This idiot slave comes into Mistress Charlotte's dungeon simply to meet the almighty mistress. Well, his balls are going to get to know her knees pretty well. She treats the slave like the piece of that he is by kneeing him in the balls over and over again until he can barely breathe. The beautiful Mistress then lights up a cigarette and forces him to breathe in her smoke and act as her ashtray. Any decent slave would be glad to get so much attention from a beautiful mistress such as Charlotte, but this dumb-ass slave can do nothing but complain. To shut him up, she continues to nail him in the balls with her knee until he can no longer stand. He wanted to meet the REAL Mistress Charlotte, well, be careful what you wish for.

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After a mouthy cable guy refuses to fix Charlotte's cable, she is left with only one option - forcing him to. So she teases him with her lovely ass, and just when he thinks he is about to get some pussy, she sits on his head and lets a huge fart go on his nose! The odor is overpowering, and he struggles to get out from underneath her, but she simply immobilizes him with another wet, dirty, stinky fart. The man struggles for air in the thick cloud of fart vapor, but Charlotte ensures that he isn't going anywhere until he fixes the cable. And if multiple farts sticking to your face isn't enough to motivate him, then nothing will!

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Mistress Charlotte loves beating the crap out of her little worthless slaves. This slave gets it bad as she mixes her big hard-hitting kicks with some powerful punches. She nails the slave time and time again, but at least he is smart enough to stand still and take the beating. She pummels the little coward with some big punches and even bigger kicks to his entire body. By the time she is done with him he is going to be bruised from head to toe. But he better find a way to enjoy it, because Mistress Charlotte is going to be doing this to him a lot in the future.

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Trampelina has the honor and privilege of being Mistress Charlotte's personal sofa. She takes advantage of all the features of her new sofa including putting her pretty red nail polish on, using Trampelina's head as a foot rest and even laying back and relaxing. Everyone should have furniture this strong and stable but it belongs to Mistress Charlotte and she's not looking to share it with anybody.

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Mistress Charlotte has got to teach this wannabe slave a lesson in slave ettiquette. She must also expose him to the nastier side of slave-life. And what better way to do that than to plant her ass on his nose and belt out some of the nastiest smelling farts that he has ever smelt! The long juicy farts pour out of her ass like water out of a tap as he struggles to breathe under her stinky bum. Mistress Charlotte laughs with glee as she forces out fart after fart on his face, leaving a fart-filled residue on his skin. The farts are so gross that he can taste them, and he begs her to stop. The stench is going to linger in this room for a long time, leaving this new slave a painful reminder of what he is in for.

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Mistress Charlotte is looking to practice physically abusing slaves, and who better than this unlucky worm. She ties his body up like a pretzel and smashes his head against the ground. She is utterly ruthless against the skinny little weakling, using her strength and power to physically dominate the worthless slave. She squeezes his ugly head with her strong thighs, and he screams in agony. Mistress Charlotte takes great pleasure in inflicting pain on her pathetic slaves. If this is just practice, I would hate to see what the main event would look like!

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LB thinks he is a big tough guy that can just boss poor little Lexi around. But when Charlotte sees his abusive ways on her good friend, she comes to the rescue. She crushes his balls with a fierce kick to the nuts, and he hunches over in severe pain. But one kick is never enough, so Charlotte kicks him over and over again with each kick landing harder than the last. The devastating kicks turn his fragile balls into mush, leaving him in complete agony as he curls up on the floor. But Lexi wants some action too, so she gets in there with some nasty blows to the balls. After this agonizing abuse, I think it is safe to say that LB won't be bothering Lexi anymore.

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Mistress Charlotte is disgusted by Silly Willy's pathetic attempt at dancing, so to punish him she is going to spank his ass hard. As Silly Willy is bending over her knee, Mistress Charlotte discovers that somebody else has already got to him first - as his ass is completely red. This will make the pain all the more easy to inflict on stupid Willy. He yelps as her hand viciously spanks his sore ass. She shows no mercy to the already injured slave and spanks harder with every blow! After this long and brutal beating, Silly Willy will not be dancing again for a long time!

