Im so tall and slender and driving you insane

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Ass panties 4

Assboy keeps requesting a POV of my butt directly in his face with a pair of wide pair panties. Of course you are a ass fan of mine too!

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Ass worship beige panties

Switching my panties to a different color in beige enhances your addiction to your ass obsession to the Princess. Push your face in them POV style

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Ass worship aqua panties

IMAGINE this POV of my panties to sniff directly over your face. You can't get enough of my awesome whif

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Ass white panties WEDGIE

IMAGINE getting this POV view of my panties creating a wedgie in the crack of my divine ass. You crave to sniff the crevices each and every time I walk back and forth. I tease & taunt you as I demand that you inhale my butt as your daily oxygen

Category: Panties    Duration: 20:08    Format: MOV    File Size: 731 MB    Clip ID: 48805

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