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A flogging at the farm - Part one

FULL HD.......Its hard enough to run a farm estate these days without useless, slovenly employees. Two qualities in a farm hand that I will NOT tolerate. Peter was the worst of them all and despite all my efforts, threats and physical discipline he was getting no better. I went down to the stable to see if he had cleaned my saddle and it was filthy. My punishments arent getting through I told him and the cropping I gave him last week hadnt done much good. Take the saddle away and bring me my finest crop I demanded and when he returned I made him lower his trousers and lean against the wall. I cropped him savagely, just as hard as I could. Goodness, did he flinch with every excruciating cut of the whip. He jumped up clutching his torn backside in agony. Hed had his warnings, now a physical warning was due. I decided on a different crop to thrash him with and while I went to get it I made him stand with his hands on his head. I wasnt finished with the wretch yet. Oh, no! Not by a long way.

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Spanked by Daddy at bedtime

FULL HD....... HARD SPANKING. ....I was in my pyjamas and just about to go to bed like the good girl I am; when Daddy called me into his room. He was very cross. He didn't even tell me why but I knew I was going to get a good spanking. Over his knee I went and he opened the back flap of my onesie. He wasn't amused by my SPANK ME panties but took it as an invitation to tan my bottom until it was as pink as my knickers. He slapped and spanked me, harder and harder and asked if the message was getting through but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of an answer. He laid it on then and I was squealing and squirming on his lap, kicking my legs. I foolishly said it didn't even hurt. The next few did, believe me. THEN he took my knickers down, exposing my poor pink bottom cheeks to even more HARD spanking. I managed not to cry until I got out of the room and sobbed myself to sleep. Daddy's spankings really hurt but somehow I hope he never stops giving them. Not much chance of that, though, I'm such a naughty girl.

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The fear of God - Part three

FULL HD......If my stupid houseboy thought Id finished with him he was sadly mistaken. As a God-fearing Lady I like him to read the word of the Lord to me. I find it comforting, especially the Old Testament. Punishment was taken seriously in those days, just as I like it. He annoyed me with his over-dramatic delivery and I bent him over the sofa. 12 strokes of my cane he was going to get, 6 on his underwear, 6 on his bare bottom. The first strokes were so painful that after 3 or 4 he lost count so I started again. This time with my 'Whangee' cane. Its knobbly and VERY painful. It broke after 4. Now he was in real trouble. I started again with an evil, thin, whippy, smoked dragon cane. At 6 his underpants came down. He was in agony when I'd finished and sent him to do his duties. If my afternoon tea isn't here in precisely half an hour, God help him!

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The fear of God - part two

FULL HD......As my useless houseboy hadn't finished his chores I had already spanked him but now I came to his main crime. My jewellery had been tampered with. He denied it at first but finally admitted he'd had a quick look. I told him the penalty for being in my room was going to be more severe than his spanking and took the vintage hardwood butter pat the one he hadn't bothered to use. How appropriate! I bent him over a low stool. He was still answering back so down came his underwear and I told him he was getting the grooved side of the pat and on his bare bottom. It turns a bottom crimson better than any paddle. He got a long, hard tanning.He REALLY felt it. I gave extras for jumping about until he was relieved to hear me say That will do pull those up

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The fear of God - part one

FULL HD.....As Victorian Lady of the Manor, I have staff at my beck and call. I summoned my boy to check that he'd done his chores but most had been neglected while he flirted with the maids and smoked round the back. The butter hadn't been churned to begin with or patted either. That earned him a severe tanning with my authentic antique butter pat (hard wood and ridged on one side for maximum effect!) but not yet. Being a God-fearing woman I told him that boys who don't do their chores need disciplining. He had the audacity to remark that the bible encouraged forgiveness. Oh! Id forgive him all right. AFTER Id tanned the skin from his backside. I put him over my knee for a hard hand spanking on his bare bottom. Then I told him there's another matter I have to discuss with you.........

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The youth of today - Part two

FULL HD - Sir left me for a moment with my hands on my head, awaiting my punishment so while he was out of the room I tried to hide his cane. He came straight back and caught me red-handed. Now I was in MORE trouble. He reached for the strap and made me hold out my hands, one on top of the other, then strapped them alternately despite my squirming, stamping and crying out in pain. I thought he'd never stop! Now it was the cane for smoking. 12 strokes! I didn't know if I could take 12 strokes but he wasn't going to relent. He laid on the cane and made me kick my legs up with each burning stroke. I managed to take the first 6 then asked him if I could go.....but he wasn't fooled and carried on, harder and harder. He nearly started again at 8 and swished his cane a couple of times to scare me. It worked, too! The last 3 were savage and I only just managed to get out before I burst into tears. Before I went he made me apologise and threatened to double it if I get caught again.

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The youth of today - Part one

FULL HD.....Why do I always get caught smoking? I'm convinced Sir makes sure he only catches me so he can cane my bare bottom. I had to report to his study for a caning but I was late! He put me over his knee and raised my skirt so the spanking would really hurt, then he pulled down my tights and kept spanking my hot bottom. This was just for being late. The caning was still to come! THEN down came my panties and he reddened my bottom scarlet. I tried to fib my way out of the caning for smoking but it was no use. He was going to give me 12 agonising strokes of his favourite cane! First I had to stand in front of his desk with my hands on my head and my skirt tucked up to show my stinging red bottom. I was for it now..............