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Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Jaguar know that when you get right down to it, Trampelina's only good for one thing. He is a worthless excuse for a human worm, and not fit for naught else but a good ol fashioned trampling! Mistress Charlotte power-tramples him by pouncing on his weak little belly from a high stepping stool. Mistress Jaguar joins in on the fun, and they decide that Trampelina would make an ever better stool. They tag-team trample him, pouncing on his puny stomach over and over again. They drop-sit on him smacking into his weak body with no mercy. They trample his sensitive nipples and the scrawny bones of his chest. The Mistresses gleefully crush foolish Trampelina under their goddess feet and only given him a small token of pleasure by allowing him to smell Mistress Charlotte's fart. Trampelina has finally found a purpose in life- as a foot mat for the Mistresses' amusement.

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Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Emani must have eaten a few cans of beans before coming into the dungeon today, because they are stinking it up with some nasty farts! But they musn't let all this great farting go to waste. So today's unlucky slave is forced to endure many farts on his nose and mouth, as the women laugh at and taunt the nasty little pervert. The farts seem to completely fill his mouth as they suffocate him with their ass. They make sure that his nose goes right into their assholes as they let the stinky farts rip. They overpower the man with ease and force him to endure all that they have to offer. With such low amount of oxygen remaining in the room, it is a wonder that this useless slave manages to stay conscience!

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Charlotte thought it would be a beautiful day for a jog. But little did she know her afternoon would be interrupted by an annoying admirer. This man just wont leave her alone. Another park pervert becomes another victim of Charlotte`s brutal kicking power. She swipes at him with a set of deadly combos using her robust knees and legs to punish his balls. The wuss tries to back away but this deadly female predator is intent on stamping her authority, all over his ball sack.

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Slave Slayde can't do anything right. So Mistress Charlotte has to teach him from scratch - and that means doggy training. She teaches the worthless slave how to crawl, speak, and follow her around like a good puppy would. He makes many mistakes, proving to Mistress Charlotte that he is in fact worthless. It looks like Mistress Charlotte is going to have to put in many hours of punishment and training to get this pathetic pup to an acceptable level.

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This worthless slave has already taken a mean spanking on his ass, but now it is time for round 2. Mistress Charlotte wants to see the slave pay for his perverted actions, and will use every paddle, whip, and caine that she can find to make the punishment extra violent. She ties his worthless body up to the cross and begins spanking his already red ass. She cracks the paddle off his ass with great force and he cries in pain. Mistress Charlotte paces back and forth behind him as he awaits the next painful hit, and when she makes contact with his thoroughly abused ass it seems even harder than the last one! Mistress Charlotte pulls out all of her spanking tools and uses each to inflict new types of pain on his ugly ass. There is nothing that Mistress Charlotte loves more than to spank a pathetic slave. So for her, this is paradise - but for the slave, it is absolute hell.

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Even though Charlotte specifically asked for no anchovies on her pizza, the stupid pizza guys still messed it up! And since the delivery boy is being such a jerk about it, Charlotte punishes him with a flurry of fierce kicks to his fragile balls. They crack open like eggs as her foot pounds on the dangling sack, and the pizza guy is in pure agony. The pain is severe as she kicks him again and again, never missing his jewels. The poor delivery boy is suffering through intense pain, I could only imagine what she would to do him if he were late too!

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This perverted masturbating slave has infuriated Mistress Charlotte. So to punish him for touching his cock, she lays a brutally violent spanking on his white ass. Nothing makes Mistress Charlotte more angry than a white ass, so she pulls out a brush to change that. She cracks the brush off of his ass with force, and his ass begins to rose after only two hits. A flurry of blows follow, each smacking harder than the last. He groans with each pounding blow, but this is what he deserves for masturbating in the dungeon. Mistress Charlotte strikes his ass with powerful spanks, and his ass quickly turns to a deep red color. The spanking is vicious, but he deserves it.

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Mistress Charlotte has planned some horse training with her pathetic, scrawny little slave. He's so stupid, he actually calls her fat! This pisses Mistress Charlotte so much, she jumps on him, and forces him to carry her around the room like a work-horse. The stupid slave whines about how heavy she is, so she decides to teach him a lesson in discipline. She throws him to ground, and sits right on his stupid little face. He can barely breathe as the Mistress's juicy ass presses down against his mouth, and neck. After nearly killing him, Mistress sends the pathetic slave off to do some chores, until the next lesson!

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