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Zoe is extremely ticklish. To the point that just having her socks taken off is making her squint and squirm! And once the tickling begins, she is in so much agony that it looks like she is being hurt! Her body seizes up as they discover her REALLY ticklish spots, and she can barely speak! Her suffering is so intense that she can only manage to let a few -curdling screams out between her hysterical laughter. Judging by the looks on her torturer's faces, they are enjoying this very much and seem to be getting a lot of pleasure from her suffering. When they are done with her, she is covered in sweat and her hair is a mess! It looks as though she just ran a marathon!

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Jarvis has bound Lynn to teach her a lesson. She told his girlfriend that he was seeing someone else and for that she has to pay. With her arms and feet shackled so that she can not resist, he sets to tickling her feet. She screams for mercy but he won't stop. Her hysterical laughs turn into cries and still he won't stop! She promises never to tell on him again but this only makes him tickle her more. She is spent when he finally leaves her alone, shackled, on the floor. That's what she gets for not keeping her mouth shut.

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Even though Kandi says she was just joking around when tickling her friend Maya, Maya didn't think it was very funny. Now she is able to get her revenge on the blonde beauty by using her long, sharp nails to drag along the bottoms of her feet. Kandi screams as they work there way across her sensitive feet, and screams loudly as they scratch in between her toes. She squirms violently in her restraints - making Maya only happier. She suffers brutally, but you get what you give!

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Chris and John are flat mates and Chris has been plotting to tickle Johns' feet for a long time. Luckily, Chris's friend Mila came for a visit and together they tied John up so he was completely helpless. Now John, and his extremely ticklish feet, were completely defenseless. Mila had also been eying Johns' feet off for some time and couldn't wait to see him squirm and wriggle as she attacked them with all her tickling might. Between the two of them they tickle Johns feet mercilessly, from the soft soles, to in between his little toes, not one spot is left untickled.

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Casper is very eager to torture Jesse, as not to long ago it was Casper that was all tied up. As soon as Casper's soft fingers make contact with Jesse's sensitive feet his body tenses up like a dolphin's asshole. He violently squirms around on the floor as Casper pins his legs down and aggressively tickles Jesse's feet. He fingers dig deeply between Jesse's little toes and he is unable to control his laughter. He struggles to catch his breath as the tickling gets more and more intense, but Casper is enjoying the suffering of his victim too much to stop now. Jesse is in for a long rough night.

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Christopher made Lynn carry her all the way to the store. Now she's going to exact her revenge. She handcuffs him to the wall and ties up his feet so she can have full, uncontrolled access to his extremely ticklish feet. Lynn yanks his socks off and begins torturing Christopher with her nails. Christopher can't stand the pain and agony. But he should have thought of that before her forced Lynn to carry him home. Now he'll just have to count down the minutes until the agony ends.

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Oh Man, Megan's back for revenge! She's got Jarvis bound at the wrists and ankles. She takes off his socks and rubs his feet and toes with some lotion for optimum tickling. Jarvis is terrified, his feet are the most ticklish place on his body. Megan gets right in there scratching away with her sharp fingernails. Jarvis beings to hyperventilate, he can't take this torture. Megan laughs is relentless and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

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Monika absolutely hates getting her feet tickled, so when Evan ties her up in bed and begins tickling her feet, she is pissed! But her anger is tough to see as she is too busy laughing and suffering from the torture that her feet are going through. She laughs so hard that she has trouble catching her breath and almost sounds like she is having an asthma attack! Her legs kick uncontrollably as he digs his nails along the soles of her feet and in between the toes. There is no doubt that she will seek revenge, but that is the last thing on her mind at the moment.

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Mila is terribly angry with Heather -- When Mila's dog ate Heather's ex-lax chocolate bar it had a bad reaction and died! Now she needs to get some retribution on Heathers for her disregard on this careless accident, and her sensitive feet are the perfect location. Her socks are off and Heather is wailing in sensation and squealing for Mila to stop! But Mila's finely tuned fingers won't stop their teasing until Heather's begging for mercy!

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It wasn't too long ago that this crazy Russian man had burst into Angel's home and tickle tortured for many minutes - but now it is her time for revenge. She strips the wacko of his socks and begins tickling his feet with her long fingers. He screams out as her soft fingers slide across his sensitive areas, and speaks in a very odd Russian voice. Angel taunts her victim much like he taunted her by saying, "you like that?", in which he replies in his psychotic Russian voice. Angel takes great pleasure in tickling his big toes and loves knowing that he is suffering as much, if not more, than she did earlier. By the sounds of it, it seems as though the crazy man is begging for mercy, but Angel wants to make sure that he never comes into her home to torture her again. And after this terrible torture, I think it is safe to say that he will be on the next plane back to Russia!

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Pierre is a crappy roommate. He never cleans, cooks, or does any of the chores. So Sally makes him pay by inflicting a gruesome tickle torture on his sensitive feet. To his dismay, she removes his sock and begins digging her fingers and nails deep into the flesh of his feet. He cries out and laughs uncontrollably as her soft fingers slide across his skin. She then shoves her fingers between his toes, making his squirm more than ever before. Pierre suffers terribly, but if that's what it takes to get him to do a few dishes, then so be it!

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Jesse and Donny have planned on torturing Aaron for a long time. But when they take off his socks, it smells like they will be the ones suffering. They show no mercy as they tickle his stinky feet, and Aaron laughs uncontrollably. He begs them to stop, but they want to see him suffer and squirm - and that he does! They grind their finger nails across the bottom of his feet and in between his toes, and Aaron screams in agony. His sensitive feet can not take much more of this torture, but neither can Jesse or Donny's nose!

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Lynn and Michael do many things together as a couple. They go to movies, they eat at restaurants... and they tickle torture innocent victims. Their latest is a cute little girl with extra ticklish feet. She is tied at the hands and feet as the couple work in harmony scraping her soles and tickling her toes. Her small screams are pointless as she should be saving her oxygen. Then she thinks she`s had a stroke of luck as the couple suggest a break to catch some air... well, a break for them.

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It's revenge for Jarvis, a very sweet revenge, and this time he's well prepared. With hand lotion and an electric toothbrush he'll be able to maximize the sensation for Megan! Cream always helps feet to become more ticklish. She giggles and yells for him to stop or even slow down, but his fingers are going to have their way with her feet, and her soles will be left numb and senseless. She'll be one very exhausted kitty.

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Poor wimpy John. He gets pinned down by the much larger, much older mature man Eddie and gets tied up in the cottage. John tries his best to get away but Eddie is just way too strong. Eddie knows damn well that John has the most sensitive little toes and he goes straight for them, first touching and caressing them gently then starting to tickle furiously. Eddie talks to John like he is his own little boy. He mocks John, asking him if his little boy has learned his lesson. Eddie is so mean, you can see as he tortures John that he loves it so much. He believes all little boys should learn their lessons this way, tickled near to . John's face shows it is unbearable, so Eddie just leaves him. But he will be back for more!

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How hard is it to keep the dog in the house? That's all Bunny had to do. And since she screwed it up Paul is going to tickle some responsibility into her head. He's got her hands tied up and her feet sticking up in the air, just waiting for his electric toothbrush to bring justice. Paul wields the toothbrush with authority and uses it with maximum strength to teach Bunny a lesson she'll never forget.

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