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Zoe is extremely ticklish. To the point that just having her socks taken off is making her squint and squirm! And once the tickling begins, she is in so much agony that it looks like she is being hurt! Her body seizes up as they discover her REALLY ticklish spots, and she can barely speak! Her suffering is so intense that she can only manage to let a few -curdling screams out between her hysterical laughter. Judging by the looks on her torturer's faces, they are enjoying this very much and seem to be getting a lot of pleasure from her suffering. When they are done with her, she is covered in sweat and her hair is a mess! It looks as though she just ran a marathon!

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Little Billy Boy suffered a few times when Jaguar tickled his tiny little ticklish body and feet. Finally he can get his revenge, this is the happiest day in his life. Beautiful Jaguar somehow let herself to trick into bondage, she's tied to the cross. Helpless, can't move at all, defenseless totally. Lot's of laughing, screaming, even begging for mercy...nothing works, the little guy is really pissed off. He tickles her till feels that's enough now, but his last words are still - Don't mess with me anymore. As we know Jaguar, this little affair won't stop her, she'll get him again sooner or later, surely.

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This poor Australian guy big and strong, still is very helpless fully tied to the bed in the hands of those two sick minded mean ticklers. They do that regularly when they drink a little more than they should. They met him in the club, had good time together and called him up their apartment - they knew very well why. Poor big guy had no idea, that he could be a victim, but looks like he needed a lesson for that. Don't go with strangers, they can be crazy. They can have a tickle fetish.

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This Russian girl is not joking. She's tickling those pretty feet with no mercy. She's trying to beg for releasing her but no luck. She actually doesn't speak English at all, she talks constantly Russian while tickle torturing her victim. And enjoys her suffering extremely. Who knows who she is and what does she want? Poor victim couldn't understand a word, she was tickled and she was out of her mind...and on the top, she doesn't speak Russian.

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When Chris tickled Brad, he really enjoyed it and did not think about the consequences, that tables can turn sometimes. And here we are, he became the victim in no time, as Brad is much stronger and got him tied up easily. And he is furious because of being tickled. He decided to get his revenge, and knowing his victim's most ticklish spots, he purely tickled only his feet. No more comment, Chris is somebody with the most ticklish feet in the whole world.

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Little Spanish guy is experiencing difficulties while his trip to our beautiful city. He's met a girl and had really good time so far, but she got feed up with his childish things. When she wanted to go to dance, little man wanted to go to places where only children go to. Even last time she was ashamed when she bumped into some friends somewhere she shouldn't be without kids. Well, enough is enough. Let's take off those shoes, socks and let's tickle those tiny little feet. It's fun, big time.

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This is the first time Kerry's feet are under attack. Charlotte and Mickey teamed up for tickling her sweet extremely sensitive feet and they wanted to enjoy their self. Kerry's upper body was tested already by them and the girl was highly one of the most ticklish victims. A little surprise still happened while tickling her feet - she got unusually strong legs...and she kicks like a horse. She suffered enough and for sure we'll see her again.

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When Roger finds out Felix stole his booze he chains him up and demands a confession. Felix won't admit anything, so Felix must torture him in order to get a confession. He pulls off Felix's white cotton socks and begins gently tickling his feet. Roger's soft touch drives Felix into a frenzy but he still won't confess. Roger's brown hands scratch wildly and Felix feels like his brain is melting so he confesses to the crime.

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Uh oh, Gabby's gotta Paul all tied up, it's her turn now. He lays on the floor helpless to her every whim. She is going to tickle the hell out of him and there is nothing he can do about it. She starts tickling his feet and his toes. Paul is dying, he laughs so hard he can't breathe, but Gabby shows no mercy. She takes out her trusty electric toothbrush and send vibrations through his toenails all the way up to his ankles. His body rides to get away, but Gabby is having so much fun watching him suffer with laughter she has no plans of ever stopping, maybe she'll leave him tied up forever.

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Lynn has Jarvis sitting on the floor, shackled to the bar, his ankles bound. Using her fingernails she begins tickling his large feet through his socks. He begins laughing like a hyena! He is so ticklish! She finds a hole in his sock and gets in there...oh my god, he can hardly take it. She peels off his socks and gives him some more, first with her fingers, then on to the electric toothbrush! She exhausts him with the tickling, then leaves him slumped against the bar, shackled and spent, as she goes off for a refreshing beer.

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It is Christmas day and Aaron is in the giving mood. He gives his older brother a ridiculously brutal round of tickle torture on his smelly-ass feet. Aaron has tickled Evin all his life, so he knows just where to touch. Evin squirms violently in his chair as Aaron's strong fingers penetrate deep into the nerves and tissue of Evin's skinny body. He struggles to break free as the suffering becomes too much to take, but Aaron shows no mercy to his suffering brother and continues the intensive torturing session. Evin has obviously been a bad boy this year, because good boys do not receive this kind of punishment!

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Chis and Jon have had it with feet, and school, and jobs after they we're fired from the shoe repair store and now they won't be able to make enough money to go back to school. They first person they run into at home is Mila, who asks them to take out the trash! Well you don't kick a dead horse. They've got a little bit of stress to relive and now Mila's feet are going to get a punishing tickle wind of action (with buzzing toothbrushes)! She's going to need a nice hot bath and a cool glass of water after to relieve her of this!

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Now it is time for Big Paul to get back at little Eric for all that tickling he did to him! Eric has the more rotten deal. He is tired up on the floor. Both hands and feet. Boy is he going to get it! Paul seems to think that Eric covers up his little feet by wearing shoes that are too big for him. Maybe it makes Eric feel like a bigger person. Eric is a pretty good screamer! Doesn't look like he like his feet being tickled or even touched for that matter. How is he going to get out of this one?

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Stanley has Bianca all tied up because she forgot to call last night. In this house a mistake like that is gonna cost you as Bianca soon learns. Stanley struggles to really teach her a lesson until Charlotte joins in. Apparently somebody finished her Cheez Wiz and now Charlotte is just cheesed. She grabs a hold of Bianca's foot and shows no mercy as she quickly has Bianca begging and pleading, that is in between her screams. Bianca has no where to go and knows she really screwed up, guess she'll think before she stays out all night or eats cheese again.

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Leigh's taken Sandra and tied her up in her basement for no good reason, except of course for tickling. She starts off by making fun of the large size of her feet, size 11! - "More space to tickle." Leigh's got her electric toothbrush and is showing no mercy when Sandra begs her to stop. She gets into every nook and cranny, right between her large toes and down to her heels. Sandra has never been tickled like this before and can't contain herself as Leigh digs the toothbrush harder and harder into the soles of her feet. She laughs so hard she begins to hyperventilate. I really hope Sandra and make it out of this situation alive!

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Aaron and Jesse have been waiting to teach Donny a lesson, and now they have him just where they want him. Donny is bound, helpless on the bed, and ready for some tickle torture! The guys attack his feet and taunt him as he begs for help. But they show him no mercy, alternating speed and pressure on his toes, arches, and heels. Aaron and Jesse take sadistic pleasure in watching Donny squirm. They reward him for his complaining and whining by tickling him even harder! The double-team tickle torture makes him cry out like a baby.

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