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Helping the medicine go down - Part two

FULL HD.......BRUTAL CANING.......SAVAGE!..... Id only given the boy 23 hard strokes with the smoked cane so far, only just warming up. This is going to hurt I told him. And it did! After a few more I took my shoes off so I could cane full strength. I changed the cane for one that was more controllable. The smoked whippy one cuts beautifully but I like my marks to be parallel and neat and thats easier with a stiffer cane. Good job Im good at first aid I remarked as I rained down the severest of strokes in quick succession. He was in trouble now and clearly having difficulty taking his thrashing. I had to tell him to keep his head down as it was jerking back in agony. I was in no mood to stop, got to the end and sent him for the first aid kit. Boy, did he need Matron's attention now! Now THATS a level of discipline of which I approve

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Helping the medicine go down - Part one

FULL HD........SEVERE!..... It was time for my boys weekly dose of castor oil. They hate it. It turned out that one of them, Peter, had been sent to have his bottom dressed after a beating from the Headgirl and the Headmistress. They hadn't done a very good job, it was hardly red. If I had to dress his bottom Id have to cut it a lot more than that first! If nobody else will maintain high standards of discipline then I will. I laid into him SAVAGELY with my cane and he was really struggling to take it. I REALLY hurt him. The medical tenet "Do no harm". went right out the window. Harm? You can see the harm with every brutal, agonising, cutting stroke. And what do you give a boy after a severe caning? An even MORE severe caning, of course, but that's in part 2. I LOVE my job.................

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The true cost of living

OK, I'd shopped a bit. But hubby had spanked, wooden spooned and hairbrushed me. Now he took the slipper and said I was getting 24 and had to count them all. When I got to 18 I miscounted and ended up getting extras.But hubby wasn't finished with me yet. Oh No!

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A naughty boy's fantasy - BRUTAL & SEVERE! - Part two

Starts with one hell of a hand tawsing; and gets steadily worse!This poor boy gets THE paddling of his life!

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A naughty boy's fantasy - BRUTAL & SEVERE! - Part one

Peter turned up early for his punishment, before 'Id put my dress on. I was in my short vintage slip, stockings and suspenders. I told him off and told him I would tawse his hands but first his bottom. When I bent him over the horse the livid red stains from my previous caning were very obvious. I set him some homework, made him lie across the horse and strapped him HARD, lecturing him all the time. I made him disinfect the strap then took it to his hands. Back over the horse for the oak paddle which was very soon crimson. The heavier maple paddle made him jump as I made him count backwards from 12. I wiggled my bottom and he was cheeky (I knew he couldn't resist) so he got an extra 12 and, boy, were they hard! I thought that would do for now and I looked very pleased with my handiwork when I dismissed him......for now!

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My little pony - part three

I thought Peter had deliberately miscounted when Miss Ackroyd and I whipped him for his failure to perform his duties so we called him back for six more EACH. Down came his underpants to show his livid stripes and I gave him six hard strokes with my queen crop before Miss Ackroyd delivered six with her lunging whip. They were hard and fast with a wonderful swish every time. We dismissed him to think about his future behaviour. I secretly hope it doesn't improve because we LOVED thrashing him! Lucky boy, I say. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined being whipped by two such gorgeous ladies in tight, bottom-hugging jodhpurs with shiny, black, high-heeled thigh boots.

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My little pony - part two

Miss Ackroyd and I couldn't play polo as our useless stable lad had not prepared our mounts so wed taken off our riding boots and donned out black, shiny, high-heeled thigh boots to have some spanking fun at his expense. We went to the yard and I showed Miss Ackroyd the queen crop I use in the bedroom (with these boots) but told her we were going to use it MUCH harder on Peter. I called him in, told him he would get a harsher lesson than before, put him in the corner leaning on the walls and put the leg spreaders on so he had to stay still. "We WILL break yo!"u I told him. I pulled down his underpants and told him he would get 24 strokes, 12 each and I laid into him, getting harder all the time. Then it was Miss Ackroyds turn. She took off her riding jacket for a better swing and gave him his final 12, lecturing him as she did so. I made him promise to perform better or he'd get the bullwhip then sent him home without pay. We had FAR better fun than playing polo. We might make it a regular event.

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My little pony - part one

Miss Ackroyd and I have a passion for polo. She stables her pony Rattan with mine Kooboo on my estate. We had a very prestigious polo match in the afternoon but both our mounts were due a visit from the blacksmith before they would be fit to ride. We found out he had not been booked by my useless stable hand Peter. Well, we decided that if we weren't going to get some sport on the polo field wed get some with Peter. Off came our riding boots, on went thigh- high, black, tightly laced, high-heeled fetish boots. We sent Peter to fetch a couple of lunging whips and when he brought them we made him admit his blunder and, with the option of dismissal, accept a sound whipping at the hands of Miss Ackroyd and I. He had a well marked bottom when I had finished with him, then Miss Ackroyd gave him the benefit of her whip. But we weren't finished with the wretch yet.................

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